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Amy and The House of Cats

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A Few of My Favorite Things


cats (obviously), making jewelry and crafts, sleeping, cooking, blogging, shopping

Movies and Television

TV: How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, The Simpsons, Psych, V
Movies: Star Trek, Tank Girl, Psycho Beach Party

Yes, I Read, Too!

House of Leaves, anything about astrophysics

The Sound of Music

I will listen to pretty much anything that isn't country.

About My Cats

My Cats

We currently have 4 (we lost our oldest on 10/30 to cancer - Floyd, a big black sweetheart of a kitty). Oldest to youngest they are: Kirzon, age 13, tuxie, alpha cat and all around good guy. Lola, the only girl, age 10, muted calico or tortie, depending on who you ask. Has the personality of "crabby old ladycat", Virgil, age 1 yr 4 mos, was a feral brought to our vet who stole my heart, and at 4 weeks he moved in. He is also a tuxie. Barney, age 6 mos, brown tabby and white, aka "the barnacle" because he is a total snugglepuss, and is also the king of the crazy!

Personal Info

Amy Hitchcock
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Working Life

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More About What I Do
I am a scheduling administrator at a battery company - and not those little batteries you put in your remote - no these are giant, room sized batteries that are used for on average 8 seconds, when power goes out and the power switches to a generator - we keep it going during the 8 seconds of the switch over so to everyone it is a seamless transition (for things like 911, cell towers, etc).


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