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The Purrfect Idea! Cat Cafe!


I LOVE the Japanese culture and I really LOVE how much they LOVE their cats. I have a small stash of books I've bought from (yes, JAPAN). I have NO IDEA what they say because I can't read Japanese, but there are so many great photos, it doesn't matter! Maybe some day I'll go to Japan, but with my fear of flying and lack of funds, that doesn't seem like something that will happen any time soon.

Apparently, Japanese landlords are douches. Most don't allow pets, so Norimmasa Hanada decided to change things. She opened Neko no mise (Shop of Cats) and the rest is history. Anyone lonely for the company of a cat or who is shy about meeting people, heads to Ms Hanada's shop. For a small fee, about $9/hr, her patrons PAY to sit in the cafe and pet and play with the cats. They can even buy food and treats for the cats for an extra charge!

You got that, right? They PAY to sit in the cafe with the cats. The "cover charge" pays for the cats Vet visits, food, litter, etc. and keeps out the folks from staying all DAY. Okay, we have shelters in this country that need people to come visit the cats-if not adopt them. Why not combine these two things together?


TOMOKAZU KOSUGA covered the story and it was picked up by (oo!) and translated into English-whew! To read the entire article, click HERE but keep in mind that this web site is more “adult” in nature, but not really bad at all. I'd rate it at a PG level if that's of concern.


Now, I just LOVE this idea, but am wondering if it could be done in the USA? What are the regulations regarding having cats in a shop that might serve coffee and tea? I'm thinking Covered in Cat Hair Cafe, coming to your town, soon! Who wants to bankroll me?

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I have 4 of my own cats (silly husband thinks they are also his bahahaha but I digress) but I would pay to go to a cafe where I could socialize with cats. I wonder if there is a way to do something like this in the USA to help the thousands of cats waiting to be adopted from our shelters, rescues and animal controls.

I've read about these before and think they are a really neat idea, but I can't see it taking off as a profitable or even just breaking even business. So many people in the US already own cats and theres shelters that you can volunteer at to just socialize cats. I think people would like the idea of hanging out with cats in a nice cafe type environment but I dont see them paying money just to sit with them. Too bad though

A coffee shop with kitties! I just don't know what the health department would say....
Even though we all eat and drink with out kitties around all the time. We would just
have to keep out the pregnant women.

I'd be there every freakin' day! I wish we had those around the corner from my office -- what a purrfect lunch hour that would be. And for only $9?!? Worth every penny. :)

Although I have no money - but I'd come work there! :)

Those who say "there are many shelters" just have never seen a cat shit (sorry) and an UNSOCIALIZED cat.
Going to socialize a cat is to have yourself scratched all over, and I keep silent about cleaning the litter. Yes, I have my own 4 cats, some not too socialized...
So, cat shelter is nothing like a cosy room with cat playing around, it´s more like cleaning a cat toilet... not to mention, that it is incompatible with cafe and compatible with all sorts of diseases.

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