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A Few of My Favorite Things


Cats of course. Reading. Cities. Local food.

Movies and Television

Mad Men. Project Runway. Sixteen Candles. Sunset Boulevard.

Yes, I Read, Too!

Jane Austen. Micheal Chabon. Janet Fitch.

The Sound of Music

Rufus Wainwright. Ben Kweller. Echo and the Bunnymen.

About My Cats

My Cats

Marky--Cute and bad. Found on a trash can. Large and orange. Just as likely to snuggle as to swipe. 3 years old, 17 pounds.

Maxi--A lovely old lady. Regal and serene. Would like to be carried in a Baby Bjorn at all times--not that I do this.

These cats are sworn mortal enemies, so I have a gate a the top of the stairs. Its like the Palestinians and the Israelis.

Personal Info

Eiizabeth Wilcox
Blogs, Web Sites and More

No, just facebook.

Working Life

Industry You Work In
You Forgot to List What I Do!
More About What I Do
I work to bring home the cat food. Not really important.


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