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Jackson Galaxy's Biggest Challenge Yet. Lux the Cat.

Who hasn't had a bad day with their cat, but how many of you felt like you had to call 911 as a result?

Cat behaviors are often misunderstood, but rarely, if ever, do they make national headlines as it did with a cat named Lux last March.

For Lux, the 4-year old, 11 lb (not 22 lb as reported elsewhere) black and white domestic medium haired cat, the question everyone wants answered is who's at fault for the cat going berserk after his tail was pulled by a 7-month old baby? The incident started an escalating chain reaction. Lux clawed the baby and the baby's father, Lee Palmer kicked Lux in the rear end, then grabbed his kid, his girlfriend Teresa Barker, and their dog as they fled into a back room, terrified at Lux's violent reaction after being struck. Instead of running away from Palmer, he flew sky-high into the red zone, screaming and charging at his family who were cowering on the other side of a locked door.

The result was a call to the Portland, Oregon 911 where they dispatched the Police to rescue the family from the now crazed cat.

©2014 Animal Planet. Used with permission. Jackson Galaxy.

Once the news hit everyone had an opinion about Lux. Some said to put him down for striking a baby. Others said to put the family down for kicking the cat. In stories like this I like to believe that somewhere in the middle lies the truth, but there's only one person uniquely qualified to shed light on this situation.

Cat behaviorist extraordinaire Jackson Galaxy, star of the hit show My Cat From Hell, heard about Lux and even though shooting for his fifth season had just wrapped, Jackson felt it was important not only to offer his services but to capture Lux's story on film so the truth could come out for the world to see.

abc news page grab.png
From ABCNEWS the 911 audio tapes are heard.

I had the pleasure of speaking the Jackson about his experiences with Lux. What surprised me when I chatted with Jackson about this episode was that Jackson, who says it often takes him about 5 minutes to sort out a behavior problem, had a different experience with Lux. Jackson has never worked a case like this. It surprised him, stumped him, frustrated him to no end, but also Jackson discovered he had a great deal of love for this cat—the kind of love he has reserved for his own cats (which he hinted at offhandedly that perhaps Lux might be one day…or at least be a part of Lux's life going forward).

518 LUX 003 475.jpg
©2014 Animal Planet. Used with permission. Jackson Galaxy meets Lux.

What is unprecedented about the episode: “911, My Cat’s Holding Me Hostage!” is that since it was after season five had finished shooting it took the combined efforts of Animal Planet, the MCFH production staff, local Vets, the Multnomah County Animal Shelter (where Lux had briefly been surrendered) and Jackson to work together to get this story on the air. It's important because “this episode will challenge everyone.” Which was why a full hour was dedicated to Lux. It may very well be My Cat From Hell's coming of age show, something Jackson is very proud of.

518 LUX 004 475.jpg
©2014 Animal Planet. Used with permission. Jackson making a new friend in Lux.

When asked, Jackson couldn't say what the odds are that Lux will keep his home, even knowing that his family did their homework over the few weeks Jackson worked with them.

The homework itself evolved in ways we haven't seen in previous episodes. It wasn't "tie it up in a bow" sort of pretty resolution. It's important that viewers understand that not all behavior issues are so simple to decode. “We condense 35 hours of shooting into a 22 minute episode. Life is messy, resolutions are messy.”

518 LUX 002 475.jpg
©2014 Animal Planet. Used with permission. Aww..really? Does this look like a cat who would cause trouble? Okay…a lot of trouble? Sweet Lux.

Lux's story doesn't have a resolution yet, but his journey is what makes this episode of My Cat From Hell so groundbreaking because it unfolds in ways other shows have never been able to. We discover Lux as Jackson does.

