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Foster Cat Diary

I just did a quick tally and I believe the two kittens I’m getting today will be about my 39th and 40th, foster, respectively. I had no idea I’ve had that many cats come through the house. It seems too high of a figure, though I’d love it if it had been 100 times that many—just because I’d know that every one of those cats went to a loving home. I don’t think I’ve realized that this is one of my dreams come true. Since I was a small child, I was always rescuing animals; whether is be a sick, German Shepard, too weak to stand, who I discovered on a walk in the woods when I was only 8; to picking up a drowning earthworm from a puddle in my Mother’s driveway and transporting it to her terrarium in the kitchen ‘til the rain subsided. If I could help make a better life for an animal, I’d do it. People often ask me how I can have cute little kittens in my house, then give them up to other people? Don’t I get attached? Don’t I fall in love with them? Sure I do! I love every single cat that comes through my door, but I know I can’t help save another cat or kitten, if the one I have now doesn’t find a home, freeing up room for more fosters. Years ago I was with a different rescue group and fostering meant, you’d have the cat or kitten for months or YEARS, yes years..until you were so beat down or attached, you’d just give up and keep the cat. That’s why I have three cats I never really wanted and why I left that group. I love working with The Animal Center.They move the cats fast. Not into bad homes. They do background checks, have rules about adoption, but they don’t make it so tough that the potential adopters can never met our demands. We want those cats out of our hands! The sooner, the better! Gotta make room for more! I will admit that I miss the cats when they go to their new homes. Yeah, I cry. So there. Some of them really get under my skin. I feel a bit jealous of their new owners. I know they're getting a special cat and I wish I could have held on to that cat, instead…but…I would have rescued 10 cats and 30 would have been homeless…now 40 cats have homes, instead and I have room to take in more. It’s a blast to have kittens. It’s a cure to depression, for sure. Walk into a room and have those little babies, tails up, meows blasting, letting you know they're happy to see you. Eager and excited for their breakfast, play time, cuddle time. They're always up for anything and ever-curious. Many of them seem happy; as though a party is about to start and they were just waiting for you to arrive. It’s hard work and time consuming, but the pay off is to see them emerge from their shells..grow bigger, stronger, more confident and affectionate. I especially enjoy seeing their distinctive personalities emerge. It’s magical and I feel lucky to be part of their life.


I enjoyed reading all of your stories! I was laughing my furry butt off at most of them. I think what
you are doing is fantastic. I also got into pet foster while still up in NJ, problem is, I can't let go! lol!
One little feller, that I named Buddy, got into a new home, and I worry about him to this very day.
I cried my heart out letting him go, and I wish I had kept him. So, fostering is not for me. I have 6 fur kids of my own, all of them are rescue kitties, and I would never be able to live without them.
I donated a little to the kitties in GA. God Bless you for your beautiful heart and compassion
to these wonderful and magnificent creatures.

I love reading about your foster cats! I am a foster, and I am thinking of starting my own blog specifically about rescuing and fostering cats. Would I be able to link to your blog? I love that you have so many resources available on your site! I think you are doing a wonderful job! And I enjoy visiting! Thanks!

Hi Robin,

Thanx for fostering cats and for being strong enough to adopt them out to make room for more.

I rescue cats too. Usually they come from overcrowded conditions or they are living outside. Some are advanced in age.

I too have the same attitude about moving them through to make room for more. It's hard on me, but I keep the big picture in mind.

It must be fun to see so many kittens come through. Kittens really have a zest for life and adventure!

Continued good luck to you and your fosters,

=^-^= Hairless Cat Girl =^-^=

hi, i have a lovely cat who is my baby, hes a 7 tr old tabby called Sebastian, i am currently homeless and need someone who can look after my boy until i find somewhere to live for both of us, can you help us or point us in the direction of someone who can?

Many Thanks

Sebs mum

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