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An Update on My Dear Bob


Bob made it through the first night after the major surgery to remove the right lobe of his liver. It had a 5cm mass on it and it needed to go. Fortunately, Dr. Weisman was able to remove the entire mass, but because the rest of Bob's liver didn't look so great, she had to biopsy a small part of that, as well. She also biopsied some lymph nodes. The pathology will take FIVE DAYS. This means that with the holdiay upon us, I'm guessing I won't know a thing until next week. For now, the goal is to get Bob to perk up, start eating and use his litter pan.

This morning I was told that Bob was not eating. He's on pretty serious pain meds right now and between that and the operation, he must feel like Hell. I offered to come see him and try to get him to eat, since I know all his favorite treats. I figured, if nothing else, I had the dreaded dry food to give him if he wouldn't eat anything good.

I couldn't get up there fast enough, but I admit to being one of the many people who stayed up late the night before to (attempt to) see the Eclipse. It was too cloudy here and though I hoped the stupid clouds would move out of the stupid way, they did not. I watched some of the “show” online, but it felt phony and awful. I went to bed and got a few hours of sleep, but felt hungover when it was time to get up.

Sam wanted to see Bob, too, so we ditched whatever plans we had and grabbed some raw food and treats for Bob. We stopped at the store and I bought a small container of chicken liver. Gross, but yes, Bob LOVES it. I don't give him much of it, but I had to arm myself with everything I could, in case he would eat for me.

We got to VCA Cheshire in the early afternoon. They told us they weren't busy and to come over. Just as we got there a family got ahead of us. They were there to see their dog, so we had to sit and wait for them to stop visiting with the dog so we could see Bob. My blood started to boil. Why they couldn't put Bob in an exam room was beyond me.

The minutes ticked by. After 30 minutes I was about to spit fire. Then, out of nowhere, was Dr. Weisman. She came over and explained what was going on, that it was very busy in the back and that they were going to put us in a room with Bob. At last! As we stood up to walk to the room, I saw through a window in the door to the hall. A tech was holding BOB in her arms!!!!

Poor Baby.jpg
©2010 Robin A.F. Olson. Oh, Bob!

I asked for a towel for him so he wouldn't have to sit on the cold steel exam table and she brought out two. Bob seemed like Bob. He didn't look near death's door, but he wasn't very perky, either. We gave him pets and kisses. He started to purr faintly.

Bob has the best purr. I have an audio recording of it that I must figure out how to share one day.

Bob was clearly in pain. He didn't move much and his head was almost always down on his paws. He was wiped out. What did I have done to my boy?

Resting Bob.jpg
©2010 Robin A.F. Olson. Get some rest, my sweet boy.

We began putting different food combinations together. We brought out all his treats. He ate nothing. He was fine if I rubbed something against his mouth. He even licked at it a bit, but we thought he throat was hurting from being intubated, along with everything else. He wouldn't eat raw, or dried chicken treats or dried salmon treats. I opened the container of chicken livers. I had no way to chop them up so I washed my hands and just ripped up little bits. I put them right under his nose and he licked a few off my fingers. It wasn't much, but it was something. I tried over and over again, to encourage him to eat something more, but he refused.

Close up copy.jpg
©2010 Robin A.F. Olson. We will be strong for you, Bob and keep those prayers and good wishes comin'!

I didn't want to push him too hard, so I let it be. I washed his face and he purred for me. We pet him and talked to him, told him to get better. I wanted to see his belly, but I didn't want him to exert himself by having to stand up or roll over. I wanted to sit on the floor and hold Bob on my lap until he felt better again.

I ran into the Doctor again. We talked about Bob. She wasn't too worried about him not eating. He's on an IV, so that's good. Her concern is she wants to see Bob perk back up. Have some twinkle in his eyes again, then he can come home-even if he's not eating. That surprised me, but she knows best. Instead of coming home today, our next hope is that he will come home tomorrow NIGHT, at the earliest. She said if we had been through what he had, we would be in tremendous pain and not want to eat, either. On a good note, Bob DID use his litter pan and had a good pee. He wouldn't use their tiny pan, but when they gave him a big one, he went for it and made a big mess, splashing the litter all around! How unlike Bob to make a fussy mess! Maybe he still has some “Bob” left in him?

The tech came to get Bob and I gave him another kiss. She lifted him in her arms and that's when I saw it...his belly. My heart sank. I knew the incision was going to be long, but I wasn't prepared for what I saw. My Bob looked like franken-kitty!

