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My Lil' Clutter

Until I get image posting worked out, here are links to photos of my little brats. If you like these, I have another few thousand for you to check out! Yikes! Did you know a group of cats really IS called a Clutter? I didn't know that. They can also be called a Pounce, Clowder or Comfort! Groups of kittens can be called a Litter, Intrigue or Kindle. Now off you go. Impress your friends! Oh, hover your mouse over the link to see a pop-up photo of each kitty. Spencer Bob Dole Nicky Nora Petunia Gracie Cricket Nick & Nora Cat Fight! Madison (feral) Bronte (feral) Buddy (feral)


I always heard it was Clowder for a group cats. I love Clutter, that's a lot more fun.

Robin, you have a fantastic site and I can't wait to start reading everything and checking out all of the pictures.

Hi, I have enjoyed reading through your here from Sockington and love that Tweetie has a forever home. Bla bla bla. The rescue I volunteer for uses a system of naming mom, then giving the babies a name with the same first letter, thus somewhat - I said somewhat - keeping the who is related to whom straight. Not that it even matters at some point, but you know, it's a thought. I have Molly, (mom) Misty, and Mindy, her babies. Also, Mocha, a rescued big step-brother, and Samantha a rescued adult. I'm 'so' with you on the adult adoptions. Will join your site from home, I'm working now!

Tunie looks a bit like HappyCat from the Cheezburger site! Win!

I love your site - found you through Sockington - What you do is wonderful. I always try to adopt adult cats especially older ones who need a loving forever home. Look forward to your book.


Thanks, Marie! Nice to have you visit us. We LOVE Sockington especially because he LOVES our boy, Tweetie! We also love Fatty & Food Lady. They are good people!

Hope you'll keep visiting us. Soon we're gonna have a live chat running! Yeehaw!

I love the term clutter for a group of cats. I have a Madison too. I love it as a cat name.

Hi Robin,

Wow, Gracie and Spencer have some nice green eyes and nicky is a big one!

Nice cat pics.

"Clutter" and "Kindle" is too cute :)

=^-^= Hairless Cat Girl =^-^=

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