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Linda Reilly

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A Few of My Favorite Things


I love my cats Benny and Lenny. I like movies. I am thinking about volunteering at my local shelter as I have some time on my hands through September

Movies and Television

Love to watch Fringe, Cats 101, Iron Chef, Seinfeld....too many to for movies my all time favorite is Heaven Can Wait. Air Force One, The Bourne movies...a ton more action movies, with some drama and romance thrown in! :)

Yes, I Read, Too!

Anything by Rita Mae Brown especially when she writes with her cat Sneaky Pie Brown....Dean Koontz books...too many to count

The Sound of Music

All time favorite is Sarah Mclachlan. Like the oldies too.....beatles, grass roots, hollies, zeppelin...the list goes on...Do not like rap music or death metal...makes my head explode!

About My Cats

My Cats

1. Benny..he is my fur ball! he is about 10 years old. I adopted him from a shelter when he was just a little guy. The shelter had him at the local pet store and I walked in and immediately it was love at first sight! Sure, it can happen :) He is the sweetest boy...and the biggest lap cat. He talks alot and is very loving! 2. Lenny..he is a sweet boy, too.. a friend rescued him off the street while she was working for frito lay. She was out on her route in the wee hours and out from behind the pepsi machine, she heard this cry. She called to him and he scooted out, unafraid and he ended up at our house. When she and I moved to seperate places, she was unable to take, 7 years later..we are living happily ever after! hes a very sweet boy, but definitely NOT a lap cat :) i love them both with all my heart!

Personal Info

Linda Reilly
Blogs, Web Sites and More

check me out on face book Linda Donovan Reilly...I am always posting pics of my fur kids! :)

Working Life

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More About What I Do
I recently was laid off from Blockbuster where I was a Store manager. I was with the company for 11 years., I am taking time off through the summer and am thinking about a volunteer position at a shelter. I'm scared though, that i will get in there and just ball everytime I am near one of them :(


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