Farewell Mrs. Bonnie

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I was truly heartbroken to see this article last night. A tornado hit the farm of a sweet Georgia couple, who dedicated themselves to working with dogs. Mrs. Bonnie, as she was called, was thrown 50 feet during the storm and died. She was probably trying to save her dogs, many of which were lost or killed.

Take a moment out of your day to think good thoughts or send a prayer to Mrs. Bonnie and to her husband, Michael, who is in critical condition as of this post.

You can visit their web site here. and send them your kind words, directly.

Rest in Peace, Mrs. Bonnie and all those rescue pups.

Save Your Cat's Life with a Simple Test

Spencer's had a breathing problem since I took him in as a foster six years ago.

Spencer Knows

During those years, I've taken him to both my Vet and specialists. Spent thousands of dollars hoping to find a way to keep Spencer happy and healthy. Sadly, I've had the following done to him:

• Tested for FeLuk, FIV, Diabetes (he went into ketoacidosis shortly after I got him)
• Blood tests to determine allergies, then treated for ONE YEAR
 with hypo sensitization (shots) therapy because they thought his
 allergies were causing the wheezing
• Treated with a nebulizer for asthma
• Had a CT scan and visual exploration of his sinuses and palette
• Diet change many times
• Treated with allergy meds
• Small course of steroids
• Antibiotics up the ying-yang


Then, I was told Spencer probably had scar tissue built up on his right sinus that was from and old upper respiratory infection and that he would just wheeze for the rest of his life, probably be sickly and that that was the best they could do.

Until two days ago.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Ok. I know this post is a bit late, but heck, I'm lost! I don't have any kitties to foster and I don't know what to do with all this excess time. You'd think I'd work on writing something worthwhile, but that's such a time waster, really! I'd much rather be watching, My Big, Redneck Wedding!

Anyway, hope you had a special day!

Hope I get some kittens soon! Until then. See a cute photo of Spencer and my Valentine's Day tulips. See? I scored some nice flowers even though I'm mean to my boyfriend!

You Know You Have Too Many Cats When...

...Ok. I give up. I have too many cats.


I said it.

Would you believe I just contacted the President of a pet food company and asked him if I could get a discount, considering I buy about TEN cases of 5.5 oz cans of cat food a MONTH, plus supplemental grain-free dry (they get just a little bit) and about EIGHT POUNDS of RAW (see my article Why Your Cats Are Fat, Sick and Unhappy)

To my amazement, said President, kindly wrote me back and suggested I become a RESELLER!!! Having my own Graphic Design business, I find I have a handy, never used, TAX I.D. number, so technically I could sell pet food to other folks and buy mine at WHOLESALE.

This is way better than just a retail discount.

Dearly Departed

My foster cat is gone. He was rescued from being put down two weeks ago. During that time I've fallen in love with him. He's one of the most wonderful, charming, sweet, silly and chatty cats I've ever known. He's my poor Stanley, reincarnated. Stanley, the cat I only had for five short years, who died suddenly and unexpectedly from HCM. Stanley was the only cat I ever chose to be mine. He didn't find me. I found him...on Valentine's Day. He was proud and serene; a gorgeous, tuxedo Maine Coon. He was the one. The cat who all others would be compared with. He died almost five years ago. I still miss him.

A Touching Tale

Just when I think I've gone as far as I can to help animals in need, I find I can face new challenges and take it a step further. Whatever it takes, right? I've been caring for a 9 month old Maine Coon, who was surrendered by his owner a week ago. The owner said the cat had chronic diarrhea and he couldn't deal with it any more. He was also going through a divorce and his ex-wife felt the cat's soiling problem was a danger to their young son. The owner wanted the cat put down, which is where I came in.

One Less Cat.

It's been a few days. The emotions aren't percolating as badly, as they were on Friday. I'm calm enough to write.

Although the entire journey is going to be detailed in my Foster Cat Diary, the event, itself, sparked a question—an old question; one I never seem to understand any answer other than this:

The Lucky One

The answer is NO.

My Lil' Clutter

Until I get image posting worked out, here are links to photos of my little brats. If you like these, I have another few thousand for you to check out! Yikes! Did you know a group of cats really IS called a Clutter? I didn't know that. They can also be called a Pounce, Clowder or Comfort! Groups of kittens can be called a Litter, Intrigue or Kindle. Now off you go. Impress your friends! Oh, hover your mouse over the link to see a pop-up photo of each kitty. Spencer Bob Dole

Barely Normal Activity: Attack of the Pooptergeist

I'm half awake or, half asleep, however you look at it. Either way, in my haze, I must tap into a vivid memory from last night. I was thinking about yesterday's BLOG entry. All the difficulties in getting my cats to eat something good for them and all that they suffered and all that I spent...well...I neglected to add one little thing about diet changes and the possible lasting or, please-God-I-hope-NOT-lasting side effects. The dreaded litter-bomb. The smell that shook the earth.


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