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PRODUCT REVIEW & GIVEAWAY: Brawny Cat Sleeky Lounge XL

After careful consideration, from time to time I write product reviews. If you see it here, it's because, at LEAST I think it's worth you knowing about even if I have an issue with it and, at BEST, I think it's amazing and we should all have one, two or more of whatever it is I'm reviewing. I get NO reimbursement for writing these reviews, though to write a review I am supplied with the item, as I was in this case. This review is MY OPINION, ONLY. The result you experience using this product may differ.


I admit that I'm a sucker for cat furniture. I take great joy in seeing my cat relaxed on a cat bed or belly up on the top of a cat tree. In my book, you can never have enough comfortable places for your cat to sleep. If you add to that furniture that is made to be ripped into, yet is good looking and well built and you have my full attention.

All Loungers copy.jpg
One of three color choices of the Brawny Cat Sleeky Lounge XL.

Brawny Cat has a gorgeous product line of handcrafted cat scratch loungers they call their Scratch'n Slumber® Comfort Lounge. The Largest of them is the "Big Baby" Comfort Lounge. You may have seen this one featured on Animal Planet's "My Cat From Hell”, hosted by Jackson Galaxy.

I saw my first Comfort Lounge last year at BlogPaws in Salt Lake City. The model I saw is called the Big Sleeky Comfort Lounge. I was taken aback by the sheer SIZE of the piece and impressed with the gentle bolstered sides and handcrafted wood frame. I admit to lusting after the Lounge because most of my cats are over 10 pounds and physically big. As fate would have it, I WON the Lounge at the show and couldn't wait to get it home.

Corrugated R Olson.jpg
©2013 Robin A.F. Olson. Hand-burnished corrugated for a smooth surface feel.

The price point of $179.00 was more than my budget could handle even though it is worth the cost. In my heart I knew I would load up on these loungers if only the price was more friendly to my multi-cat home.

Catnip copy.jpg
©2013 Robin A.F. Olson. Very fragrant catnip. Yummy!

Brawny Cat must have been reading my mind because they've recently introduced a new lounger to their line-up of must have loungers—The Sleeky Lounge XL.

DOOD Scratching ALT R Olson.jpg
©2013 Robin A.F. Olson. the DOOD gets his scratch on.

The Sleeky Lounge XL is at a much lower price than it's cousins, but it doesn't sacrifice quality to save on costs. The XL's main difference is that it does not have the hand-crafted cedar frame. Instead, the unit is made entirely of laminated corrugated cardboard.

DOOD Posing R Olson.jpg
©2013 Robin A.F. Olson. the DOOD is a HUGE cat and he still has ample room to relax.

When I first lifted the XL out of the box I noticed how HEAVY it was. This is not a cheap scratcher trying to be a piece of furniture. This is furniture that can also be a scratching surface. The XL is not only much longer, at 26", than almost every other cat scratch lounge, it is extremely WIDE! - and at 16" from the front to the back of the XL, it goes way beyond the industry standards of 9 to 10.5".

Blitz and DOOD alt R Olson.jpg
©2013 Robin A.F. Olson. Seconds later, Blitzen “urges” the DOOD to give him a chance to enjoy the Sleeky Lounge XL.

I was very impressed. It was clear that the intention was to take the best of the more expensive loungers and rework it into a piece that was affordable, especially for multi-cat homes, and I think they did a great job.

Tail and Logo R Olson.jpg
©2013 Robin A.F. Olson.

The front and back sides of each lounger have a patina style graphic that comes in in one of three colors: Sleeky Lounge XL in Blue Patina, Sleeky Lounge XL in Lavender Blend and Sleeky Lounge XL in Royal Red. I think the colors will blend with most decor even if the cats don't care what is the color of their lounger.

Blitzen on the SleekyXL ROlson.jpg
©2013 Robin A.F. Olson. You can see Blitzen, at 11 pounds, has more than enough room.

My cats immediately scratched, stretched, laid upside down on the XL. They didn't need the catnip that comes with the lounger to be enticed to use it, but the catnip is VERY GOOD quality. It was fun to watch them rip into the lounger, then clearly enjoy themselves since they had PLENTY of room to roll around. Even my HUGE cat, the DOOD, fit comfortably.

