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My Cat Barfed...A Contest!

Go ahead, top this one!

My cat was mad at me because I was traveling a lot for work. One morning, I was in a rush to finish getting dressed. I couldn't find my shoes, then remembered they were downstairs in my office. I ran to the office, saw my shoes and slipped my bare right foot into the shoe. Low and behold, my foot was not alone. Squeegee, had BARFED INTO my SHOE. We're not talking, next to the shoe or slightly in the shoe and outside the shoe, NO. She had to shove her head INTO my shoe, then, VOMIT.

Nice way to start the day!

Oh yeah! I forgot another good barf story.

My friend was living with her boyfriend and her cat, Sam, the Siamese. Sadly, Sam was ill and had been vomiting. Sam also didn't particularly care for my friend's boyfriend Mr. Jerk (Name changed to protect the guilty). Mr. Jerk was a bald-headed, well, jerk. Sam must have had a special sense about his jerkiness so he decided to alert my friend to the situation by jumping onto the back of the chair Mr. Jerk was sitting in, taking aim, then barfing onto Mr. Jerk's HEAD! His BALD head!

Needless to say, after my friend married Mr. Jerk, Mr. Jerk confessed he had been having an affair for most of his relationship with my friend and felt "confused" about things. My friend, who was not confused, gave him the boot, got the house and is now mother to two babies, is re-married and lives in a fancy pants house near Martha Stewart's old digs.

So there.

If I miss spaces now and then it's because the key is broken. My baby Gett has a basket on top of the computer amoire. One day he barfed straight down, landed on the keyboard and me.

It was hilarious. From there I learned how to move keys on the keyboard and occasionally move some co-workers keys to see if they notice.

I guess you could say it was a learning experience from above.

In case you're wondering, I did take a shower and put on fresh clothes!

PROJECTILE BARFING! OMG! That reminds of me of a chapter in the book I'm writing. I'll have to post an excerpt. It's a mystery cat-barf tale. Hee hee!

I had a girl kitty named Gertie who hated me (don't know why, just the facts!). She would wait until I was at work and then get on the bed between the 2 pillows, scratch until she had the sheet, top sheet, blanket & comforter exposed and then proceed to puke. Not only did she get my pillows - the whole bed would be contaminated! This happened at least 3 times in the space of a year.
She would also poop in my shoes at every opportunity!
I ended up re-homing her with a friend and she was the most loving, sweetest kitty to Irene! I guess she really hated me!

P.S. had her checked out at the vet - nothing physically wrong!

My sister's cat got her computer keyboard. I think it was a plot between the two of them to keep me from using her computer. To this day, I refuse to type on it, even though they cleaned it...

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