I could only think about how badly that incision must HURT and on top of that, what's going on inside his body right now? My poor, sweet boy. I am so sorry I had this done to you, but I know it was your only chance of getting better. To know I made my cat suffer so much...well, it's a very uncomfortable feeling. If I think about it too long, I'll start to beat myself up. I made this choice for him-his one chance. Now he has to heal and show us he can make it and I will do everything I can to help him get there.

©2010 Robin A.F. Olson. Franken-Bob. :-(

All I know is, Bob has survived the surgery, now he has to survive the recovery.

I love you, Bob. I hope you can come home, soon.


We weren't shocked by Bob's incision and we think you should stop beating yourself up. It's huge that he survived the
surgery and has a good chance of beating this. We'll purr loud and hard for you and for Bob.

The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

Sending healthy healing thought your way Bob.

Oh, poor kitty! My heart goes out to you, I know how you must feel. You just have to trust that you did the only thing you knew would give him a fighting chance. You would be beating yourself up worse if you had done nothing.

He just needs your love and hugs and pets and he will come around. He really looks like a very strong boy, and animals know (better than we people!) that if they are sick or distressed, they need to just lie low and rest, and that is the key to their often amazing recoveries.

Kitties are purring for you, and I wll ask for a pawcircle on Twitter. May you have the best holiday possible--it sounds as if Bob may be home with you by then, the best gift of all.

Feel better soon Bob. Thinking about you at Christmas.

We are still sending warm thoughts and purrs your way, big Bob...Robin too....

hang in there!! we are sending our love and support to you, Bob and Sam during this difficult time. You did the right thing by giving him a chance at more time. don't ever doubt that!

I just wanted to send all good thoughts and wishes for a speedy recovery for precious Bob!!

He will feel bad for a few days and the medications will make him groggy but he will be okay. He will be back wanting to have nice noms again. He just needs to recover. He knows you love him and did whats best for him. Thats why he purred to let you know Hey mom I am okay but i need to rest.........we are praying for Bob and you. He will be home soon and then he be eating everything. Laroy

Hang in there Bob. We are sending Power of the Paw to you and keeping you in our prayers. Get well Soon!!

I'm so glad to read that he made it through the surgery. Don't beat yourself up over having the surgery. You are giving him a fighting chance, good for you. I pray that he perks up and can come home tomorrow. I hope you and Sam and the rest of your gang have a great holiday and savor each moment. I think only too recently I've realized how short life is. Best of luck. Prayers for all your family.


I know it's hard to to worry, but imagine the alternative. Give him time! I think his response after major internal surgery was great. All seven of mine are sending love and purrs, and later on the Big Four will all get together and send 50 pounds of feline energy his way. Good luck!

Sending lots of good thoughts for healthy healing your way Bob. And for Robin too.

We are all praying for Bob. I think he looks wonderful, hardly like a kitty who just had major surgery. Of course he's tired and doesn't want to eat ... most humans would feel that way with a little bout of flu. But in that first picture, I can see the life in him. He is an incredible trooper.

We love you Bob!

Petey, Jack, Spunky, Tabitha & Madison LaRue

And Momma Pam

My crew and I are sending huge prayers for Bob! Poor boy, we hope his pain meds are enough to help him sleep thru a lot of this.
Hang in there and try not to stress...your calmness will help reassure Bob that everything will be all right.

Fingers and paws crossed for good biopsy results!

Love, Trish and the 13

a big bunch of love and hugs to Bob and to you too!
He is such a buddy and he will get better every day!

Michelle, Pat, Sunny & Freya send all our BIGGEST GET WELL WISHES to BoB D.

Me and Shelby kitteh sending much hugs and love to you Bob and your family. Rest up, heal quickly and eat! so you can get home to your loved ones. {{hugs}} & **kitty kisses**

Bob needs to rest, and some TLC...but so do you!!!!
Sending still our best wishes tonight!!!
Agua de mar and Feline family.

Surgery this major, even when it is completely successful, is a difficult experience. I hope all the test results are good, and that Bob quickly recovers from his surgery.

I'm thinking he feels sort of like I did after the abdominal hysterctomy. It was awful. On the other hand, while that is a long scar, it's nice and neat, it doesn't look red.

It's difficult seeing them in this condition, but you made the right decision for Bob. Bob is one lucky kitty to have an owner who can make those tough decisions. My heart goes out to him, am sending him some healing thoughts. I'll keep him (and you) in my thoughts. He's gonna get through this! He'll be Bob again.

All good things now for Bob…poor little man... and for Robin.

We are so glad that Bob made through the surgery! We won't be able to visit your blog as often as our holiday break begins tomorrow but we will continue praying for Bob and thinking of you, Sam and other furkids. Getting well soon Bob!

Feel better soon, Bob!

head bumps, purr purrs, and a nice shiraz for mommy. ;)

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