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A Few of My Favorite Things


Our six beautiful, silly cats... computers (Linux)... building & running websites... the beautiful natural world God built for us to enjoy... and SLEEP. =)

Movies and Television

LOST, Greys, FlashForward, Joyce Meyer, Deadliest Catch, and just about everything on SPEED channel. =)

Yes, I Read, Too!

I read mostly non-fiction -- medical & marketing-related books. Love Joyce Meyer's books; my favoritest is "i dare you" and I am currently working on Battlefield of the Mind.

The Sound of Music

I love a little bit of everything -- even country. LOL

About My Cats

My Cats

Six cats in our household, 3 are mine & 3 are Mom's. They are ages 1 yr to nearly 16 yrs. Some are healthy, but most have something wrong with them... obesity, HCM, hyperthyroid, hypertension, irritable bowel/mystery allergies, etc. We are slowly making the big switch from kibble to raw. My IBD girl is on 100% raw (YAY!) and the year-old "kitten" gets a whole mouse every day. Sometimes 2/day if she's been REALLY good. LOL =) The 15 yr old, like any crotchety cranky old woman, won't touch that infernal raw stuff. Just turn on HER heating pad, on HER pillow on HER king size bed, feed her canned wet food exactly when SHE demands (at just the right temperature and with the proper lights on) and everything will be fine. :o)

Personal Info

Blogs, Web Sites and More ... and more being built as we speak! :)

Working Life

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More About What I Do
I own a small but fabulous web hosting company =) and have done remote technical work for data centers for 9 yrs. I am a geek. I build websites as a hobby; they are never perfect and therefore never finished! I am an "ideas person, " I have a million great ideas, but don't ask me to map out the 16 gazillion steps to bring them to life, and DEFINITELY don't ask me to bring them to life myself... you need to find someone else to make it happen! I am the Bright Ideas girl. Unless it has to do with servers. I can spin a Linux server on a dime and make it to backflips (figuratively, of course). =)


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