Nicky and Bloopie R Olson.jpg
©2013 Robin A.F. Olson. Nicky wants a turn, but Blitzen isn't up for sharing.

After a week, my cats are still enjoying the XL. I would say the only not-so-glowing comment I can make is I need MORE Sleeky Lounge XLs! My cats are constantly knocking each other off the XL so they can have a "turn." With the retail price of $59.95 I could definitely add to the one I have…

…but starting today, Brawny Cat invites us to get rid of our old, inadequate scratcher/loungers and upgrade to the New Sleeky Lounge XL.
Check out Brawny Cat's "Out with the Old - In with the New" Spring Sale!
You can get your kitties their very own Sleeky Lounge XL for just $47.95.

Blitzen Scratchin R Olson.jpg
©2013 Robin A.F. Olson. Blitzen admires the smooth finish to the corrugated cardboard.

In conclusion, I find the Brawny Cat Sleekly Lounge XL to be very well built, with smooth, flowing bolsters that all my cats seem very comfortable using. They would probably give this a big paws up based on the way they fight over the XL. The built-in Comfy Back support is a smart addition and adds to my cat's comfort. I am very impressed with the density of the corrugated cardboard. It's tightly compressed and seems to be very long-lasting. If I wanted to encourage my cats to NOT rip up the furniture or the carpeting, I would make sure each cat had their own XL and I'd put it by a sunny window.

Gracie and Tunie R Olson.jpg
©2013 Robin A.F. Olson. Here's Graice (front) and Petunia (back)-even two cats can snuggle on the XL.

Pop over to Brawny Cat's web site to see more information about the Sleeky Lounge XL and to place your order soon. I don't know how long this offer will last!

NOTE: The only tough part about purchasing the XL is to figure out which color you want!


If you'd like to WIN a Brawny Cat Sleeky Lounge XL, simply leave a comment in this post to enter. Tell me what your cat is using for slumbering and scratching and why it needs to be upgraded to an XL. Make it funny, entertaining, creative.

Best entry as Judged by me, Robin Olson of Covered in Cat Hair, will win ONE SLEEKY LOUNGE XL in your choice of Royal Red, Lavender Blend or Blue Patina. You may only leave ONE comment for ONE CHANCE to win per person. This Giveaway ends TUESDAY, MARCH 19, 2013 at 11:11 PM EST and is open to residents of the USA, only (sorry guys!). Rules, quantities and whatever else I forgot are subject to change without notice.

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I have several cats, all rescues, and my couch is the main scratching point! We need one of these to change their naughty little feline minds!! They would adore one! Please pick me!! <3

The Crew uses me as a sleeper.. :) 

Ohhhhh, my kitties would love one of these!  They frequently sleep on their kitty condo, but with Basilisk at almost 12 pounds and Sunny at almost 15, I'm always afraid they will roll over and fall off.  Of course Sunny always picks the highest level to lay on...LOL.

I'll definitely need to buy 1 of these, but winning a 2nd one would mean they could both have one.  :-)

The Sleeky Lounge XL looks really pawsome !

To bad that I live in Sweden :(

My kitties usually have no problem finding a place to sleep of their OWN choosing ... the bed, the couch, the back of the couch, the window sill, top of the fridge, etc.  Just about anywhere except a regular "cat bed" - so I've pretty much given up on the front.  A place to scratch is somewhat of a different animal.  Although my kitties have their choice of scratching surfaces, horizontal & vertical, they all seem to get bored with them and resort back to the old standard, leg of the couch.  I've had some success in the large scratching pads that look like the surface of the sleeky lounge (if I move them around freguently) so I would be interested to see how they would "use" (or ignore) the sleeky lounge.  Your kitties certainly make great salesmen (& ladies).

I have four cats and they use where ever they feel like to slumber.  I have four cat scratching posts/trees that are pretty well worn now and I so appreciate my kitties use them instead of my furniture.  I am a single woman and I do a lot of pledging to rescue furbabies from euth, so affording a new cat lounger is last on my list. 

I love this - my 2 cats would go crazy for it.   Thank you for sharing this lounger with us!

I could really use one of these with 5 cats.

I Have 9 cats...All Rescued..

We could  use many Brawny beds...

They have blankets they sleep on now.

or my bed.or tree houses.

and use the tree houses to scratch on..

And occasionally the carpet ...which is a no, no!

