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Foster Cat Journal: Day One. The Tiny Miracles

Mama weighs just over five pounds. She's skin and bones on her young frame. The Vet determined she is between 9 months and 1 year old-the same age as Cara. I can't imagine a cat that young having SIX kittens, but it happens all the time. I feel sick about it. That poor creature, trying to survive in what was, up until recently, a truly heartless world.

She has an haunted quality to her expression that speaks volumes of what she has suffered. Though she is malnourished herself, she provides for her newborns as they struggle for access to the warm milk that sustains them.

Mama Sad.jpg
©2011 Bobby Stanford. Just rescued and on the way to the Vet. I wonder what this mama thinks will happen to her now?

Yesterday we prepared ourselves that this Mother would have to die based on what we heard from the shelter. She wasn't eating-for days. She was depressed, lethargic. What was wrong with her could have been the end of her.

Once she and her babies were in foster care, Mama began to EAT and eat well. It will take time for her to regain her strength as her hind end is red and swollen from many days of diarrhea. She has a small abscess on her tail that the Vet thinks is a self inflicted bite wound from giving birth. She may have been tugging at one of the kittens as they were being born and she bit her tail by accident. The wound is not bad and she really shouldn't have antibiotics just yet, so Maria will keep an eye on it and make sure it doesn't get infected.

©2011 Bobby Stanford.

Overall we were VERY LUCKY-SO FAR. Mama is in rather good shape, considering. They did a stool sample on her and it was negative for parasites. She had no fleas. Maybe she knew life in a home for a time, but they got rid of her a few days after she gave birth.

Lunch Rush.jpg
©2011 Bobby Stanford. Lunchtime rush is on.

Her kittens were in good shape, again, for now! Maria and I are both terrified of them coming down with the you-know-what-plague that seems to hit every cat that comes out of a shelter. It's wait and see. I find I am a bit reluctant to give them names-that said, should the worst happen, maybe they should have the dignity of having a name before they pass away? I hope it's not something we will meed to worry about. Right now, they're OK, getting fed and mostly sleeping in a big pile with each other-little orange puff balls.

Fragile lives.jpg
©2011 Maria S. Little orange puff balls.

I can't get over their orangey-goodness. I wish I could give them all kisses and welcome them to the world. Happy Belated Birthday to you my sweet babies!

©2011 Maria S. Squee!

Taking on seven new foster cats will require some funding. I'd like to start raising donations for them so we'll have it set aside when they need it-or in case of an emergency! I'm using a low cost S/N clinic, but even with that, everything that has to be done will be times seven cats.

If you can help this little pumpkin patch, your donation is tax deductible as all the money goes to my non-profit, 501(c)3 corporation, Kitten Associates. Any overages that we don't use for this family, will be used to provide food and vet care for the other cats in our program.

If you want to send a donation DIRECTLY through to PayPal, then we will get 100% of your donation IF you take the following steps:

1. Log in to YOUR PayPal Account

2. Select the tab: SEND MONEY (on the top of the page)

3. To:, Fill in Amount, then choose the PERSONAL tab below where you fill in the amount and select: THIS MONEY IS BEING SENT AS A: GIFT

4. Press "continue" to finish the payment transfer

Checks can be made out to: Kitten Associates. Please note: Bob's Angels on your check and mail to: P.O. Box 354, Newtown, CT 06470-0354

©2011 Maria S. Just a bag of bones today...but one day she will be plump and happy day soon.

And now for some FUN. We need names! I'm open to suggestions-I may not use the names you offer, but let's give it a shot. We need a name for Mama and we have FIVE BOYS AND ONE GIRL (we think) who need names, too. They should all have names in honor of Bob. Here are his names and nicknames: Robert J. Dole, Bob Dole, Baba-D, Bobbie Tinkleberry (hee hee). Post a comment here with your suggestions or visit our Facebook page and leave a comment there.

Basket of Babies.jpg
©2011 Maria S. Sweet dreams little ones. Grow big and strong!


They are absolutely six of the most beautiful kittens I have ever seen. Such a great group - and mom is a true treasure. Thank you for getting her out of the shelter!

OH Robin
They are all so adorable!
It is so easy to squee over babies, especially a group of all orange tabbies.
Yesterday we jested you should call Mama "Bobbie".
>^,,^ ♥Abby♥Boo♥Ping♥Jinx♥Grace♥

I'm so glad mama and babies are safe, and she is starting to eat well now. I like the name Bobbin!

