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Product Review: PawsOFF™ Protective Bed Cover

Being covered in cat hair, is not always a goal in my home. It can be an annoying price to pay living with eight cats. When I was asked to test drive the PawsOFF™ Protective Bed Cover, I jumped at the chance. I asked for two samples; one for me and one for my co-hort in crime, Jennifer, who also has a few issues with cat hair, as well.

The cover comes in a few different colors, supposedly to match any decor. That is true, unless you're like me and have bright orange or lime green sheets. In truth, they are wise to use “sand,” “chocolate,” and “charcoal” for the color choices since it will hide the fact that you have day-glo colored sheets, anyway. PawsOFF comes in sizes ranging from twin to king.

©2010 Robin A.F. Olson. Spencer enjoying some quiet-shedding-time on the new protective bed cover.

Once I got over the fact that I would never see my sheets again, I found that the cover was very well made, with sturdy elastic straps that, if you aren't lazy, as I am, you can easily slip under the mattress, giving the cover a relatively snug fit. The bed looked lumpy, but heck it was COVERED. Maybe I wouldn't have to see a mass of cat hair at the end of the bed-the favorite napping location of most of the cats.

The cover is soft and appears to be durable. Jennifer has a CH Cat, named Lilly Grace who is actually fed on her bed. Since Lilly Grace cannot walk easily, she usually claws her way across the bed. Good luck to keeping nice looking linens with a cat clawing at them every day.

lilly grace.jpg
©2010 Jennifer Jasensky. Lilly Grace and friend on their PawsOFF Protective Bed Cover.

Here's more about Jennifer's experience:

It's easy to clean off Lilly Grace's canned food crumbs, the stuff that dries up and becomes part of the bedding after a while, I was never able to get that off the old bedspread without pulling hard or just running it through the washer. With the cover, the food can be wiped off even if it dries, wet - the food comes off easy. With CH, Lilly Grace bobs her head to get food so often the food flies a few feet away from her.

It does not seem to hold onto cat hair the way my bedspread does. I can easily wipe my hand over and remove the fur.

No one vomitted, so I can't say anything about that, but it does seem like it would definitely keep fluid away from the bed since it keeps canned cat food that is watered down for Lilly Grace from seeping through.

It's a lot softer than I thought it would be. I pictured something itchy for some reason, but it's nice to lie on and watch tv with the kitties.

For myself, I admit to being somewhat skeptical that this was a necessary item. Why couldn't I just buy a cheap bedspread that I use to cover my bed, instead? Also, I just wonder if it's a good idea to cover the bed, when the linens really should be aired out during the day, right? That said, if you have a slobbering dog or it's spring and the cats are shedding, who cares if the bed is aired out?

The bottom line for me: I'm too lazy to make my bed and use the elastic bands to hold down the PawsOFF Protective Bed Cover, BUT, I still have the cover on my bed. I just use it to cover the bottom half of the bed, so my colorful pillows and sheets can still be seen. I have a sand colored cover and it's so neutral it goes with anything-though I do wish there were some colorful options.

Blitze and Spencer.jpg
©2010 Robin A.F. Olson. Spencer and Blitzen like the feel of the soft cover.

The last test I WOULD NOT DO is to find out of cat urine would seep through the cover. That would be the BIG reason to buy this cover. Twice, one of my cats has peed on the bed. If I could be certain this cover would protect that from happening, I wouldn't hesitate to tell the world to buy them for that sole purpose. Since I can't know that, I can simply say it does exactly as advertised. It keeps the fur off the bed as long as when you move the cover to get into the bed, you keep the fur side UP. One of the cats made a slight “stain of mysterious origin” and it kept it off my sheets and was easy to clean up and lastly...

When you get into the bed, the cats are still going to climb onto it, so you should keep the cover on..but it can be a bit warm. I just move it to the end of the bed in the worse fur “zone” so I don't get too hot.

LiveWell Pet Products is based in Vancouver, B.C. Canada. For the next week, use the coupon code CCH10 to save $10.00 off (a VERY GOOD DEAL!) your order of a PawsOFF™ Protective Bed Cover. This offer is exclusive to Covered in Cat Hair readers (you lucky guys!).

PLEASE NOTE: Jennifer and I test drove the covers for a few MONTHS. We were not paid for our review, but we did receive a free cover. This is only our opinion of this product, your results may vary, along with your opinion of the product. There, the FTC can be happy with me now-full disclosure! This review also is not an endorsement.


So I decided to take a look at it, before I made a comment, because I wasn't really getting it 100% - for some reason in my mind I was not figuring out why it would go on top of everything (It has been a long week so my brain is fried I think) but now I get it. It sounds like it would be great for some things - but I wish it was waterproof. I couldn't find any info on the site about that. Lola started to pee on the bed because of the new kittens (she has her own room now - all the other cats are totally jealous) and if it was waterproof that would be awesome. Til I figured out what was up (it is stress, not anything medical - she was checked by the vet, and hasn't had any peeing problems now that she has her own room - heck, even if I try to give her time out with everyone she usually just goes right back in - even when the others arent' around) I actually used inexpensive shower curtains under an old blanket to protect the mattress, but this would have been cool (if it works of course). The one thing I do like is that it seems like a way to cover up the bed if you don't feel like making the bed, but have people coming over. I guess the rest of the things about it don't really bother me (I just de-fur before washing most stuff, and luckily my mattress is a tempurpedic, which tends to block out the nasty dust and bacteria more then a standard mattress). But still, being lazy, this does sound like a nice quick solution to making the bed up, on the rare occasions I would actually do it.

I just tried to use the coupon code and the site said the code is either expired or invalid. Hmmmm....

They might have to turn the coupon code on! Will advise as soon as I know. Got the code from the President of the Company so I know it's the right one. SOrry about that.

I've been looking for something like this. I have waterproof blankets but this sounds like a great layer on the bed... and with three seniors in the house, it's a must have.


...I will let you know what I find out as soon as I hear back from her! Hang in there!

I've never heard of this, but it looks pretty cool! I just have one shedder, but boy, does she shed.

I've had an ongoing problem over the years with cats peeing on beds and couches. Even a good waterproof mattress cover eventually seems to let some moisture come through, especially if the cat decided to pee near the edges. For the couch and loveseat I bought covers from Orvis that are supposedly waterproof. They do a pretty good job, but if the cat does a full-on squat and makes a puddle, some pee will seep through. They're better than nothing, believe me. One of my cats, Cleo, who practically lives on the bed will sometimes pee there because the CatGenie is busy or she doesn't feel well. In my search for a 100% waterproof blanket, I came across the Mambe Blanket Company ( I ordered a blanket and can attest to its waterproofness. I lay it on top of my comforter, but I top the Mambe blanket with a cotton throw that Cleo likes to mess up and claw on. The throw additionally provides another layer of absorption. The only things that I don't like about the Mambe blanket are: 1) one side is fleece and the other is a waterproof material that is a little slippery; 2) if you decide to leave the blanket on during sleeping, you might get too warm; 3) you have to shift it around and give it an extra spin cycle in the washer to make sure most of the water's out; and 4) it's expensive. But now when Cleo or whoever?? pees or vomits on the bed, I'm not all stressed out or angry to find that out when I get home at night. That is truly priceless.

Purchased two of these almost a decade ago. They are still like New. Use on a full size futon bed/sofa that my great danes use daily. Want to buy a couple more for my guest room beds but can't find where to purchase. Please Don't tell me this company is no longer in business. It's a great product and I need more!

I have one still and it's tough as nails. I just looked up the company a few weeks back and I think they ARE out of business. It's too bad because I wanted to do an update to sing their praises. :-(

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