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The Good News & The Bad News

Dr. Weisman called. Biopsy results are back already. The mass she removed was a type of cancer, but with it gone, goes any worry about that type of cancer coming back. It's nice news, but...

Sadly, the biopsy of Bob's lymph nodes shows that Bob has Lymphoma. I guess it's common in cats that are FIV+. How I hate my Mother for not getting him neutered when she could have. This never would have happened. Now I have to face taking Bob to an oncologist and chemotherapy. Lymphoma, I am told, has an 80% remission rate. It might give Bob a year or two, or...well, we don't know.

Holiday Bob_sm.jpg
©2010 Robin A.F. Olson. Bob under the half built Christmas tree. He can't wait to celebrate what may be his last holiday with us.

Merry heart is broken.


Oh, we are so very sorry to hear this. We do hope he gets better, and that you will be able to get him the treatment, if that is what you decide.

Purring very hard for you...purr energy is very strong...

My heart goes out to you and dear Bob. I had a little cat named Bubba who developed Lymphoma at the age of 11; he also had hyperthyroid disease and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. I elected to have him treated with oral medications, holistic treatments and palliative care. Each situation is different so I cannot advise you but I am sure you will choose the best path for this sweet cat. Whatever direction you take with Bob's treatment, I will be keeping him and you in my prayers.

I wish you and Bob strength during the next part of doing the best for him. He is blessed to have you as his human.

All is not lost, nor is it wildly expensive. He's in relatively good health and in good spirits, and lymphoma has many options. I've seen brief remissions and years-long remissions, even in older cats. Enjoy your holiday and let it give you strength to go on. Our best wishes are with you!

Oh, Robin, I'm so sorry. *sniffle* I too wish you both the strength to go through whatever his next chapter will be, with an open heart and the ability to take joy in every moment you two have left together.

I was just about to comment on your post about Bob being home when this one popped up. I am so glad he is home but so sorry for the news. It is bad, but could be much worse. And he could have gotten it even if he was neutered, stayed inside and was not FIV+ our boy Floyd got it and he was a well cared for, neutered, indoor cat. It is good you feed them grain free - I have read grain can feed the lymphoma to make it do its nasty business faster - I switched the cats to grain free when we found out Floyd had it. We didn't do the most extensive chemo but did have him on meds and they did seem to help a lot. We lost Floyd after 8 months but he had additional things going on that probably contributed to it being so short - his prognosis was 6 months to 2 years even with the most extensive chemo. And let me tell you, it was far to short a time for us but during that time other than the weight loss (the fact he hated the grain free food didn't help that part - we did end up going back to what he liked, just so he would eat something) he was a perfectly happy cat and I was able to try and enjoy the time I had with him. I would say that yes, be sad for a little bit, but then take the time to really enjoy the time you have with Bob. Love on him as much as possible and take lots of photos. And some good advice I got was to write everything you remember about him - from now, from before and that way you will have it when he does have to go - which hopefully will be a long while off. I know you will do everything you can to make sure that Bob has a happy love filled time for however long he has left - he is very lucky to have you!

Oh, and since I commented here instead of on the last post, let me add two things - first I think the dog crate/pen idea was brilliant and second I have to say that considering the major surgery he had, Bob looks amazingly good. Oh, and if he starts to lick the incision but you don't want to cone him, try a shirt - I used one when I had to keep Kirzon from pulling fur out due to an allergy, and it worked great and was less objectionable then a cone.

Sending you lots of hugs and tons of purrs and prayers for Bob!

Sending good thoughts for you and Bob. Get the treatment that will be right for him , which in turn will give him a good quality of life.

I was happy to hear about Bob coming home but sad when I saw this post. For all the years and all the tears you two have been through you deserve much much better news than what you got and I am very sorry & sad for you.
I hope he heals quickly from his surgery and you are able to have him close. I will keep my fingers crossed for you all (and prayers too of course).

Oh no......But you have to do what you think is best and for him. Our prayers and thoughts are with you. Prayers and purrs to Bob and to you and your family.....

I am so sorry for your news, Robin. Lymphoma is not an easy road, but you will at least have more time with Bob than you thought you would. I think that is much better than losing him suddenly on the operating table. I was so worried about that for you and Bob, and so glad it didn't happen. You have time to get used to the idea that he won't be around forever (because we all want to believe that for our cats), and to love him as much as possible.

Our cat Charlie was not FIV+ and was neutered at a young age, like Amy's cat, and still came down with intestinal lymphoma. He had IBD, and was hyperthyroid before we took him to Radiocat. Because of the IBD, we fed him grain free food of the highest quality for most of his life, so that he could keep it down. When his IBD turned to intestinal lymphoma (which the doctor told me was rare, but it happens), we opted for chemotherapy. In our case, it was leukeran, a human drug given as a pill by mouth. I had to wear gloves to administer it, but Charlie accepted it reasonably well, in addition to the other drugs we gave him. The leukeran was inexpensive and came from CVS, so if you opt for chemotherapy for Bob, I hope you'll be as blessed with that type of situation.

Charlie was about 12 1/2 when the leukeran no longer worked, and he got very weak. It was hard to say goodbye, but my husband and I, like you and Sam, have the peace of knowing that we did, and you are doing, everything you reasonably can to give your cat the best life possible. Bob knows that, and he will fight to spend the longest time possible with you. We are cheering both of you on for a good long period of remission.

For right now, enjoy your Christmas with him -- Bob is home under your tree instead of at the vet hospital, and he seems to be doing amazingly well considering the type of surgery he had! That in itself is awesome. Give him lots of hugs and pets from all of us, your readers. You will continue to be in our thoughts and prayers.

I was so sorry to hear about Bob's diagnosis. As you know, I was there with my sweet Pepper, so my heart aches for you and sweet Bob. It's obvious that despite being FIV+ that little man is a fighter and will give you all he has to give. You are a FANTASTIC mom and DO NOT second guess yourself about anything that has happened in the past. Just love each other as much as you can every day!

Oy, sweetie - I'm sure you've googled until your eyes pop out - but it IS a) common, and b) Cats tolerate chemo MUCH better than people do.

For whatever that's worth.


Everyone above has expressed my same sentiments, I don't know what else to say other than that I know you will do whatever is needed to keep and make Bob as comfortable and healthy as possible for however long, and that Bob will get all the lovings to make his continued journey as easy as possible. Bob and you are in my prayers and heart. May God bless you both.

Hello Robin, I am so sorry to hear of Bob's lymphoma but please don't blame your Mom. My Aaron was a well loved, neutered at 6 months, indoor only cat who developed lymphoma and died at 10 years of age (his sister Emily is going strong at 16). First of all enjoy this holiday with Bob, give him treats, help him recover and get strong and know how much he is loved. After the Christmas rush meet with an oncologist. The big question is Bob's quality of life - will chemo give him QUALITY time or should you concentrate on comfort. And know that you and Bob have many friends here who will send you loving and good thoughts no matter what.

We are so sorry to hear that about Bob. It is just so sad. We are sending tons of purrs and woofies. Also we want to send you a huge hug Robin cause we know you are so sad. Just try to take everything day by day. We are so sorry.

Poor Bob. I will pray for him from here, in my hospital bed.

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