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Foster Cat Journal: My Last Hope

I spoke with my Director and she supports me moving forward however I see fit. The problem for me is that I have to do this and of course I do. I can't ask others to do something difficult for me or on my behalf. I made this poor choice and I have one last shot at finding a way to convince these adopters to give Donner and Dancer back to me so I can re-home them.

Donner with Collar.jpg
©2010 Ryan C. Feminella

This photo was taken on Friday. It's the only photo I have of Donner's face. She looks so sad. I hate seeing her wear a collar. In another photo I can see her food bowls right next to her litter pan!!!!! Not good.

My only hope is that I can find the right words to say that do not insult this family, but help them understand that I made a mistake placing the cats with them and that in the cats best interest, they should be returned to me.

The one tiny thing that could help is that I noticed, it looks like Donner has ringworm on her head!!! Though these folks were not bothered by ringworm cropping up, this does give me a reason to contact them and hopefully reinforce that these cats NEED better care and Donner must get to the Vet, if nothing else.

Ear with ringworm.jpg

There's little else I can do. Legally, I can't force them to do anything. I won't lie to them. I have to just appeal to them and hope they will find a way to forgive me for causing them any distress and to understand that people make mistakes and maybe they will let me take the cats back? It's a long shot, but it's my last hope.

I will risk getting called all sorts of names, humiliate myself, whatever I have to do. Maybe it will work? I hope I find the perfect words to say to convince them. If I can't, I have to find a way to live with this.

I don't know how I will.


I'll be praying that it will work out. Sorry I can't do anything else. ^^;

You have my FULL support. If you need a cohort, please let me know (and I know that there are others who feel the same). I will help you in any way I can. If you need to call, best time is between 5 and 9 p.m. I firmly believe that others feel the same. Take strength from us, or use us as you need.

If these people want is what is best for the D & D they will understand and hand them back to you.
I think the ringworm is a perfect excuse to get them back. I wouldn't wait any longer, as the sooner you
talk to them the easier it will be and the ringworm reason will be more legit. Did you already drop the toys
and scratcher off? I so respect your concern and caring for these little kittens. You are the guardian angel to
all kitties! Hang in there. Stay strong. Believe in yourself and your instincts. I can't imagine that if you are
your normal kind and caring self that they will get upset.

Big Hugs!

Keep us posted...I hope you can get them back!!

I probably made my Harry's rescue group shudder as I asked for a cat "that thought it was a dog". What I learned about cats I learned from Harry. What role does this family's human children play in taking care of the kittens? Will their hearts be broken if the kittens aren't there one day? Not that I don't want you to do what's best for the kittens, I'm still hoping that the family just needs an education in cat care.

Just tell them the original owner found out where they are and wants them back, perhaps?

You don't know me, but myself and my three furkids - Angel, Eva, and Lola - are totally purring for you and the kittens.

What a tough situation. I agree with you, though, Robin. These babies deserve the best. I would just maybe only say that perhaps these folks don't know any better? Maybe they think that's enough for cats and they don't know they need toys and time and love...

I'm not saying you're wrong. Just putting that out there, too. Not that I think they would totally change if you offered suggestions, but it's something to think about.

That said, good luck getting those babies!!! Santa is proud of you. :)

If it's sitting with you this long, then YES. You need to act.

Totally chalk it up to the ring worm, and the need for vet care, and heck, if you have to lie: "My vet said they need to go back to quarantine for a spell"


I agree, the ringworm makes a good excuse. Who thought that stuff could have a plus side?

I think asking for Donner and Dancer back is the right thing to do. One piece of advice that will hopefully help: if you state your case in a way that seems like you are trying to help the adopters, they may be more willing to let go. You could reiterate that they are special needs cats, you can already see that they are developing ringworm, and you foresee many years of special care and expense. Had you known that Donner and Dancer needed so much care you wouldn't have let them go to anyone, except maybe to someone with specialized veterinary experience. I hope this helps. But no matter what the results, you are trying you best for these kitties so that's what matters. I believe the outcome is in God's hands and that God knows you are doing your best, which is all and the best thing you can do. Good luck!

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