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I Feed a Combo

After too many years of experimentation, I've finally found a good combination of things to feed my cats. High quality, grain-free, canned food is costly for 7 cats and my cats don't LOVE eating just a RAW diet. What I decided to do is feed a blended, measured amount of RAW and grain-free canned twice a day. In the afternoon, the cats get a SMALL amount of GRAIN-FREE dry (yecch) food. If I could get my cats to just eat RAW, I'd go with that, but after having them lose too much weight when they refuse to eat what I give them, I've had to compromise with the combo above. If I get to a point where I have fewer cats to feed and less of a budget issue, I'll probably change them over to no dry at all. Right now I'd rather have them eat good quality food and hope that the nutrition balances itself out since they get a bit of all kinds of food.

Great topic.

I feed grain free canned food for most of my 8 cats. My Tucker is allergic to wheat.

My two elder kitties, being brought up on dry and adopted each at about age 18 are allowed grain free dry if they eat it in a separate room.

Tucker can't have it, too high in fat for his pancreatitis.

I also feed raw medallions. I put out three a day and by the end of the night they're finished.

As snacks we use freeze dried tuna flakes, salmon or chicken.

Jennifer! It's folks like you who are the forefront of making the pet food industry change its ways. It's really tough to get cats to move off of dry. Mine are a huge pain in the butt about what they like or don't like and it's some sort of secret combo of raw and canned I haven't figured out yet. It's driving me insane with my own seven cats to please, but I won't give up or give in to feeding them a load of dry. Their health is so improved and their weight is great now.

Cats can be very stubborn, don't we know! It's worth the effort.

Keep up the good work!

-Covered in Cat Hair

My crew eats canned (grain free and low carb) and raw when I can get it. Those that will eat raw (Gabi, Fletcher, Taylor and Greta) only want raw rabbit.

It's amazing how soft my cats' fur is....and how much less there is in the litter box!

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