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The Tweetie Chronicles: Happy Adoption Day!

Last year I fostered four kittens. One of them was fractious. He bit the Director, then when I got him he ended up biting me, twice. I wrote about this kitten's journey, being in foster care and the tug of war over whether or not I would be able to socialize him before he was neutered, ear-tipped and released to the woods. While his brother and sisters played, I got into an argument with the Director about this cat's future. While I won the battle, I lost the war. We never truly got along after that. For this one cat, named Tweetie, I took a big chance. I was either going to be stuck with him forever as an unadoptable cat or I was going to have to find a way to reach his heart and help him learn that humans are ok.

Arrival.7.9.09 sm.jpg
©2009 Robin A.F. Olson. Arrival day. Tweetie (top left), Angel (center), Twitter (right), Fluffy (front left).

I wrote about this crazy journey in “The Tweetie Chronicles.” Little did I know that this little cat would make such a huge impact on my life. As I was working with him and he began to trust me. One day I noticed he looked just like “The Internet's Most Famous Cat, Sockington!” and decided to Tweet about it. If you read the Chronicles, you'll see in detail how Socks' Fans, “Socks Army” rallied around Tweetie and urged Sockington to do the right thing and acknowledge that Tweetie was his secret son. It was all fun and games, until I was contacted by Socks' Mom, “Food Lady” and his dad, “Fatty,” who I call, Mr. Scott.

©2009 Robin A.F. Olson. Tweetie while still in “Feral Rehab,” but bearing a shocking resemblance to Sockington.

Food Lady came to visit Tweetie. Her tender heart urged her to help. Since her other cats, PennyCat and Sockington were also rescued from dire situations, it just felt right to help another cat in need. The visit went better than I could have dreamed. Tweetie went right up to Food Lady and sat on her lap, purring. He looked up at her and perhaps, in that moment, his future was locked into place.

A few days later, Sam and I drove Tweetie to Boston for a “trial” adoption. That was ONE YEAR ago TODAY.

Tweetie's trial is long over. He's now a cherished member of the family. A few days ago I got an email from Food Lady, updating me on how Tweetie's been doing. Here's some of what she had to say:

tweetieplotting copy.jpg
©2010 Food Lady. Tweetie (right), plots his next bum attack on Sockington (left).

“He's still a real snugglebug. He tends to follow me around the house (although having said that, I'm not sure where he is at the moment). He can't jump as well or as elegantly as Socks (those long legs, you know) so Socks will hop atop the bookcase or dresser, causing Tweetie to get very vocally upset. :)

tweetieblanket copy.jpg

©2010 Food Lady. “His newest discovery is that he can be *under* the blanket as well as on top of it. So he'll quite often root around until he can get his head under the blanket. So one of the shots is of that. In one of them, he's got half a shakymouse toy in his mouth. He adores boxes of all kinds - I think they remind him of the crate at your house.”

He's got a thing for brushes - I now have to hide away my makeup brushes and the big poofy wool duster, because he runs off with them in his mouth. :)”

Food Lady also told me that Tweetie eats everyone's food so he has to be fed in a separate room! Oops! He also likes to sneak up on Socks and bite him in the bum! Tweetie and Socks are quite close, even if Tweetie is a pain in the butt-literally.

©2010 Food Lady. Tweetie with Baron Von Shakeymouse

What lies ahead for our former foster? We really don't know anything more than Tweetie has grown up into a big, sweet, playful kitty. Will he ever be as famous as his dad? Probably not. Does it matter? Not to him, surely.

So without further adieu, put on your party hat and get out the nose makers! Not only can we celebrate the adoption of a cat who beat the odds, but we can take delight in the fact that Tweetie's life in the glow of the nearby limelight suits him just fine.

In fact, it was meant to be.

tweetieboxed_party hat bsm.jpg
©2010 Food Lady (goofy type by Robin).

tweetieartsy copy.jpg
©2010Food Lady. Tweetie all grown up. The spitting image of his Pop, Socks.

Another chapter in the Tweetie Chronicles draws to a close. Along with the big smile on my face and the proud feeling I have about Tweetie's success, I'm enjoying the new nickname “Tweetie” gave me in honor of this special day. You may now call me, “Nice Robin Lady.”


What a sweet story!

Wow 1 whole year!
I started reading your blog around this time
You have opened my eyes
Congrats on all your hard work, and best wishes for continued sucess!

My friend and I who both have rescue kitties call their adoption day their "Gotcha Day." So happy Gotcha Day to Tweetie! Good on you, Nice Robin Lady, for taking a chance on him. "Every Cat Matters" >^.^

I have followed Socks for a while and I cannot believe it has been a year already that Tweetie has been there. Great story and keep up the good work Nice Robin Lady

I love it... that is so awesome...:)

Congratulations to everyone involved: Tweetie (Sockleganger), Nice Robin lady, Fatty, Foodlady, Sockington & Pennycat! This has been one of the best internet stories ever :) So wonderful that Tweetie found his forever home.

I remember when "Cousin Oliver" first went to visit, and Socks tried to deny that "anything had happened--we were just friends!" What a wonderful, fantastic story!

The world needs more stories like this; it shows what is possible if we all give that extra bit of love, put that little bit more effort in. I am so proud of Tweetie for embracing his new life, he is such a credit to you nice Robin lady :)

I remember when Sockington got his younger brother but until today I didn't know you were the foster Mama! This is SO COOL! Now I have to go read the Tweety Chronicles...

Happy Day!

MomKat Trish

Congrats to bb in the new home:) We did the same thing (sort of) and ended up with identical kitties, Hawk and Bandit. You should check out his blog (

Anyway- congrats, but really, who could say no to that face!?

Great story! Congratulations to Tweetie for getting an amazing home ... congratulations to Socks, Pennycat, Fatty and Food Lady for getting a great new family member ... and thank you Nice Robin Lady for all the wonderful work you do to rescue cats!

I only came across your page a few hours ago.. possibly seen a link from facebook and was intrigued about Tweetie and had to read his story. 

You did well in teaching him that loving was ok.. and better than ok but that it was a great thing to do. I've worked my own magic on my bengal girl, Kiara. For the first 4 years she'd sit under my chair chirping at me for attention so one hand would be typing while the other was under my chair where she'd be headbutting it.. but never would she get up on the chair with me.. if i was really lucky i might wake up to find her sleeping on my bed. :D All that changed when my relationship status changed, even though i didn't live with my ex.. suddenly she was on my lap a lot of the time.. when my other cat Romeo wasn't there.. it's fantastic to see her now so relaxed around me, and even other people. Infact she's the easier cat for a stranger to hold.. even my ex can hold her and he once called her the evil cat.. she didn't like his 2 cats.. and getting Romeo as a kitten helped bring out a softer side in her as well.. maybe he's working his magic with Penny in that way? 

I've now joined up with them all on twitter and look forward to hearing their stories.. when i get on twitter that is. 

I take my hat off to all the foster parents out there.. You do such a hard job.. i'd want to keep them all.

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