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Snuggle Sunday

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The kittens are doing well at “Auntie” Maria's home. They're all enjoying their freedom, relaxing, having a full belly and playing with lots of toys. They're just approaching their 6th week birthday! Only two more weeks until they arrive. I can't wait!

Moonpie and Pattycake are doing well, along with their Mama. She was spayed a few days ago and her recovery went smoothly. She's feeling well and is almost ready to leave to meet her new mama in South Carolina.

For these seven kitties, life is looking good!

In honor of it being Sunday, I hope you all get a chance to snuggle up with your babies today, give them extra love and take some time to relax!


Those pics are so sweet! As I type this, I am squeezed into one corner of the couch(my official end) and my big boy Benny is squeezed up to me soooo tight....if he were any closer, he'd be in my pocket! LOL I'd say we are having a good snuggle, if I can just get Lenny over here....! So glad the kitties will be home soon, look forward to more pics of them

sugar pie~

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