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Your Cat Brought Home a Dead What????

I really hate it when my cats kill another animal. Being Buddhist, I can't condone them killing anything, even a mouse. If you read, Chapter 5 of my book, you'll get a sense of what I'm talking about.

Anyway, one of my work colleague's told me his cat brought home a dead PHEASANT! How this can be true, I have no idea. I thought the record was when, sadly, flying squirrels got into my house. I didn't even know it until it was too late. My cat, Stanley, caught 5 flying squirrels in ONE WEEK. Oops. And I just found out they're protected animals! Uh-oh.

Being strictly indoors, my cats don't bring me much of anything, but it isn't for lack of trying! Q, my fiance's cat, loves nothing better than to sit at the screen door waiting for me to drop my guard and open it just long enough so he can go outside and snatch whatever he was chattering at up. Never seen him get a bird or a mammal, but he sure does love his crickets and click beetles! He tried to go after a black widow once (before you ask, no, he's not all that bright) but no, wasn't gonna let that happen. When I first got Matthias, my Bengal, I figured he'd be the one doing all the hunting and prowling and birdwatching, considering he's part wild cat.

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