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Rant about My Own Vet.

What the HECK?!

I took Gracie to the Vet today to have her teeth cleaned. She's got an irritated area on her gums and looks like one of her teeth is going to be pulled. Gracie was a champ about being shoved into the cat carrier against her will. Granted I offered her some time with "the brush" in trade for allowing me to scoop her up and drop her into her carrier.

Gracie is such a brush-whore. She'll do anything if I brush her first.

Oh yeah, the rant...

So I get to my Vet's office and one of the nice ladies that works there was talking to me about how she only has one cat and she feeds her 1/8 cup of DRY food a day and the cat is still fat. This is at my VET's OFFICE!

Where my VET WORKS...

...where my vet and his staff are supposed to KNOW about good nutrition! Here is this poor woman who wants to do the best for her cat and didn't even KNOW about the benefits of getting her cat off grain.

I spent about 20 minutes going over the benefits and the types of results I've seen over the time I've been feeding my cats either a RAW, or at least, grain free canned diet. It chaps my ass that I see bags of "Prescription" diets in my Vet's office and I keep wanting to work up the nerve to talk to him about it. He's basically pushing crap on his clients and he's SO BUSY with work, why does he need more money? I need to get to the bottom of this.

Meanwhile, when I went back to pick Gracie up, sans a tooth, I left a few cans of cat food for the nice lady, in hopes she will start feeding an improved diet to her cat. I think it's my goal in life to turn everyone around to making this change. The pet food companies are starting to see the value in pulling grain. My fear is what they are going to do to make it cheaper so they can still make the bucks. Use cheaper cuts of meat? More bones, less muscle meat? What?

I shudder to think.


Talk to me about good food for my boys. Where do i get it, do you have a favorite? Is it expensive? I would appreciate any help you give me. I try not to give them food with a lot of fat, it is difficult, the food my Vet tells me to get they don't like and won't eat. HELP. Thanks in advance.

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