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So...yeah...Start a Cat Rescue Group, Slowly & with Lots of Planning...or Not.

So the little cow kittens will be here in about 3 weeks. I guess they'll have some company. It's not my fault. Betsy should not have sent me photos from kittens that were brought in to Henry County on Friday night, just after our cow kitties were rescued!

She sent me this:

AC 7.16.10 027.jpg
©201 All photos courtesy Betsy Merchant, Henry County Care & Control.

and this:

AC 7.16.10 030.jpg

and this:

AC 7.16.10 034.jpg

and this:

AC 7.16.10 032.jpg

I also found out that the cow babies and their mama missed being euthanized by a few hours! A lot of babies died that day. Now these guys will have a few days, then their time is up, too. I know I can't save them all (yet!!!)

I asked Maria if there was any way to fit 4 more foster kittens into their own space in her house. She said, YES.

I asked Bobby if he could go to Henry and pick up the kittens on Monday and get them to the Vet.

He said: “Yes.”

Betsy asked me if I would rescue them.

I thought about it. 6 foster cats is a lot to care for and a lot of cats to be stuck with if they don't get adopted. These guys are so cute I think they'll get adopted quickly, but as with any rescue, just the basic costs to get them all spayed/neutered and rabies is $50/cat if I go to the low cost clinic. I also have to have them all vetted before they go into foster care, combo tested for FIV/Feluk, de-flead, de-wormed, and FRVCP shots.

Doing this is not cheap. And God forbid any of the cats get sick and we know they probably will, then it could go into the thousands.

So, when time came to decide on if I should rescue these cats or not...well, you know what I said.

AC 7.16.10 029 rez.jpg


AC 7.16.10 036 rez.jpg


I've paid for their initial vetting this afternoon. For the first time in my life, I'm going to ask for some help. I've got the first vetting on my dime, but now I'd like help paying for the cats to be S/N. I've cut my goal down as much as I can.

I don't have my Non-Profit status, so you can't write any donation off, but you CAN feel good knowing the money goes to the kittens. You can visit H.O.P.E's Website and see their costs listed there, so you know the costs are legit. I'm only asking for money to help get them S/N and rabies shot and a little extra in case I need a booster FVRCP. I've got their food, litter, any other vetting covered (if it's not astronomic). If you'd like to ChipIn a few dollars, that would be great. I promise to work on getting my Non-Profit so you can write the next donation off!

Yes, I'm doing this bass-ackwards. I should have a few big benefactors, but I don't have time to find them. These cats would be dead, so I just did what I needed to do.

Now I hope you'll join me and be an important part of this rescue! Run to your sofa and dig around for some spare change! Every dollar helps! I know you get bombarded by requests for donations, so I'm going to try to keep my request to a minimum

Thank you for your help and to everyone for all their supportive messages and good wishes. I hope to make you all proud of me and rescue more kitties in the coming days!


This is great! Those kitties are so lucky to have you...if i could take in that many, i certainly would...and MORE!!!

These are the other 4 cuties on the Nine Lives Express?? Well, don't be surprised if one or two disappear along the way.

OH, you say, what is that wriggling in your shirt, Izzy?

Oh that? New implants. Really. Ignore the mewing. It's nothing. Honest. :P

There is WAY to much fuzzy cuteness in this post. How can you stand it?

OOOOMG!! they are so cute! I love the one with the blue eyes. If i didn't have a cat already I would've gladly adopted that little guy....

I am so THRILLED to see ALL these kitties (from this post and the other) moved from their Petfinder profiles, and URGENT email posts, to SAFE HAVEN!!! You are WONDERFUL.... XOXO- and XOXO to those little faces when they get there!

So wonderful to have another cat rescue out there!! You have my support and I'll spread the word so more people can help!!

I have been following your site for almost a year now and this is the first time I'm commenting. I think you starting your own rescue is awesome!! I foster parent now and again here in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Here I found that the local college (LSU) through their veterinarian students program, offers a service for strays/ferals to get neutered/spayed and initial shots for free (dogs too). And also there are a couple of organizations that provide free traps to capture ferals and have them spayed/neutered. ( and respectively) It is a fantastic and amazing program that is so awesome for them to provide for our community. Perhaps you might have something similar in CT?

Thank you, Tiny! I'll look into that. Saving money is really important right now! I know I can get traps and such and we do have a low cost S/N facility, but you can't be FREE!

Thank you for following my nutty adventures! Glad to have you with us!

Awwwwwww!!!!! Thanks so much for being a Cat Rescuer!! We know you will be a wonderful one and we will keep in touch!!
((((((((HUGGGGGS))))))))) from your TX furiends,

I wish you lots of luck with your new Cat Rescue! Hope you don't have any big problems and it all goes smoothly.
Glad to see you've raised a good bit already, towards the costs for these kittens. How can they be sooooo cute?

Great work! I'm writing to invite you and your readers who have adopted cats to send in their cat rescue stories for our upcoming book, "Lost Souls: Found! Inspiring Stories About Cats." It's part of a series of books that raises awareness of and funding for animal rescue organizations. Story submission guidelines are on our website at Having one of your stories published is a great way to honor the love and joy your cats have brought to your life and encourage others to adopt. There's no charge, and it's fun!

i hope i win the lottery tomorrow night so i can start my own animal rescue and help fund yours.

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