Jackson reminds us that Lux was a bottle baby. Although there haven't been any studies about how the unbreakable bond with the human who cares for orphan kittens effects them as adults, many in rescue already know there's something different about them. Those cats tend to be cats, but “not quite cats.” Without other cats to learn from, these bottle babies have a confused perception of their world. Are they cats? Are they humans? Are they something in between? In Lux's case he has that bond with Teresa, but he also struggles with many behavior issues that Jackson is determined to get to the bottom of.

When Lux terrified his family it was an isolated incident “in his life,” as Jackson attests, but that didn't mean he hadn't had issues prior to his family's 911 call. Lux suffers from a myriad of problems: overstimulation, redirected aggression, play aggression, you name it. I asked if Lux had been to the Vet and Jackson replied that not only had Lux been to the Vet, he'd been MANY TIMES. “We spent a ton of money on him and looked at every last angle.” There was passion in Jackson's voice as he continued; “There is something in his body that's betraying him.” And if anyone can figure out what it is, Jackson can.

My final question stumped Jackson and gave our interview a moment of levity. I asked: “Where did the name Lux come from?” Jackson, who had been so focused and passionate about helping the cat overcome his behavior issues never thought to ask. He promised that if the show goes into a sixth season he'd be sure to find out.


My Cat From Hell: 911, My Cat’s Holding Me Hostage! airs Saturday, June 14th at 8pm EST on Animal Planet.


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WOW. I'm once again disappointed in the human race -- or those that would even dream of harming Lux, an innocent and blameless cat who was trying to defend himself from an out-of-control, ill-disciplined brat which hurt him. The KID should have been the one at risk, not Lux. And the parents who neglected to supervise the situation with kindness, patience and intelligence, failing, I surmise, to realize that kids can hurt cats and need to be closely supervised and stopped from doing so, should be in the same place as the brat. *sigh* *PRAYERS* that Lux is, and will always be, safe. And heaven help us and save us from ignorant people like these. Ya just can't fix stupid.


Agree with u 100%

I'm not sure if you saw this episode but, the problem was not with the child pulling the tail although that didn't help. Lux has a medical condition that causes his agressive behavior.

While he was being fostered his did great for a week and was loving and playful and then one day he snapped and attacked his foster parent.  Some times cats behaviors are because of their environment, sometimes it's something more serious and a medical issue. Lux is not being treated with medicine, as this is no cure for what he has but they hope it can be treated with medicine.

sorry, what? you're calling a 7 month old BABY an out of control, ill-disciplined brat? please correct me if I'm reading this wrong.

Are you serious? "an out-of-control, ill-disciplined brat which hurt him?" It was a 7 month old baby. Many children that age can't even crawl yet, let alone understand what might happen if he grabs the cat. While I agree that the parents could have handled it differently, I don't believe they are stupid. My family had a cat that swatted at my baby cousin because he pulled it's tail. We were in the room, and it happened very fast. Thankfully we had a very well behaved cat, and he swatted at the baby with claws retracted... just enough to scare my cousin, but not hurt him. My aunt used it as an opportunity to teach my cousin how to handle animals. This cat Lux sounds like it was a situation where the cat didn't know to stay out of baby's reach, and baby didn't know not to mess with the cat. I'd really like to see this episode and see how Jackson works with this cat. 

Testify!  You are SO RIGHT ON!!!!

If you watched the episode last night you would have seen that Lux was finally diagnosed with Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome - - and reacted the very same way with well seasoned cat foster parents.

The original owner of Lux really loves/ed him and still does - doing what Jackson advised was a very SMART move.  I can totally understand the lay person being confused and scared of a cat being unpredictable and beyond aggressive and also the owners not quite sure what to do about it.

Many cats can and do live harmoniously with young children and to blame a 7-month old for the cat's behavior is foolish.  Please get all the facts before you go spewing judgements on other people.

Jackson Galaxy?  You are a very understanding, kind, Cat Whisperer.  Bless you for the work you do to educate humans about these wonderful animals.

