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A Few of My Favorite Things


horses, cats, and I have to admit, I love infectious diseases

Movies and Television

dollhouse, leverage, law and order ci, DEXTER! but sadly almost all is watched via Tivo

Yes, I Read, Too!

Harry Potter (all of them!), historical mysteries, Kushiel's Dart ;)

The Sound of Music

it's hard to find a genre that I don't like, but deep down am a rock and roll girl

About My Cats

My Cats

Harry (AKA HRH Harry K-B the First) who wanted to be an only child but instead must put up with SiriusXM Brach his quite annoying younger foster brother who beats the snot out of him nightly :( Both are rescue kitties, Harry being of unknown age, just "senior citizen" and Sirius is 3, having been selected by him from the other kittens at the
blooming grove ny humane society. He knew a sucker when he saw one.

Personal Info

Blogs, Web Sites and More

livejournal, but too tired to update as often as I should- under the name blackunicorn_gh

Working Life

Industry You Work In
More About What I Do
I am an infectious diaseases doctor here in South Florida, working my tushy off so my cats can have very expensive prescription diet cat food and cardiac echoes as needed (Harry is fine, no symptoms just a murmur thank you :) )


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