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26 January 2008

26 January 2008 Jasper has been doing well. The poor guy is lonely, though. I have to keep him locked up in my guest room. I can't risk him passing the Bartonella to my guys and there are so many places to hide in my house, he might just disappear on me. He's still a big love-monster. I still want to keep him, but I've also had the pleasure of getting to know N and C better. It seems as though, whatever challenge lies before them, they're going to move forward and adopt Jasper. After speaking with Dr. Larry again, I found out that Jasper is really considered to be contagious until he gets a Titer to determine if he still has an infection. He can't have one for six months—so he should either be kept away from the other animals in N & C's house, or they have to know their animals could get infected should their be some sort of serious cat fight. I was scared to call N and tell her this news. I feared she'd just tell me to forget about the adoption. She surprised me by saying there was basically nothing she could think of that would keep her from adopting the cat! In all my years, I have never known someone so willing to go the distance for a cat they haven't even adopted yet! Jasper is one lucky cat. ... Oh and the other thing I found out is that I might get Cat Scratch Fever! Oh joy! Stupid me. I was playing "monster under the covers" with Jasper and watching "Barely Normal State" (Paranormal State for those of you who didn't read my BLOG post). Lulled into a TV induced coma, I wasn't paying attention when Jasper tried to slay the beast (my hand) under the covers! Suddenly, I felt that bright, hot tear into my skin. I looked at my hand and saw blood. Oh shit. I grabbed whatever I could to clean the wound. I washed my hands, put hydrogen peroxide on the cut (OW!), then betadine, then bacitracin and a bandage. The scratch is only about an inch long, but it was deep. Hopefully it wasn't too deep. Then I realized I sort of want to get Cat Scratch Fever so I can write about it! The I realized I was an idiot-again. --- So N and C were here to visit Jasper. He has a new name. They're going to call him, Dumbledore. This will mesh properly with their cats, Tonx and Hermione! I asked them what his nickname would be, but they call their cats by their entire name and don't really do nicknames. Dumbledore is quite a mouthful. I suggested, Big Al (since his full name would be, Albus Dumbledore)). Then C suggested, Dumby! I hope that name doesn't stick! Ack! I love N and C. I think they're the best adopters in the universe. Everything feels just right about them adopting the cat. I now know I can let him go and I also know they want me to come visit him and meet their other cats, too, so that sure softens the blow of having to say farewell. N signed the adoption papers and gave me a check. The adoption is completed. Now I just keep giving him his meds for a few more days and on Friday he'll go to his new home. It's been quite the whirlwind with this fluffy feline and I'm glad at how things have worked out so far. The last phase will be a successful integration into his new home. Once that's happened, I will breathe a big sigh of relief and start looking around for my next foster to rescue. And so it goes...

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