I am wondering how people can call this 7 month old a brat  as this in just an infant! I agree that the parents could have been watching the situation more closely to protect the cat from an innocent behavior that is likely to come from a child this young but I am appalled that people would resort to name calling of a 7 month old. wow! 

I too am disappointed in the human race.   A 7 month old isn't exactly an ill-disciplined brat.  They are babies.   Not all animals deal well with infants.   I had a cat that adored them, kids could do anything to that cat and he would do nothing to them.    He was protective and patient.  I had another cat who didn't like kids at all. 

You called the kid an undisciplined brat?  If you had watched the show you would know he was an infant who wasn't even at the walking stage. 

Peoplemake me sick Take this cat to a holistic vet they know better than other vets! Years ago I took my Apache to some idiot who wanyed to charge me fifteen hundred dollare to cut out his entire ear canal (he had cancer and with massive amounts of kimo he may live for 6 months! I went out of there feeling like they were crazy and money hungry. Stupid girl had the nerve to call me and ask when I was bringing Apache back! I told her never I would find a holistic doctor and don't ever call me again! In those days you could slam the phone which I did' I found the wonderful doctors at Limehouse in LA. Apache was treated like a king he always had his fav room (so he could sit in the window and watch ouyside birds and other animals. He lived a beautiful year and a half, until it was his time to cross that bridge, God bless these people who really care for animals.   why didn't these people pay attention to the child? As for the guy I would love to kick him and not in his bum moron! Love Jackson he is a cats angel not just a whisper         

the "brat" is a baby. wow you are way out of line as are the people that agree with you.  That baby could not have gone to the cat the cat had to come to him, and babies will grab everything.  I have had cats my whole life (56 years) and I raised 4 kids with cats and I never let my kids be mean to the cats.  Today my kids are cat people.  They all were scratched by a cat or two and they learned.  But calling a baby a brat, I hope you are not a parent.

I agree that the pet owners are to blame for both not supervising the cat with the baby and for reacting the way they did. That being said, I would say its a bit of a stretch to blame a Seven Month old baby. Babies don't know how to behave coming from the womb, it takes time to teach them. I have two children and it would not have suprised me in the slightest if at that age they saw the swaying tail and thought it would be something fun to play with, just like a playful kitten doesn't mean anything when they mistake your moving foot for something to play with and sink their claws into your skin. So calling a baby out of control and ill-disciplined and going so far as to call them a brat seems a bit silly. Now, my kids never had the Chance to pull the cats' tails because when they interacted with the cats at that age an adult was Right there to interfer should Either the cat or the baby move to do unintentional harm.

That "out-of-control, Ill-disciplined brat" was a 7 month old BABY.  If anyone is to blame, it's the parents for leaving the baby on the floor near the cat.  Certainly you can't blame a baby for the incident.

I could not agree with you more!! I have had cats my entire life, when I had kids i never allowed my kids to be alone with any of the cats. As they got older and would come crying to me cause the kitty scratched them, I would ask them what they did to the cat. I never blamed the cat. Cats, or any animal really will lash out if they get hurt, are hurt or scared. To me it seems as though Lux had all three of thoes things all at once. I believe there is no such thing as bad pets, just bad pet owners. 

What "out-of-control, ill disciplined brat"???  It was an eight month old baby!! A baby doesn't know better!  The parents should have been supervising, but neither the baby nor the cat were at fault!

Are you serious?? That was a BABY, not an "ill-disciplined brat". How do you supposed to discipline a BABY? What do you suggest? Hitting it, putting it in time out? Now, I agree that I feel sorry for Lux, but don't blame an innocent baby. I can't believe you would call a person less than 1 year old age a brat. This world sickens me.

The baby was only 7 months old, it couldn't have been  "I'll diciplined" because babies at that age do not understand, Anyone with children would know that. Yes the cat should not have been struck but don't blame the child.  It's the adults fault for kicking the cat in the bum.

Um, according to the story, that "out of control, ill-disciplined brat" was a SEVEN MONTH OLD BABY.  Shame on you.

