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21 January 2008

Things are moving too fast. The trip to NYC came and went. The better part of the drive there and back Sam and I joked and explored the idea of keeping Jasper. I wanted to make up something horrid about him to scare off my newly found adopters. Sam was more practical and just said to lock up the house and turn off the lights when they showed up and not answer the phone-ever again. I felt panicked. I knew I'd have to call these people once I got home, since their Application was accepted and their Vet check came back with high praise. Not only did they say they loved and cared for their animals, but their Vet whole-heartedly agreed. How could I find a better family? I doubted there was one to be found—well, other than MINE! I want to keep him! I don't want to call these people! They'll come over, sign the papers and take him and he just got here and I love him and I'm a big baby, whiner!!!! I took a deep breath and called them when we got home. I wasn't ready with all the paperwork and they really just wanted to meet the cat, so I knew I'd have at least one more day with Jasper. I told them to come right over. To keep names confidential, I will just call them N and C. With my heart pounding, I opened the door as N and C arrived. N called out to me, open arms and gave me a big hug and kiss on the cheek! Her husband, C, a big fellow, made me feel like a little child. What a warm, friendly couple! They came into the house and saw all my weird stuff, like the wall of shelves displaying old metal lunchboxes or my 1950's sofa and sitting room furnishings. Everyone was chatting and looking around, commenting on how much they enjoyed everything. These folks would be fun to hang out with. I was feeling less and less badly that Jasper was going to leave, knowing he would be with these people. Finally, came the big moment-meeting Jasper. Bear in mind that these people had never even seen a photo of the cat, but that didn't matter. Once they were in the room, they both were overjoyed to see their new friend. Jasper came right up to them. N picked him up and he sat upright on her lap, just looking around calmly. He didn't try to get away. He just sat in her arms. After some petting, he began to purr. It seemed the deal was done. N and C were besotted, as I was. They, too, asked how anyone would want to put this cat down?! It made them even more determined to give him the best home possible. I didn't want to push them into adopting Jasper, for my own reasons, and because I didn't want them to rush into anything. We discussed the dreaded, Bartonella and C said he'd had it once and never wanted to have it again. I started to worry. Would Jasper be staying with me, after all? We agreed that I would keep Jasper...until he was done with his meds, at which time they would formalize the adoption. I didn't feel worried that they would back out. I worried that I would.

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