I would love to win one...

and plan on purchasing a couple more...

I know they will love these beds!

I have a scratching box.  They all try and use

but have to take turns..

So I hope and Pray we win one of these,Great Beds!

Thank You,




I have a kitty that is over 14 lbs and not from overweight..he is large boned. He is elderly and having a hard time walking with one leg that was mangled when he was younger. This would be ideal for him to lay down on at nap time..which is most the day. (lol)  Right now he squeezes into a small chair and when he gets up, limps for a while getting the kinks out. I would love to have this for him to finish his final days in. Thank you for the chance at winning it.

My Lacey is dfefinitely a "Diva" as she claims whatever area she wants in our home.  She steals my husband's office chair so that he must sit on a stool (heaven forbid that our princess should be moved!)  She is the sweetest, most loveable fur creature ever created!  We are in our 60's and she is our "baby" and cannot imagine life without her.  She likes to have her head and back slightly supported when she sleeps, so the lounger would be perfect for her as it has sloped sides.  Please enter my Lacey into your contest for the wonderful lounger.  Thank you 

I am quite certain Mr. Pim is in dire need of this! He is a big big boy, a shelter kitty. He did not come with much in the way of social graces, but it is a work in progress. Bite inhibition is improving, but we cannot break him of using US as scratching posts! His social graces do not permit nail trimming unless we burrito him, which he HATES - so each and every day, sometimes many times a day - he perforates us! He stretches his full length, reaches right up - and gooses you with his nails! Long, hooked nails - imbedded, in my bottom! It is horrible, and he has even left bruises as the punctures heal! He does not discriminate, he does it to me, the hubby - and any unsuspecting visitor who happens across our threshold. He even got a police officer in the leg last week who stopped by! My legs need this bed, my husbands legs need this bed - Pim can scratch on it, curl up on it, and then scratch it some more. I am sure digging your nails into it would not be nearly as rewarding as digging them into soft human flesh, but I hope he would consider it a trade "up" due to it's luxurious style. I am sure he would prefer it in the red, much more royal looking - and attention drawing - hey mom! Look at me! See me? I am on the red Brawny Cat Sleeky Lounge XL! Over here, see mom?? I am handsome!


So Pim implores, my legs implore - and my heart implores - please pick Pim to win this.

Gut Z would love this. 

Rayne NEEDS one of these!  In purple, because it looks good next to her black fur!

She currently scratches on her cat tree, which is 6 years old and falling apart.  :(  She's down to the core at some places.  She gets very excited about scratching.  

As for sleeping, her favorite place to sleep is the place that will annoy my husband the most at the time.  Usually his pillow on the bed.  She likes to give herself a bath while she's there too.  ;)   She's a bed hog so I think she needs an XL place to hang out

Too many cats, not enough Brawny Cat products.

This is Vann in one of his favorite sleeping spots (a cat scratcher):

Notice the perfectly usable - and empty - cat bed sitting right in front of him.  He's obviously smarter than his human (me) who bought that silly cat bed and knows that cats are multi-taskers and prefer to lay on things they can also scratch.  If I won the  Brawny Cat Cleeky Lounge XL, maybe in his next picture, he won't have such a disapproving look! ;)


Here's the link to it if it doesn't show up again:

I have small gang in my house. They are called The Twelve fuzzy feet gang . They consist of three very loving mischievous rascals who enjoy scratching and lounging, not necessarily in that order. Currently have one cat tree which is almost destroyed, but still hanging tough. They have a couple of beds and they do their best to share, but they are first come first serve basis. Unless one gang member attacks another in an attempt to roust it out of the cushy bed to take over. The brawny cat sleeky lounger would be a very welcomed addition to the gang. Just the name, " sleeky lounger " has invoked a lot of meows as I say it out loud.... " hey gang! Want a SLEEEKKYYY lounger "? meow meow meow. They are all in favor apparently. So now if I don't win, I'm going to be facing the wrath of twelve fuzzy feet and I can't imagine it to be a good time. So I truly hope that the Brawny Cat Sleeky lounger finds it's way to my door step, just so there will be happiness and peace on twelve fuzzy feet turf.

