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A Few of My Favorite Things


Uhhhh........cats??????? (oh, and my daughters are pretty cool, too)

Movies and Television

Anything dealing with forensics or home improvement (wow...that's kind of an odd combination!)

Yes, I Read, Too!

Love murder mysteries. Hate romances cuz, just like in the books, it's fiction in real life too!

The Sound of Music

Beth Nielsen Chapman, Laura Pausini, Sara MacLachlan

About My Cats

My Cats

Fletcher---acromegaly (pituitary tumor causing feline diabetes)
Gabi---deaf, CRF (chronic renal failure)
Itty Bitty Kitty Kitty---toothless due to chronic gingivitis
Taylor---goofball extraordinaire
Greta---diabetes insipidus (cannot concentrate urine without injections of desmopressin acetate)
Rex--loooooooong lean oriental shorthair boy

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