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The Day the Magic Died. Farewell Lil Bub.

On Sunday, December 1, 2019, we lost a magical being who took the form of a perpetually tiny tabby cat with extra toes, beaming bright green eyes, and a toothless mouth that left her bubblegum-pink tongue hanging out. Her name was Lillian Bubbles, aka Lil Bub, and she was only 8-years old.

Over the past 6 years I’ve been fortunate to have crossed paths a time or two with this marvelous creature and her Dude, Mike Bridavsky. You can read about some of my exploits in Forever Bub and Lil Bub’s Lil Book Review.

But this isn’t about rubbing shoulders with a celebucat, it’s about far more than that. It’s about living in a dark world where a magical being alighted from beyond the reaches of our planet. This being gave us hope for a better world and she even showed us how to make it happen.

©2012 Robin AF Olson. Being anointed by Bub.

Bub wasn’t just an ordinary cat. She was celestial in origin. Where she came from we will never know, but wherever it was it was a place where we’d all like to live. Bub’s world sparkled with mirth and simple joy. She wasn’t a cat who got cross (okay, maybe one time when she met Grumpy Cat). She was a cat who made friends with everyone (okay, again, maybe not GC, who tragically also died earlier this year).

Bub had a Buddha-quality about her. She was peaceful, serene, even in a room with hundreds of anxious fans waiting hours to spend a moment to be near her. She posed gracefully, and if the fans were lucky, she would anoint them with a squonk

(Bub didn’t meow. Her sound was referred to as a “Squonk” by her Dude, Mike).

Bub travelled the world, but always yearned to return to her home planet one day. But she loved her family on Earth so very much that she decided to stay as long as she could, but Bub being, well, Bub, meant that her specialness didn’t perfectly fit with life on our planet so she struggled a lot, especially at first.

Thankfully her Dude got her the best earthly-treatments possible so she could continue her message of Magic. She reminded all of us that we can make this world however we want to. We can succumb to living on a filthy planet filled with hateful humans or join Bub in her loving world of friends of every shape and size, one where everyone gets along. Where we’re buoyed by knowing that Bub is with us.

Our world was a better place because of Bub, but so very sadly, Bub needed return to her home planet a few days ago and now we’re reminded of how bleak this world is without her.

I admit to crying a lot. I went to bed in tears. I’m crying again now. Bub wasn’t just some guy’s cat, she was a beacon of love and light that was so powerful you couldn’t help but be awestruck by her. She taught us how being different is what makes each of us special. Because of Bub, too, so many cats got a chance to live thanks to her Lil Bub's Big Fund.

Lillian Bubbles was a tiny cat who made a huge impact on millions of people. Now it’s time for us to take her message and to keep Bub’s spirit alive.

Her Dude always encouraged Bub by saying “Good Job, Bub.” Now I’d like to suggest we say something to her, too.

“Thank you, Bub.” Thank you for being you. Thank you for reminding us the world can be a beautiful place filled with love, to stay open-minded, and be outgoing and friendly to everyone.

I encourage all of you to look around and find something kind to do, something to honor Bub. Let’s show Bub her message wasn’t lost on us, even if our hearts are broken, and even though we’ll all miss her so much.

Thank Bub by rescuing or fostering an animal in need, by donating to your local shelter, by helping someone who is struggling, by simply smiling to a stranger. We have so much power to do good, let’s do a Good Job for Bub.

And to Mike Bridavsky and his wife Stacy and their children and other pets, I am so very sorry that Bub had to return home. I hope, in some way, the loving messages you’re getting give you some measure of comfort. That seeing the impact Bub made on the world keeps your heart filled with love. That when you look at the night sky, if you look carefully, you'll see Bub in the stars. Her beacon still burns brightly in all of those who loved her.

Thank you for sharing her with all of us.

and...Good Job, Bub.


RIP Lil Bub  You were an inspiration to all of us

Shine on, Bub. Good job.

Good job, Bub!

We'll miss you terrifbly.

I loved to listen to her. She made the cutest snuffling sounds. With so much against her she loved life. She was an inspiring creature.

I am so sad about Lil Bub’s passing. She was still pretty young, but she fought such serious health problems all her life. She was really special- not just the smile and expression of wonderment, but also in the way she was able to affect others. I was lucky enough to have seen her in person, and it amazed me that she could sit patiently with Mike and then eat her lunch in front of an audience! She was such a sweet little spirit, and I can’t believe she’s gone. I feel so bad for Mike and his family, but I hope they can continue to do great work for pets - and stay in touch with Lil Bub’s fans.

My apologies for just checking in to read this now, Robin.  What a heartfelt, beautiful and eloquent tribute to the MOST special cat who touched so many millions of hearts all over the world, helped to save so many sweet feline lives, and continues to inspire us to imagine and work for a better world for cats, people, and just about everyone in general.  I don't know whether or not you've seen this:

I think this is a wonderful idea.  And if you're not on BUB's listserv, you really want to be, because there are big plans in the works to continue BUB's legacy.

*Always and forever, BUB.* <3

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