Just the name of this product makes me smile!  I'd love to win one of these for my Ragdoll, Emily.  It's so sad (but a little funny, too) to see her try and snooze on one of the regular-size cardboard scratchers.  She starts out curled in a ball and barely fits, but as she relaxes, several legs and her head flop over the sides.  Sounds like she'd really be able to stretch out on one of these!

I have two big dents on the back of my couch and love seat where my cats lounge. Lilo loves to watch t.v. from her favorite spot (right next to her daddy!).

Leo, our Ragdoll-Siamese mix baby, has gone from 1.5 lbs to 13.6 lbs in 10 marvelous months of life!  I had read all about the 'floppycat' breed and knew that males could get quite large but seeing is believing.  Bringing a kitten into your life after having kids go off to college is a sure combination for obsessing and spoiling!  I have single-handedly jump- started the economy with many purchases of toys, climbing trees and beds.  Leo has furthered that endeavor by quickly outgrowing his first cat tree (he literally does not know is own size!) when he broke it launching up to the top.  I purchased a second hangout and realized within a week that I had to add reinforcing posts.  Even in the new tree, he literally hangs 1/3 of his body off the edge.  Leo loves to lounge - he has a basket in the center of our coffee table so that he doesn't miss anything!  The relaxed body of a ragdoll and his rapidly growing size makes for a lot of fur-baby to love and support!   Leo doesn't lay on the couch or in chairs; it is clear he likes his own furniture (or my bed!).   When he stretches out in this lounger, I would not have to worry about him falling in his sleep.  I think this would be a purrfect fit for a purrfect kitten and I hope to when it for him...I'm kind of broke from all I have already bought him!

This was a link to Leo in his basket - I am not sure why it did not attach to my comment

I know my darling Chai would love this!

I know my darling Chai would love this!!

After reading such a great review & seeing all the pics of the kitties enjoying the Brawny Cat Sleeky Lounge XL, I know my Panda would love to have one, too!  I hope I can win one for her!  

I would LOVE to win this lounger.  I help run a cat rescue and we have two loungers in the room with all the FIV+ boys.  Well, they decided to tell Sterling one of outdoors cats that they have this awesome cool lounger. (Keep in mind this was done thru the screen door!).....Of course, Sterling being the busy body that she is ran over to the herpes cabin and ratted out the boys.  They were ticked.  Their cat feelings were hurt that they don't have a lounger.  So if I won this lounger would be given to the herpes kids so they don't have to be sad anymore.

Thanks for the opportunity! :)

I just moved to a new home and you should give the Cat Lounge XL to me!  My first mom passed away very suddenly (last November) where I lived with 5 other cats and I've been moved around a bit to places with still more cats.  I FINALLY have a home where I get all the attention and things are better.  I've taught my new mom that I like to drink from the faucet and she finds my toys for me when they get stuck under furniture.  She bought me a cardboard scratcher when I first moved in as it fit in the room where I stayed at first.  It was all mine - I didn't have to share!  But it's kinda small.  I like to lay on it when I scratch, but I have to sort of scrunch up when I do.  If I want to stretch out a bit when I scratch, I have to be on the floor and then it moves around a bit.  Not good.  And sometimes, I like to launch off the scratcher when I was laying on it to sneak attack my toys!  But it moves on me, and throws me off a bit.  I am sure the toys are laughing at me, which is why I have to attack them!  The Cat Lounge seems like it would stay in place and I would have room to stretch out.  I also like to stretch one paw out when I sleep a lot, and the curved sides seem perfect for that.  I could scratch all over and then curl up for a nap right there!  I already know that this is good for my claws.   They weren't so sharp when I first moved here, but they are now.  They are very pretty and hidden in the tufts on my white paws!  Heehee! And it would be all mine - I wouldn't have to share with lots of other cats.  

Mom said to say that I would like the lavender color as I am a mitted blue point Ragdoll and I would look my very best on lavender.  And that we could move it around, so I can lounge while looking out windows or lounge on it while on top of the big dresser.  That would be best!  

Please send it soon!  Thanks, Gisele

(And her mom, Laurel)

I love purple,  purple is my favorite color.

I have a cat, I have 3 cats,

one cat scratches things,  mostly carpet

I don't like that.

my cats sleep on blankets.  Because I am too cheap to buy them anything. 

I don't enter contests, so I don't expect to win.

So I hve nothing "witty" or funny to say.

Please give me

Brawny Cat Sleeky Lounge XL 

for free. 

