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Thank You for all the Helpful Suggestions

Thank you, everyone, for your helpful suggestions. I've done so much for Gracie, some times I forget what's gone on.

To answer some of your comments-

Gracie IS on a Bach Flower Essence combo and has been on it for a few months now.

Last night when I saw her injury, it looked BETTER than it had at the Vet's office. She also relaxed the second I put the first aid salve with Calendula (rec'd by my homeopathic Vet) on it. We had a very nice quiet snuggle last night and for the first time in a very long time, I opened up the foster room and let her hang out in there. She seemed to enjoy herself and was relaxed and purring (and drooling on me).

As for fostering, I need to keep doing it. I need to do it because it keeps a smile on my face when I battle depression every day and I need to do it because I can't face knowing all those kittens are being put down, when I have space in my house and know how to care for them...BUT Gracie's well being is very important-of course.

Also, I haven't had foster here since March and as it looks right now, I won't be getting any any time soon. I'm going to talk to my Vets about this. The theory for me is-if she was OK with them before, she should be OK with them again, but...that is a guess.

Lastly, I agree that with homeopathy, what is occurring now could be a GOOD sign and a sign that the worst of it is about to be over and the true healing can begin. I won't know this, of course, until a lot more time has passed and I can look back and either smack myself in the head for waiting to bring out the big guns (steroids) or jump for joy that this difficult time was just the harbinger of better ones yet to come and that I've finally found the answer to help Gracie recover.

...crossing fingers....time to go smooch Gracie.


This might help your cat Gracie by helping rid your home of the irritants that are plaguing her. That site sells UV wands that you use on the fabrics and surfaces in your household. It gives whatever fungus/bacteria/mites that exist there a shot of UV that can kill them. I've had cats who were really healthy while living as indoor/Outdoor cats get all kinds of skin problems when I forced them into an indoor only lifestyle.

I think it might be worth a shot...



Thanks for the feedback about the calendula salve. I am going to try to get some for when Bailey's skin gets so itchy. It comes & goes but it'd be nice to have something to calm it. =)

:) Karin

I'm wondering if the stress diagnosis is used in cats the way it has been in women's health. Women suffered from stress until endometriosis was defined. They've suffered from stress until biological markers for fibromyalgia were found. Medical intervention for humans or for animals is often as much art as science. And if a practitioner doesn't know what is causing a set of symptoms, it is too easy to invoke 'stress'.
The trouble with this is not just that the real causes aren't found and addressed, but also that we become guilty for not properly caring for ourselves, or for the family member who suffers the 'stress' symptoms.

My brother Harley had a severe case of eosinophilic granuloma complex. He got huge ulcerated lesions on his lips, swelling on his muzzle, linear granulomas on his thighs, and other symptoms. We tried everything our holistic vet suggested, and he actually had to have FIVE depo-medrol shots within about 6 months. We are very worried about future health risks from the depo, but we had no other choice with the ulcers so big and disfiguring. After trying everything, here is what worked for us:
1. High quality raw diet
2. switching to a dye and perfume free litter (we use feline pine)
3. after much trial and error, it seems that he reacts to fish and also brewer's yeast. Brewer's yeast is in many, many cat foods. Now, if he gets even a tiny bit, he starts gagging within about a minute or two. We read labels closely.
4. we have a supply of prednisone, and at the first sign of a mouth ulcer, he gets started on a short, tapering course of the steroid. He is so improved now though, that he only has an outbreak about every 6 months or so!

Hi! Just curious what homeopathic remedy you used for your Gracie (I have a Gracie too!). I use homeopathy and Bach flowers for all of our cats (and people!), and one has developed dermatitis over the last few weeks. I don't want to take her to the vet (and, like you, risk her being given steroids). Just wondering what worked for you. :) Thanks! All of your babies are absolutely adorable!

I would take your cat to a homeopathic vet if you can find one in your area. Gracie needed to be treated for her emotional state over her skin..once she was more relaxed her skin got better. She's on a raw diet and I avoid giving her fish-which makes it worse. Right now she's getting worse due to more stress on her so we're giving her some spirit essences to see if that will help. There really isn't a single homeopathic remedy that I know of because every cat is different. If you need help finding a homeopathic vet, let me know. info at

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