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Kraft Paper. In a Big, Long Sheet.

Yep. My cats love, boring old brown Kraft paper. In fact, I've thought about buying a roll, just to rip off chunks for them to play with.

I discovered this because I'm lazy. I was unpacking a shipment and threw about 12 feet of kraft paper onto the floor. Within seconds, a few of the cats ran over and started to jump and play in it. They seem to love the sound of the paper rustling and Spencer loves to "hide" under it, then jump out and attack Nicky.

Aren't they cute?

Any Second

Please note: If you try this at home, which I suggest you do, please DO NOT LEAVE THE PAPER OUT AFTER YOU GO TO BED OR YOU'LL BE SORRY. Cats like to PLAY late at night and the last thing you want to hear is the sudden loud sound of paper ripping while you're in the middle of a dream!

My cats love tissue paper. I line baskets with the stuff. They knead it and sometimes shred it, but once settled in, they sleep like babies.

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