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Will You Be Our Valentine?

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After MONTHS of Vet visits, mounds of medications and lots of hope, sprinkled with tears and love, “Santa's Team” is finally recovering from their horrendous URI's, eye infections and ringworm. Hopefully, very soon they'll be ready to move forward with the next chapter of their lives.

In honor of Valentine's Day and the loving support you've given to me and the kitties during this tough time, I ask you to considering giving a donation to help us pay their HUGE Vet bill.

While we're looking at well over $1500 in care and medications, I'm not going to ask for a lot from each of you. I know times are tough and there are so many others who need help, too.

All I ask is to donate the cost of a box of chocolates, about $10 (or more if you can) to our Angel Fund or our General Donation Fund. 100 percent of your donation goes straight to helping the animals in our Program. Your donation is also tax deductible (as the law allows), as The Animal Center is a registered non-profit 501(c)(3).

And on a personal note, I want to let you all know how very much I appreciate and am humbled by your friendship, your compassion to help homeless and injured animals and your willingness to share your life story with me, as I share mine with you.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Robin, your cat hair covered hostess


Just sent in my $10.
Happy Kitty Love Day to Cupid & all those gorgeous kittens!

I'm in.

Thanks, SunnysMom and Anne! I appreciate your help very much!!!!!

Happy Valentine's Day to you both!

What a great idea. We've been married far too long to have to celebrate V-day. This is a much better use of funds. Thanks for taking such good care of the kitties. ?

I LOVE chocolates but love kitties more! Just donated - great job Robin!

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