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21 September 2007

10:57 am Our last few hours. Joey and Willy were passed out in a cat bed I had on double bed in the guest room. When I entered the room, they looked up, then went back to sleep. It was only 8 AM so I sat next to them and watched the news while they started furiously grooming one another. It was really sweet to witness. They licked each other’s face, then Willy dug deep into Joey’s ear. Joey seemed to like it, but had a strange look on his face; almost as if he bit into something sour. Last night, even though I was wiped out, I forced myself to sit with them for a few hours before I went to bed. We watched, well, I watched, “Random Harvest,” with Greer Garson and Ronald Coleman. I couldn’t figure out why Greer’s character wouldn’t spill the beans about her true identity. I mean, really, she’s married to a guy who gets amnesia when he’s out of town on a trip. He disappears for years. She finds him, but not wanting to upset him, she gets a job as his assistant and pretends she doesn’t know him, hoping all the while he’ll suddenly remember her and the love they shared. It’s not like she waited a month, she waited YEARS and on top of that, she had him declared dead so their marriage would end so he could marry this 20-something chick (who later was in a real life hunting accident that left her paralyzed from the waist down!). Anyway, he doesn’t marry the chick and ends up asking HER to marry him, as a marriage of convenience since he’s running for office and needs to have a wife. He won’t expect “any wifely duties” and she just stoically says she’ll marry him, then proceeds to continue pretending that living under the same roof, in separate bedrooms, is fine with her. What a dope! I’d be finding some “other ways” (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) to remind him who I was! Oh well. It was the 1940’s when this movie came out so not sure anyone was having sex then. Joey was passed out on my chest. Every so often he’d get up and change positions. I’d pet him a bit. He’d purr. During one of his changes, he stretched out his back, then flopped down so his face was nestled into the nape of my neck, buried in my hair. I wriggled a bit since it tickled. A moment later I felt his broken paw in my EAR!. He just reached out and rested his paw in my ear and went to sleep. So I saw there with a kitten earring and thought about how that would never happen again. Monica is coming over in a few hours to get the boys. I’m dreading it. I know the pain will subside over time; doesn’t it always or most always? I worry about Monday—surgery day. I worry about Joey recovering. After today, the next time I might see him will be a week after his surgery is over. I already dread seeing him without his leg, but I have to remind myself that he’s a happy cat. He’s tough, really tough. He wouldn’t have survived all the difficulties if he didn’t have such a strong will. When I look at his serene face, the white fur outlining his golden eyes, the striking black streaks across his cheeks and little pink nose, I realize he will be all right. He’s a fighter. He’s made it this far. He can go the distance and I feel honored for knowing him and knowing I was part of his journey to health, happiness and a forever home.

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