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Not on My Watch: Dear KoKo.

Dear KoKo,

You don't know me, nor will you probably ever meet me. I live very far away from you, but that doesn't matter to me because I care about what happened to you and it bothers me that you are all alone in the world. I have been trying very hard to find a way to free you from that cage.

Last night, while you were sleeping, a nice lady called me from Alabama. Her name is Elke. You never met her before, either, but she surely cares about you, too. Elke called me and asked me if I would help her to help you. She doesn't want you to stay in that cage. She lives in a nice house with two other kitties. There is plenty of room for you to live there even if you don't get along with your new friends.

koko2_rescued copy.jpg
©2010 Courtesy Henry Co. Care & Control. Many people contacted me asking how they could help KoKo. In the end it was a simple phone call that made all the difference. As of 11AM EST-TODAY KoKo left Henry County's cage. She is RESCUED!

I wrote to my friend, Bobby. He also said he wanted to help you, too, so just when you wake up, Mr. Bobby is going to visit you. He is going to take you OUT of your cage and you will NEVER go back there again! Mr. Bobby is going to take you to the Cat-Doctor. I know. Doctors are not fun, but you can do this, then things will get better. Then after that, Mr. Bobby will take you for a long ride in his car.

After the ride is will take a few hours, you will be greeted by Ms. Elke. She isn't going to foster you. She is going to be your new Mama. I like to call it your “Forever Home.” She said you should never have to worry about where you spend the rest of your life and she already can't wait to meet you, love you and care for you the way you should have been cared for by that other family.

koko2_rescued_adop copy.jpg
©2010 Courtesy Henry Co. Care & Control. Ms. Elke, who is one of our good friends at “Covered in Cat Hair,” stepped forward last night to offer to sponsor KoKo and give her a Forever home. Elke, you're a Saint! Congratulations to you both!

One of Elke's daughters already can't wait to meet you, too. I know this is a big change for you, but I know you'll be safe and happy now. No more cages for you!

I'm sorry we will never meet in person, but know that from afar, I send you my love and good wishes for the happy life you have always deserved.

I've got your back, Koko.

Your friend,


P.S. Don't forget to write and let me know how you're doing!


I just happened to log on this very minute...and what a wonderful post! good luck to koko(name change coming?) and elke!

OVERJOYED @ Koko's awesome news! Great job everyone and especially Elke!!


ize so glad you are rescued, be happy in your new furever home, love your fud lady a lot, she loves you already never furget we are are cheering for you!
Santina and furmily!

I am just so darn happy - like crying happy, crazy happy! Just, well, YAY YAY!!

I was trying to figure out a way to get her to Minnesota. It's so nice to hear that someone pretty close will offer her a warm, happy lap and house! Yay KoKo!!

I am so happy to hear this great news! I was just sitting at my computer feeling so sad about Koko and hoping she would find a new forever home.
Thank you Robin for everything you do. Thank you Elke for opening your heart and habitat to Koko.

God bless you Elke!

Elke, you are an ANGEL! So is everyone else involved in showing this beautiful lady that there are good people in this world with love and patience and heart to spare.

Send extra loves from me and my four felines. Cage-free is the way to be!

Great news about Koko!

a warm and loving home

This made my day!!! We've all been posting and posting about this sweet girl, and I'm so, so happy that she was not only rescued, but adopted! What a great day for her. :)

Thank you, Robin, for all you do to help these kitties. And THANK YOU, Elke, for being Koko's new mama!

I'm so happy for KoKo. Than you Elke for helping this beautiful baby have a 4-ever home. God Bless you for saving her.

I am so HAPPY that you have a new Furever home, KoKo! I will put my paws together in purrs that you and your new family enjoy a great adventure for many years to come!

Yippee!!! We're so happy for little Koko and her new family! Big purrs to all of them and to you, Robin, for helping to save her life!

Charlemagne and Tamar

Oh that is so exciting. I had someone call about her yesterday but it fell through, so I am so excited that she got a home. That sure made my day. This internet stuff really works. I am going to have to keep a close watch on you Robin, and post the ones that you put up. Thanks so much to you and Sparkle for helping this kitty.
Have a great day. You deserve it.

So glad for Koko. I hope she's happy for ever with Elke's family.
I wish there were Forever Homes for every shelter-cat!
Well done Robin, for getting this publicised and well done Elke and family for making a difference!

Woohoo again!!!!!!

Oh what great news about Koko getting a furever home!! Thank you, Elke!! And thank you Bobby for taking Koko to Elke. Koko, we know you will be very happy in your new home!!

Oh yeah, and thank you, Robin, for fighting so hard to find Koko that furever home!!

We read about Koko on Amy and Sparkle's blogs and have been purring for her non-stop. We're sending her many purrs - and special purrs to the wonderful Elke for offering her a home.

XXX from the Mishkat cats

The subject says it all. WOO!! YOO!!

Sending good kittie vibes and big cuddlely thanks to Elke.