The kid was 7 months old. I wouldn't call a baby a brat. Infants grab on to things and don't do it in a malicoius manner. Yes, they most certainly should be supervised around animals. Howevere, calling a 7 MONTH old an ill-disciplind brat? Come on now. I'm sure your own kids were little angels and never did anything wrong at 7 MONTHS OLD. But odds are you don't have kids and thats why you so harshly judged this situation. For crying out loud.

It touches my heart that this cat was given another chance and that someone was willing to save him. This story speaks to so many issues with the way that we interact with animals and how teaching new ways to interact can be so helpful in an animal/human relationship. But to blame a defenseless child.. shame on you.

I'm a Psychology major. Both of my parents are psychologists, one was a child psychologist for 35 years for a local school district. You are an absolute dolt if you honestly believe that a 7 month old child has the cognitive ability to understand that pulling on the cat's tail is wrong. The baby is just learning to reach on their own and explore their surroundings in a new way. Are you really that ignorant? The child will learn in time not to do so. Supervised sittings with the cat is advisable. Please don't breed. I sincerely hope you never have children. With your "smarts", you will be feeding a 4 month old solid food because they should be "capable of digesting it", when they are not ready for it. YOU my friend, are the ignorant one. You have absolutely ZERO clue about what you are speaking on. You understand NOTHING about child development or psychology (which is clear by your IDIOTIC comment). Can't fix stupid, right? 

I'm a Psychology major. Both of my parents are psychologists, one was a child psychologist for 35 years for a local school district. You are an absolute dolt if you honestly believe that a 7 month old child has the cognitive ability to understand that pulling on the cat's tail is wrong. The baby is just learning to reach on their own and explore their surroundings in a new way. Are you really that ignorant? The child will learn in time not to do so. Supervised sittings with the cat is advisable. Please don't breed. I sincerely hope you never have children. With your "smarts", you will be feeding a 4 month old solid food because they should be "capable of digesting it", when they are not ready for it. YOU my friend, are the ignorant one. You have absolutely ZERO clue about what you are speaking on. You understand NOTHING about child development or psychology (which is clear by your IDIOTIC comment). Can't fix stupid, right? 

My heart goes out to both the cat and the family.    From some of the responses, I have to wonder how many actually watched the show.  I'm truly shocked and bothered that comments are being made that the child 'should' have been hurt for reaching out to grab the cat's tail.  SHAME ON YOU!!!!  SO you think the family should have tossed the infant out in the garbage for doing what an infant does?  WTF is wrong with you people.  I'd love to see what you would do if an animal were attacking your infant!!!  You'd probably take a swat at the animal too.   Jackson Galaxy's show about this cat and it's underlying problem just flew right over your heads.   My main question keeps going back to how the cat presented with the disorder...the medical tests showed that there wasn't any 'damage' so what caused it?   I could feel how devastated the family was in having to give the cat up for it's own good.  :p     Stop pointing fingers's ignorant!!

Thx for the great blog entry on Lux! Your blog is one of my favorites! While I really want to be objective about my opinion regarding Lux, it is difficult to not judge his original owners. I watched the episode twice, and only feel disappointment and anger towards these furparents. I have no doubt that Teresa loved her cat, but once she was afraid of him, that bond had been severed. Her life had changed and she already made the choice of her family over her cat when she locked Lux in a room, and basically threw him away.

I have nothing but disdain for her domestic partner. It is very hard to hide a true person on film unless you are a professional. He appeared not only cold and unsupportive toward Teresa, but definitely had a hatred towards Lux - I'd put my last dollar on it! I only hope that this couple is watched very closely when/if adopting other pets. I only feel concern for Smokey the dog.

I also think there may be some truth to Lux feeling abandoned by his hu-mom. I owned a hand-raised cat and he imprinted on me from the start. He was my child, and yes, I had a baby at the time too. This was a very special cat, for I was truly his parent and he required extra attention and alone time with me. I treasure the time I spent with him and he had a great life.