My cats will be shocked.

In this multicat family, you'd better believe the entire house is furnished not only in general-purpose pieces but also in a wide variety of heights, colors, finishes and types of cat furniture, scratching posts and pads -- and all of it is enjoyed liberally.  We grow 'em big here, too, and I know our resident Mainey man in particular would appreciate the sheer size, not to mention the enticing texture and redolent 'nip, of the XL.  In short, we'd be very grateful if we won. But whomever takes the prize, we'll be happy for you!  Happy lounging.  And scratching.  And sniffing.  >^^<

(not sure if my first try posted so trying again ;), apologies if its a dual entry :) )

My newest addition, Taily Bone, is a rescue kitty that was abandoned at Petco before he was even young enough to be weened!  Now he is a healthy, big & growing boy and despite having over a dozen kitty beds around the house, he insists on sharing the pup's bed!  Perhaps one of these awesome Brawny Cat Sleeky Lounge XLs will make him happy :) He would just love one and he even promises to share with his 15 kitty siblings!  Here he is trying to keep his spot in my pup's bed (follow link to FB)!!/photo.php?fbid=10151175859597257&set=a.10151175854527257.432131.641047256&type=3&theater

wow our Ragdoll Penny Marie would love this!! Right now she  scratches on the furniture. I bought her a small scratcher, she does not like it. She loves doll carriages, moses basket, and would LOVE one of these loungers. Ha ha, I would too!!

If I was fortunate enough to win this I would donate it to the cat shelter where I volunteer for one of the kitty rooms - they would love it.

I have two kitties pretty as can be

that love to scratch things up you see

A Scratch-n-Slumber Brawny Cat is key

To keeping them out of trouble by me!


They clown around a lot and then

are ready to lay down again

They tend to sleep on cushioned chairs

Not fun for me with all the hairs!!


So if you could consider me for this prize

it would be a really big surprise

I think my cats would be big fans

because I already know I am!!

Thanks form my ragdolls Milo and Bailey and Me! :-)

My cat loves to take over my bed at night, and scatch all up on my new couch! he needs something to scratch on that is his not mine! :)

Well I think my kitty would like to win one of these nice looking Slinky lounger. I will be picking up my little baby boy Ragdoll tomorrow at 1:00. And I can't wait .  I have been wanting a Ragdoll Kitten for most of my life but we have three pomeranians and the hubby said no cats. Well he finally  fell in love with a Ragdoll after he met  my son's Ragdoll kitten. He fell in love with the one I picked out. We do not have a lounger for him yet. It would look real nice in our livingroom, as we have leather couch and chair and we would hate to have him rip it up. We are retired and the is no way we can afford one so nice. A blue one would be great as the baby is a boy. Hope to have a name for him tomorrow. Thank you

The kitties here at the Guthery house are in desperate need of a new lounger. Our mommy just had major back surgery. It has come as quite a shock to find out how little her back surgery has benefited us. Now all we hear is:

"No kitties you cannot lick my stitches"

"No kitties the pile of pillows is for me to lean on"

"Sorry mommy cannot play bird right now her arm hurts"

"No kitties mommy's neck-brace is not to play with"

"Please do not jump on mommy's back from the top of the cat tree"

And on and on it goes.

The final insult came today. One of mommy's friends dropped off a leather lounge chair! We were so excited but we quickly realized that it wasn't for us at all! It was for mommy to cat nap in!

So we desperately need a new cat lounger of our own. It will help us to right a world gone half crazy that no longer revolves around us!

Catily yours,

Gabe, Thumbs and Sushi

I have 13 cats all rescue, not a fact that I share with most people because they get all judgy. Because obviously, you can't have lots of cats and have a clean, neat house. Sure, I have to clean up my share of cat vomit, and god knows there is hair everywhere but I wouldnt' change it for anythign in the world. 

We make very little money--a one income family, in a low-income area. I'd love to be able to have this lounge and hopefully spare my couch, kitchen table legs, and door frames. I'm not very material. I don't want new furniture, I'd rather buy second hand so that there's no stress of waht if the cat throws up on it or whatever. Sure, they give alot of wear and tear on our place---but it's their natural instint. This bed would be PERFECT to lay in front of our floor to almost ceiling window. Our shyer cats would be able to lay out in teh sun and bask. They're always the first to come out when there's a new bed even if they are still scared of us after years of living with us.