I am glad that I could contribute a small part to the rescue of Bob's Pumkin Patch. I swear Mom Cat has a gleem in the eyes and a smile on her face in that last picture. Indeed, Maria can work miracles.

I´m really in love!!!!! If I live near of you, I adopt the babies or the mommy or all.... I lost my orange baby to renal insuficience last week.
Own!!!! Sending my purrs from Brazil!

One of the girls, either mom or baby, should be Libby Dole (Bob Dole's wife's name). And how about Barbara Ann (bob-bob-bob Barbara Ann). LOL

Is it just me or does one of the babies seem to be almost cinnamon colored?

They're just so adorable. And how unbelievable is that? An ALL ORANGE litter? And at least in the photos, they all look to be a really dark orange - BEAUTIFUL! Amazing!

Personally, I think all animals deserve the dignity of a name, even when facing an uncertain outcome. I always picture that for those babies that don't get to grow up and end up crossing the Rainbow Bridge far too young, having a name means something more. It means someone loved them enough, cared for them enough, and then took the time to name them, even knowing the outcome may be negative. THEY LOVED THEM BY NAME. But someday, when THAT person reaches the Bridge to be reunited with their loved ones, all those babies will be waiting for them! Imagine the huge party some people are going to have!

And I think having a name means something to the an animal - it's like they sense they've crossed some invisible and special line. And although we may not be aware of it, once we name something, we treat it differently. We're more emotionally vested, and I think the animals sense the subtle differences in our attitudes and behavior. We don't mean to be, but it's hardwired into our psyche - names have meaning. In fact, that's why I tend to use "people" names for my animals rather than traditional animal names - it humanizes the animal more. (Even in my name list below, if it isn't a human name, it's a diminutive that someone might use as a nickname for a loved one.)

So anyway, that's MY theory on the naming of fur babies!

On to name ideas. A few are silly, the rest are referential to Senator Bob Dole in some way. I stayed away from the "Bob" variations 'cause your Bob Dole was one of a kind, and those would be awfully big paws to fill.

Mancat names:
Julius (OK, I just couldn't resist an Orange Julius reference!)

Girly names:
Ananas - French for pineapple, because everytime I hear Bob Dole's name, I think of Dole Pineapples! (sounds like bananas)
Julie - feminine version for Julius - Orange Julie :-)

Zucca - Italian for pumpkin - it's just a cool sounding word :-)

Yesterday, while I was trying to send good energy her way, I was thinking of the mama as Marmie (you know, like the mother from Little Women -- kind of fitting for a tired, hungry mom with that many babies, and fitting given her marmalade colouring). But today for some reason, "Madeleine" keeps coming to mind.

The babies should definitely have Bob-ish names. I'm a fan of "B" and "D" sounds in cat names at the best of times. (My own sweet old man, who died in April, always ended up being called "Baby B", "Baba D", "Boo Dah", "Booboo", and similar variations.) You could always do a George Foreman and call them all "Bob". ;-)

they are beautiful! Orange cats have a special place in my heart, and always will! I like the name bobbypin. Also bobbysocks would be good if one of them has little white feet.

Let's go with traditional Swedish names because they're silly:

A few to choose from... Axel, Bo, Malin (girl), Björn, Gustav... heheheh...

... Roberta!

I was going to suggest that name for the Mama, but it could be for her daughter as well!

Smacks head for missing the obvious.

One of those girls must be called Robbin. MUST! MUST!! MUST!!!

The name meets the criteria. And for all you do, Robbin, it only seems right.

And for the boys...

Bobby O (for Olsen)
Robert F Kennedy (for partisan parity)
Jim Bob (because that gang of kittens reminded me of all those Walton kids back in the day)
Bob Dylan, Bob Seger, or Bob Marley (because every family should produce at least one musician)
Rupert (but not Murdoch, lol)

Oh, what a touching post. I pray Mama and babies do well. What an amazing recovery - the picture of her, all skin and bones just breaks your heart at the indecency of it all. I propose a toast to her recovery, so I have named her Mimosa in my head!

Mama - Roberta
Boy #1 Tinkleberry
Boy #2 Bitty (kinda sounds like B.D.)
Boy #3 Baba-D
Boy #4 Bobert
Boy #5 Jay (for Bob's middle name)
Girl: Bobbie

This little momma reminds me of my Scully when she cam into my home with her 5 babies. They all survived and got homes and Scully is now a fat and happy girl in my home! I am so sorry about the loss the kittens. Such tiny little angels leave so much heartbreak behind.

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