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18 March 2008

It's been a long few weeks since I've had any foster cats. Spring kitten season is in full bloom and we've already taken in our first pregnant Queen.

GiGi, a black, long-haired, beauty, gave birth last week to five lovely kittens. I'm going to visit them in two days and hope to get some photos of the new arrivals. GiGi is with one of our other foster families, and good thing, too. She's such a beauty and so well tempered I know I'd have a hard time giving her up. I bet she has some pouffy offspring. Ooo! How I love long-haired cats!

I just found out today, that a woman in Monroe trapped three feral cats. Two were spayed and released and one was pregnant. The Queen gave birth just a few days ago to three kittens. I don't know much about them or what condition they're in. All I know is that the woman lives in a terrible place, where the building owners would prefer to KILL all the cats, instead of humanely sterilize and manage the small group. It's better that we get the cats out of this place and give them a chance at being socialized and placed in good homes. I don't know what lies ahead. All I know is I gotta read up on safe handling practices of newborns. I have to be extra careful not to pass on any diseases from my cats or to my cats. Where IS that box of latex gloves I had? Better find it quick!

Now off to prep their dog crate and room!

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