Finally, I can't help but wonder if Lux was attempting to protect the baby by getting between him and the father right before the second visit by Jackson. The guy had a loud voice and was yelling at the cat. Every cat owner knows you look at their behavior, particularly if it is defensive, before approaching and adjust accordingly. Animals sense those with a cold heart, and I just didn't feel any warmth from this guy at all, and I tried. I'm sure this episode won't be forgotten and criticized for a long time. Kudos to Jackson for maintaining diplomacy while keeping the cat's best interest as his main focus.

I disagree regarding perceptions that the baby is a 'brat'...he's 7 mo. old for God's sake...he'll pull the handle of a pot filled with boiling water on himself if not watched. A baby under a year isn't even able to speak or walk...yet somehow he should 'know' to leave the fluffy kitty alone? Be realistic! Lux over-reacted because he has a real issue, he's not at 'fault' either. The parents? Unless you expect an adult to stand within arm's reach of a child 24/7, they did nothing wrong leading up to this, until 'The Kick'. The kick, while not ideal, is also understandable, as your baby cries out & blood streams from the wound. Sometimes events & circumstances just line up perfectly to be a catastrophe (pun intended...), as this was. I'm SO glad the lady cared enough to retrieve Lux from the shelter & to give him up to Jackson's fosters. I really hope Lux feels better with meds & goes on to be happy. Good job, Jackson! :)

I am glad Jackson stepped in to help Lux. I don't think any one thing is totally to blame for the outburst of this beautiful cat. I could see from the beginning of this story, the cat was unhappy, the guardians were stressed and overloaded. The "fit" was just no longer good for either the cat or the people.The stress on animal and humans from the new baby and distrust of Lux,almost destroyed them all. Once the family had this experience it became a vicious circle. Lux became isolated and more resentful, the family was scared and no longer trusted him and reacted badly. Poor Lux couldn't even meow without a camera in his face and his humans running and yelling. Lux should of been rehomed immediately. I have had experience with 2 cats that had this illness and I realized once my children and I had been attacked and badly...there was fear. I had to rehome for sake of cat.I could not get past the fear and the cats knew it and reacted more. If its not a good fit, its simply not. Only hurts the animal if you ignore the fact. I am relieved that Lux is finally getting some stressfree life and medication that he truely needed. Thank you Jackson for saving another one from a miserable situation.

I have a 13 year old cat and a 1 year old baby, baby is learning that you do not pull the cat's tail or hit the cat because there are consecuences, the cat is also learning to stay away from the toddler. It take time but baby will learn the cat is not a toy, the same way you teach them not to touch a hot light bulb or to pull down or the courtains.

I hope Lux gets a better home. The cruel father should have never kicked Lux for defending himself against the rotten child. I would like to have an opportunity to kick every human up the ass if I thought they did something wrong and consider it acceptable. 

Never Never NEVER EVER leave small children alone in the presence of any animal , for the protection of both child and animal.... both children and animals are the responsiblitity of the adults in the household....clearly this young couple were unaware of that fact .

I bottle fed six kittens losing only one and the others grew up perfectly fine albeit they did not have the hunting insticnt of my other cats they were brought up with they soon learnt to capture flys moths and the odd mouse. I always supevised them and the children togther teaching them and the children how to behave with each other as to me they had a human mommy not a cat mommy from two weeks of age so they were very much more human than cat. I also knew that as a human mommy much like a child with a different language they did not always understand what I was saying so I learnt to meow in different tones, this seemed to work & they grew up to be great I lost my last one last year 17yrs of age the oldest of all my cats so far so I must of done something right. Their mother who did not want them was quite feisty and taming her was not easy either but once I learnt to communicate she got better too. Perhaps Lux should be renamed firstly then re-trained in a similar way, he possibly misses the human mommy who looked after him. He seems to be suffering much like orphaned children do in that they do not have the same guidance of a parent as non-orphaned children, no one to give them a cuddle, a treat when they are good. From what I can gather in this situation the cats has had a tail pulled and like any cat has defended itself but then it has been kicked hard by an adult for defending itself so of course it has kicked off it is confused, unlike normal cats that would run hand reared cats are more human in their behaviours so he has displayed a human trait of defence and stayed his ground personally, the owners should give him up to a good home, let someone who does not use violence to resolve situations have him instead and the father we would all go to lengths to protect our children however in this situation I would never have kicked the cat I would have explained to the child that cats dont like their tail pulled, it is wrong and then clean the wound - kicking the cat has just served to show their child that violence is okay when it really isn't.

