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20 January 2008

I was too tired to write more about yesterday, so I'll fill in here. Sam and I drove up to Woodbury to buy our usual and too expensive pile of cat food. Things were very busy in the store. It was Saturday and the small space was filled with other folks who were also loading up on their pet food for the next week. Melinda, the shop owner, was really rushed and barely had time to tell me my order had just arrived, as part of a huge shipment. It was late. Due to arrive the day before, the palettes of dog and cat food being carted in began to quickly reduce the small amount of space left in the shop. I was so excited about my new foster, I offered to run some other errands and come back when things had settled down, just so I could tell Melinda the good news. An hour later, the shop was empty and my order was ready to go. I told Melinda about my new foster, even though she's got a house full of dogs, she heard me out and wished me good luck. We got home less than an hour later and there was a voice mail from her saying to call right of her customers was interested in my foster cat! No way! Could it be true??? This was too quick! I'm supposed to be stuck with this cat for months. If it's not a kitten, forget it. So what is this news? Turns out a lovely couple, who live very close by, have two Maine Coons and two standard poodles. They are very devoted to the well being of their companions and when they heard about my foster, they knew they had to meet him and give him a new home! We talked, at length and without even seeing a photo of him, they were ready to adopt. Of course, there are always issues...the cat, who I now call, Jasper, has a high positive hit for Bartonella, the dreaded, Cat Scratch Fever! I'm giving him antibiotics every day, but he's considered contagious to people and pets if he were to bite or scratch them. Ugh. Not a big selling point here. Even with that, these nice folks wanted to meet him. I have to go to NYC for Sam's Mother's birthday so it will have to wait until Monday night, but more likely Tuesday. Also, I needed them to fill out an application for adoption and we have to do a background check, consisting of making a call to their Vet, to make sure they keep their other animals in good health. I told Monica the good news, but she was skeptical, as she should be. She's been doing rescue for a lot longer than I have an knows the ups and downs of finding good homes. So tomorrow we go to New York City. I just want to stay home with Jasper. If he gets adopted so fast, I'm not sure I can let him go. Even Sam was making up some good excuses as to why he should stay with us! We have 7 cats! We cannot keep this cat! Wahhh!

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