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Why We Do Early Spay/Neuter

YIKES copy.jpg

I like the way their eyes reflect on the floor! Yikes!

Looks like Zombie-Kitten changed tactics from brain-eating to humping!

No worries. No spermies were released during the shooting of this photo.


Back in the mid 80's I had two kittens, a brother and a sister: Sherman and Zoe.
Needless to say, as I waited for the right age to get them fixed....Sherman got Zoe preggers.
Yikes. I was horrified. But she delivered 4 healthy kittens. I learned my lesson. Hooray for early spay/neuter!

I love the guilty look he's giving you, like a teen who didn't think the parents would be home quite so soon!

I'm with acninee. Definitely, the startled perpetrator! I've had several neutered males over the years who would "engage" if they could.

Like Sunny's Mom, I also applaud early spay/neuter. Sadly, pregnancy happened on my watch once, years ago. Back then 8-9 mos was the recommended age for spay/neuter. And my dad was living with me... against my wishes, he let my cats out during the day when I wasn't home. (He said keeping them inside was "against nature" ... we won't go into parents refusing to respect their adult children's wishes in said child's own home.)

Took my kitten in for her spay and the vet said she was with kittens, at just shy of 8 months. "What???!" I said, "I know what a cat going into heat looks like and she showed no signs!" Seems our sweet little hussy just went out and took care of business without fanfare. *sigh* She was spayed two months after the birth and, needless to say, I insisted on spaying and neutering her kittens much earlier.

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