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4 February 2008

Jolly & Benny Update Benny I'm delighted to report that Bennigan has been adopted! He has a Guardian Angel on his side because the perfect adopter found him and I couldn't be more thrilled. Seems one of the photos I took of Benny got the attention of a 22 yr old Med student at UCONN. Growing up, she worked with feral cats and knows that they need time and patience. She was looking to adopt a special needs cat, but also realized her class schedule would prevent her from being able to provide daily care for a cat who was very ill. She decided on adopting a cat she could work with, but who wouldn't require the medical support some special needs cats demand. We let her know what to expect with Benny-that he would not come to her, not be outgoing, but was never aggressive, so at least he could be handled without fear. With all that Janice, Monica, Kim and I had done, he was still going to make a run for it if he saw another person, at least for now. The adopter came to our Center with her parents and boyfriend! They drove for over an hour to meet this cat. Even though he wasn't lovey-dovey, his adoption was a done-deal before they walked in the door. This woman was determined to do what it takes to help Benny relax, learn to trust humans and find happiness and love. Benny left The Animal Center a few days ago to live in his new home in northern CT. We just got an email from our adopter saying Benny was already coming over to her to give her nuzzles and love-bites after just a day. Perhaps he just didn't like any of us as much as he likes his new mom? Perhaps he realized people weren't so bad, after all? We'll never know why Benny has begun to blossom so much, so quickly, but it doesn't matter. What matters is that Benny won't have to know life back on the streets, as we would have had to face releasing him in the spring if we couldn't find him a home. Now he'll know a warm, loving, safe home with a wonderful family. That's all I ever want for any of my fosters and I'm glad to be part of another story with a happy ending. Way to go, Benny! Jolly Sadly, Jolly still needs a home, but first he has to get well before he can be adopted. He's been sick with upper respiratory (that passed on to my cats, as well) for over a month. He can't be shown until he's all better. It makes me sad because he was a very friendly kitten and now that he has to be medicated all the time, he's become stressed and unhappy. He's also getting bigger and the bigger he gets, the harder it will be to place him. It's a sad truth that less people want adult cats. Jolly still has some time. I'm going to take more photos of him and we'll start advertising him once he's feeling well. He's a good kitty. I hope he gets a home soon.

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