PS: We want at least one picture of Koko in her new, furrever home. Please?

Bless you all for giving Koko a chance at a happy life! Wish there were more wonderful people like you in this world! :)

Thank you all for giving Koko a chance for happiness! Wish there were more like you in this world! :)

I was going through my Twitter feed and saw the letter you wrote, and it broke my heart. But then I saw the tweet for this post, with a big smiley face, and did a big happy dance. Which is hard to do in a car!

Thank you, Elke, for rescuing KoKo! And thank you to Bobby for being KoKo's ride there. And, of course, thank YOU, Robin - if it weren't for you, who knows if KoKo would have gotten her furever home? What you do for the kitties is so amazing!

Oh KoKo, we are so happy to hear this news! You are really now going to know what it's like to have a REAL Furever family and home filled with LOTS and LOTS of love that will be showered upon you on a more than once a day basis! We hope you are able to have a blog when you get to your new home so we can all see how you are doing! A B~I~G ConCatulations to you, Sweetie!!!

screen got blurry while i was reading that. Well done elke, you rock. and well done Robin too, you rock in so many ways I can't describe them!

Elke, you are a hero! I wish you and Koko many, many years of love and happiness together.

Three cheers each for Robin, Bobby and Elke - and for Betsy at Henry County!

Dear Koko, I saw the article about what happened to you and it touched me so much that I was going to drive from Illinois to Georgia to adopt you if you weren't going to a loving home. If Elke didn't get you, I would have. I had a cat that looked just like you. She was killed by the Pet Food Recall issue in March 2007. I still haven't gotten over losing her. Some people say she was just a cat. I say she was my best friend. Unconditional love both ways. She could do no wrong in my eyes. I'm glad you found a loving home. Please try to forget about your past.

How terrible. I'm so very sorry for your loss and thank YOU for being so kind as to feel motivated to drive all the way to Georgia to save a kitty's life. You know, there are so many kitties in your area, too, who are in bad shape and face the same death row that KoKo did, that if you ever feel ready, I hope you drive over to your local county shelter and rescue another kitty from death's door.

This is all so difficult. Even though we saved KoKo, I found out tonight that another kitty who was dumped, too, was euthanized due to space issues at Henry Co. We're still trying to empty the ocean with a teaspoon. :-( Maybe one day things will get better if we keep working at it.

Not all of the cats around here are on death row. We have some "no kill" shelters. I wish I could rescue ALL of them. Life on this earth is not fair. A city ordinance dictates how many pets we can have in one house. I think if all or most of the animals on death row had an ad on Sav-A-Pet or somewhere on the internet letting pet lovers know that they only have days to live, a lot more would be saved by people like me. I clicked on a Sav-A-Pet icon on Facebook and saw Koko's story. She looks very much like "Angel" that I lost in March 2007. I e-mailed "Mystiblu" right away and also called today to find out if they would keep Koko alive until I got there. Then I found out this afternoon that she was adopted. Even though someone else adopted Koko, I'm glad she gets to live. I have no idea how dogs or cats think, but there must be a lot of hurt in their little minds and they can't talk to us and tell us how they feel. Seeing those ASPCA commercials on TV is so sad. It's hard to believe a human being would throw a cat or dog around like a rag doll or use them for a punching bag. Someone dropped off a dog at night in front of a shelter a few months ago. The dog got loose and ran into the wrong yard. A "sick" man pulled out a rifle with a scope, shot and killed the dog while the shelter workers were trying to capture the dog. He got 20 months in prison. Not long enough. There's a lot of animal lovers in prison. He may get what he deserves yet.

So sorry to hear about the other kitty who got killed at the shelter :( And it's so wonderful what you do with this blog and how you help kitties!!!
I just thought that maybe there would be a chance to get a list of the death row kitties in different shelters and post and repost and retweet it everywhere we all can... Maybe, like it happened with Koko, the publicity will bring new owners to those who have little time left?

That's a good idea! I'm repeating what the previous message said:

If someone could get a list of the death row kitties in different shelters and post and repost and retweet it everywhere we all can. Maybe, like Koko, the publicity will bring new owners to those who have little time left!
If something works once, repeat it. It will probably work again.

I'm so sorry for your loss. It was so kind of you to want to help Koko! I hope you find another cat who needs you. There are so many out there!!

Take care

Sorry about your loss Rick - I lost kitties before and they are not just cats, they are family members.
I am Elke - Koko's new mom and Koko is now Sophie. She is an absolute delight and we love her so much already. She is still in her own room, but soon will be introduced to her new sisters, Gracie and Gabby, my 7 and 8 yrs old lovebugs - and Sophie's will forget her past, if she hasn't already :)
All the best to you,

I would have driven from Illinois to Georgia to give you a good home.

Yay!!!!! I'm so glad you found a good forever home!

I wish you Koko the best now and in the future, you deserve it!

Hope to get updates and photos, we all love them.

I cried reading this...God bless Bobby and Mrs. Elke!

God bless Bobby and all of you.

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