I agree that the adults handled it badly, blame the baby is going a little too far. And it is a baby, 7 months old, not exactly capable of understanding that that soft, furry, wiggly thing in front of his face, ISN'T a toy. If it was the first time he tried to play with it, the parents should have used it as a teaching moment for the baby, AND they should have protected the cat, not abused the cat (at the same time, recognizing that the parents were, in their own misguided way, trying to protect their baby).  My question is, the cat is 4 years old, has he NEVER shown ANY symptoms before? Should they have been working with a vet to diagnose those symptoms throughout the years? And if this was truly the first time they had any inkling that something was wrong, shouldn't their first stop have been the vet, and not surrendering the cat, for however briefly? I know the wife/mother really loves her kitty, but I have to say, I'm so glad Lux is in a safe environment where he will get the help he needs.

Testify!  You are so RIGHT ON!!!

I see these comment are from before the episode aired.  Turns out Lux has a neurological disorder and now he can get the help he needs. 

Out of control, ill-disciplined brat?! Good Lord, did you not see that the child was 7 months old?! I love animals, especially my kitties, but that infant does not know better! There is NO excuse for stupidity on this level! Jmuhj, you should be ashamed of yourself! I hope Jackson can either keep Lux or find him a good home WITHOUT kids. Some pets, dogs and cats especially, just simply don't do well in a home with children. The fact that someone is IDIOT enough to say they should abandon their child in favor of a cat obviously needs a remedial course in HUMAN 101.

After watching that episode last night I am glad that Lux is in a safe enviroment and that a lot of the unanswered questions were answered. Nice interview. 

Im sorry i cant put tge blame on a 7 MONTH OLD BABY. BUT ON THE PARENTS!!!!!!

 I would adopt this cat in a heartbeat to give it a better home

Are you seriously verbally attacking an infant?? Brat? Out of control? Ill tempered?? A 7 month old does not even nearly the capacity to understand right from wrong! They can only learn over time! Just as you can't expect a week old kitten to know not to claw furniture you can't expect an infant to know not to pull at things/animals/people in their reach!!!

I agree both child & cat should of been better supervised but as a parent myself to both cats and kids I know we get distracted, make mistakes, juggle too much at once!! And accidents happen! The situation was handled poorly then glorified by media! 

But how can someone with so much compassion for an animal not have the same for a child! They are almost the same! Little beings on all fours, learning, loving and at complete mercy to their keepers! People like you are what's wrong with the world! Demonizing first without knowing facts! Guilty til proven innocent! Try to love more and point fingers less! 

I almost always side with the animal. Lux needs to be in a peaceful situation where he won't be forced to defend himself. However, anyone who calls a 7 month old an "ill disciplined brat" obviously has no knowledge of babies. The 7 month old is blameless as well. At that age a baby is reaching out to discover his world using hands, mouth, feet etc...  Parental supervision is required with animals and babies at all times. 

jmuhj; "out-of-control, ill-disciplined brat"...really? it's a SEVEN MONTH OLD BABY. did you even read the article or watch the episode? what does a 7 month old know about anything other than sleep, eat, poop, repeat? with maybe a bit of play here and there between.
instead of blaming a baby that doesn't know any better, blame the owners for lack of supervision.

you're right about one thing; you really can't fix stupid.

