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The Best Seat in the House is On Me, So to Speak.

robin and blitz.jpg

If anyone wants to know why my back hurts and I can't get my work done, here's one of my many excuses. (see above)

Yes, this is me, in my office and behind me is BLITZEN, where he's decided he would rather sit even though there are SIX cat beds and a big windowsill in my TINY OFFICE for him to enjoy! No. He needs to perch on the back of my chair and lean on me.


What did you expect? He's a cat.

;) Love it.

everything we do is for the comfort of our cats! it doesn't matter if it breaks our backs, makes our legs go to sleep or gives us major cramps in our feet! My favorite is waking up and having to go to the restroom and not dare wanting to disturb the big ball of fur wedged in between the legs or perched, snoring on our bellies!!!! LOL

Awwww, Robin! He loves you!!! <3<3

He looks very comfortable there.. but of course he doesn't care about how you feel. He's warm, comfortable, relaxed...
Sherlock sits by my feet, but now and then he pokes my foot with his nose. That would be ok, except his nose is veeeerrry cooooold!! Once I've peeled myself off the ceiling, all goes back to normal - until the next nose-prod!

How sweet. My little cat Target sleeps that way on me at night. It's furry comfortable :-)


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