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Not Bob.

The other day I noticed that Bob looked dramatically thinner. It seemed to happen overnight. I know that Bob's a senior and seniors always seem to lose that padding in either side of their back, near their hips. I tried not to freak out. Bob is eating well and has some “spunk.” Even goes after Blitzen to play once in awhile. Since we're at the tail end (pardon the pun) of a rash of upper respiratory here, I thought I'd have Bob checked out. He's vomited a few times, but not often enough to concern me and his eyes seem a bit sunken.

This morning I took Bob and Petunia to visit Dr. Larry. I thought it would go fairly smoothly for Bob. He's been in pretty good shape for a senior with FIV+. Then Super-Deb weighed him. He's lost over ONE POUND since September.

Then Dr. Larry started to feel Bob's abdomen. He had an odd look on his face. My heart sank.

12.3.10 at vet_sm.jpg
©2010 Robin A.F. Olson. Bob, his usual calm self waiting for his X-ray results.

It wasn't that he felt a specific mass, but something didn't feel quite right so he had Super Deb take him to get X-rayed. Dr. Larry stepped out of the exam room. My heart started to pound in my chest. I had a flashback to 8 years ago when Dr. Larry was gone for a good 20 minutes, supposedly looking at x-rays of my cat, Squeegee. I think it took that long because he didn't want to tell me her cancer had spread to her lungs and that she only had a few months left to live.

xray 12.3.10_sm.jpg
©2010 Robin A.F. Olson. Bob's X-ray. The area in the center, left is the area of concern.

I love Bob so much. That he was my Mother's cat, makes him even more precious to me. He's the last reminder I have of her, though I have to add, she NEVER took Bob to the Vet. We used to fight about it. That's why Bob has FIV+ now. He was left outdoors during the day and he wasn't neutered until he was well into adulthood. I managed to bully my Mother into getting it done, but by then it was too late for Bob. I realize how ironic it is to have a cat that reminds me of fighting with my mother, but I'm more devoted to making sure Bob has the BEST Vet care because of how poorly he was treated in the past.

The x-rays showed something wasn't quite right. Dr. Larry talked about cancer or a benign liver tumor that is completely operable or something else...I started to cry. I didn't want to but I couldn't help it. I know Bob won't live forever. None of us will. But I want Bob to live forever. Is that too much to ask?

They pulled blood and I'll have results tomorrow. Bob's always had high liver values, called ALT, so it wouldn't be a surprise that there is something going on with his Liver. Super Deb just called me to let me know that they pulled some strings and a very well respected radiologist is going to be giving Bob an ultrasound on Tuesday-far sooner than I had hoped.

So now I wait and try not to freak out when I don't have all the information, but I can't help it. It's Bob.

Not Bob.



I'm crying for you and Bob, Robin. We are fighting intestinal cancer with our Lisa right now. All the Shady Hollow resients; feline, canine and human feel your pain and are praying for Bob.

Hope the sweet boy is okay.

To whom do I make out a check - Kitten Associates or Robin Olsen?

robin olson for now! Soon we will be changing that to KA!

It's not a lot but some - Merry Christmas!

My thoughts are with you and your boy.


You and Bob will be in my prayers. He has a lot of people pulling for him, which can make all the difference.

I'm sorry to hear that! Intestinal terrible. Hugs and love right back at you and all the residents of Shady Hollow!

Thank you for all the good wishes. I will let Bob know he has folks pulling for him!

I'm so sorry that Bob and you have to be dealing with this kind of stress & anxiety. I will keep you both in my prayers.

Oh, Robin, how sorry I am!!! We are sending the good thoughts and energy to you and Bob!!!

it must be the day for orange tom cats to be not doing well... he's in my thoughts..

Oh Robin! NO!
I know just exactly how you are feeling. Just went through this very same thing the past two weeks. Ultra sound showed cancerous mass in my beloved cat's pericardial sac. I had to put him down this past Monday. I held him and talked to him the whole time telling him what a good boy he was and how much love we had for each other. It happened so quickly. He just wouldn't eat. Vet trip. Blood work was okay. But more tests were needed as he wouldn't eat. I lost him just two weeks after I even knew he was sick. I'm happy he is not suffering but it is so hard for me here at home without him here. Everything here at the house and my home routine are different now. I miss him so much and I am heartbroken. I will be praying for you and Bob. I will be praying that it will be something the vet will be able to do something about to give you and Bob more good times together. You and Bob will be in my prayers. Stay strong and believe me I know that is hard to do right now! Be sure to give him all the loving you can possibly give him right now for his sake as well as yours.

Crossing paws at our house.

Crossing paws at our house.

Sending healing vibes from Bucks County to Bob and That Nice Robin Lady. And hugs. Lots of hugs.

For Bob. And you and Sam.
Hugs and headbutts from B'more

Oh Robin, I so understand how you feel. You and Bob are in my thoughts.

I will keep Bob in my prayers. :( *hugs* I have a big Orange FIV+ kitty too. I worry about him as well.

Robin, I just finished reading an article about feline liver disease on the feline instincts website. The author used several herbs/supplements to help her cat fight the disease. Hopefully the information can help Bob? Sydney & I are crossing our paws..


sending (((Hugs)))

Oh this is just awful that Bob might have something going on - but maybe, just maybe it won't be too awful. We are sending over tons of purrs and prayers for him and you too. I know what you mean about wanting them to stay forever - I tell my cats that they are not allowed to leave every day.

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