I'm torn with this situation. It's a tricky thing to have an adult cat along with an infant. In NO way is the SEVEN MONTH OLD a "brat", just a baby who is developing motor skills. At that age they are pulling hair and taking glasses, not because they're purposely hurting anyone but because they are developing. The INFANT did nothing wrong, nor did the child cognitively understand what pulling a cat's tail means. As a fur mom with two adult felines and about to welcome a human child into our lives in a few short months, I am scared to death that my child will be allergic to pet dander or have bad reactions to scratches like me. However, under NO circumstances should the cat have been kicked. I have a horrible time just yelling at my fur-babies, let alone harm them! Obviously even Jackson was stumped which means it's likely no fault or all fault on both sides. Good luck to all of them and I look forward to the episode!

I am happy Lux is out of that home.  Cannot understand why that cat was abused and there were no charges brought toward the man who hurt the cat.  First of all anyone knows you supervised very young children with pets.  That is common do not leave a cat locked in a room with a litter boxthat was not changed in quite a while.  You do not hit, kick, or punish a cat.  What is this this jerk going to do when the baby makes him angry kick him?  The mother is in another universe acting like the cat was going to kill her at any minute.  Just so happy that cat is in a loving home.

I totally agree with all you said. unfortunatelly, the focused on how

"dangerous" this cat was, but not the reason why he reacted that way.  

No reason for kicking him or abuse him that way;  yes poor baby but it is totally the parents responsibility

Did you not watch the show? The cat wasn't abused! He has a physiological issued called hyperesthesia.  One of my cats has a very mild  case of that, but Lux has a major case, so I can completely understand the situation. Gawd, I wish people would educate themselves before opening their mouths and proving they are idiots.

You dont think kicking a cat is abuse? Really? Any other issue aside, most cats will lash out if a kid pulls their tail. There's never an excuse to kick an animal. Even if an unprovoked animal lashed out, that's still not an excuse. If the father had kicked the baby for pulling the cats tail would you say that's not abuse and expect us to buy it? Whether the cat or the kid started it, an adult being violent with either as a result is very clearly abuse

I am happy Jackson was able to get involved and advocate for Lux. 

However, I have a cat wirh feline hyperestesia, and she does not ever attack or try to harm us in any way. She swats at her tail, growls, hisses and even stomps her feet, but it's always short lived and in no way a danger to us or our other cat. She has never chased us down. 

I do believe Lux has issues, but I believe there is more than meets the eye here, I believe there are reasons Kux has issues. Something happened to that cat.

I do pray the rehoming works and he can be helped.

That poor cat was stuck in that room with all that junk in there and a filthy litter box. Of course he's upset.

I am so glad he is out of that place.

Anyone want to ask me how many times I got bit or scratched for pulling a tail or overstimulating a cat when I was a wee one??  First off, it's one way for a child to learn and learn fast. Let the cat bully the baby? No! But c'mon, this sounds like a mountain was created out of a mole hill.

Parents stop bubble wrapping your kids or they will never develope any sense at all.

We have some bottle babies and there is a difference between the one that grew up with older cat members vs. a surviving litter of 3 growing up together and with older cats vs 2 litters w/queens being fully nursed (loooong and tragic story of how we ended up with so many strays!).  It's been an adventure and thank goodness Jackson's show is around to help us learn about cat behavior and how we can better "serve our masters" (aka understand their needs)!

I think Lux is a great cat, he just has some medical issues.  As long as he is given his meds, he should be fine.. Secondly and most importantly, the parents should have kept their eye on the child. Pulling a cat's tail is never a good idea.

Can anyone tell me who it was that said that the baby was an ill disciplined brat. I didn't see that anywhere. I did see where someone said that the baby was NOT an ill disciplined brat. Hmmm, maybe it was read wrong???


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