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About My Cats

My Cats

Our kittehs are Sunny & Freya and they are complete opposites.
Freya is my husband Pat's cat that he has had for 12 years. She is a total lap cat and loves
pets and scratches. She is a beautiful calico. Delicate and graceful.
She loves to find the best bed in the house with the best cozy covers and hide inside them.
She is an indoor kitty. Freya is somewhat shy and skittish until she gets to know you.
She is her Daddy's girl for sure.
Sunny was a stray that was found living out side here in Peterborough, Ontario.
He was deathly thin and his entire coat was matted. He was so loving and sweet.
He had to have belonged to someone as he was totally socialized to people. And he was also fixed.
I went to the local shelter but they had no real system of a notification for stray cats.
So he become ours. He moved in and instantly it was just as it had always lived with us.
He is such a good boy. Totally laid back and calm. He is also curious about any strangers that come
over and loves to be in the middle of any work that is being done. He just loves workmen and their tools!?
He is an outdoor kitty as he was living outside and just craves going out. But he is only allowed out when I am here for a few hours a day. He can defy gravity when he plays with his cat dancer.

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