Thanks for the opportunity!

THANK YOU for writing this review!! I've been eyeing this product but haven't taken the plunge!  I know my cat would love and enjoy it though.  My cat loves using my boyfriend's large hiking backpack for sleeping and occasionally, scratching!  We hear the scratching and turn our heads to look, but its always so cute, I just tell my boyfriend it's because my cat loves his scent.  After he's done scratching, he stretches and climbs on top of it, then plops down--all 15.2 pounds of cat.  I love it!!!

We would love to win a Brawny Cat Sleeky Lounge XL! I recently had to throw out some of my cats' old 'well-used' furniture! They are all mad at me, how dare Cat Mom throw away their precious furniture, just when they had gotten it nice and stinky, just as they like it! I am the worst cat mom in the world right now, who makes the unfair decision to replace the ratty, worn and ripped-up furniture! Maybe a new Brawny Lounger will help me get back into their good graces?? Thanks! :))

My cat is mostly using me for sleeping and scratching. He gets into a groove of "making biscuits" on my lap or stomach, leaving pinhole pricks in my clothes and skin. He would love to have this lounge to sleep on. Maybe he would even let his sister sleep on it, too!

I wish I'd have the opportunity to have one like that in my country :(.

I am sure my Queen Calico, Sweet Hoshi Kun Suriken will enjoy it a lot *sigh*

We have a whole bunch of cardboard scratchers, but they never last long. My sisfur Candy destroys them in no time! We need something that'll stand up to super claws.

my 2 cats use me as lounger,lol,I would love to win the contest

My 3 inside cats would just LOVE to try one of these out.  Sparkle the Cat sent us over to try to win this giveaway.

Now that my boys are older, they seem to prefer sleeping on the bed with me.  Sometimes both, sometimes one or the other.  Other times, the "scardy" cat one like to sleep on the floor in the kitchen next to the radiator, under the step stool.  But wow, this bed would be the absolute "cat's meow" for my kitties, Jeepster and Ossie.  Nnum nnum nnum nnum.

Currently, my cats use the end of my bed for sleeping. Someday, I hope to be able straighten out when sleeping!  The couch arm is my cats favorite scratching post.  It does not not the decor!  Have mercy, save my posture and the poor abused couch - pick us to win!

I wanted to say that I have Cat Scratch Fever at my house but, I thought I better not.

However, I have a Cat that is tearing up my carpet - I won't have any carpet left if he keeps

doing this. My Cat needs and outlet for his bad behavior.

He is a bush dweller (meaning he likes to stay near the floor), & a very very large cat.

Since Cats sometimes sleep a whooping 16 hours a day, no wonder we coined the term

"cat nap".  The Sleeky Lounge XL would be wonderful for those 16 hours.

So, if you want this lady to stay sane, then you might want to consider my Cat as the winner

of the Sleeky Lounge XL.





My four year old rag doll Max tunnels under as many blankets and sleeps as close to me as he can.  Bleu my nine month old ventures off into the bathroom.  He opens the door of the cupboard under the sink and crawls into the top drawer.  The door shuts behind him so you cannot even tell he is in there.  I have another scratch lounge he used to like to lounge around on but he is getting a bit large for that one now.  I think he would love the Sleeky Lounge XL.

Luv this product - it's new to me, and looks perfect: thanks for your helpful review! 

I'm writing on behalf of Abigail (10 y/o), Lucy (3 y/o) and Mitzy (1 y/o) who know that they own everything in our house. 

  • Abby's fav' spot to rest is my beautiful rocking chair with a padded seat -- yes, it's now full of her fluffy fur! 
  • Lucy's choice is to reclikne on one of our dining room chairs -- hmm, it too has a padded seat -- I see a pattern. 
  • Then there's our youngest mischief maker, Mitzi, who prefers to stretch out on her back, legs extended, on our fabric couch (and yes, the couch seems to also have lots of padding - coated with lovely orange fur.   :)

This means of course, that each time we have company, the stockholders of  "3M Lint Rollers" rub their hands together in greedy glee.  They know that we're going to go through several of these expensive hair removers *again* and thus, we'll ensure their investments are secure.

The cats don't mind our cleaning efforts of course: they're confident that we did it all for them -- not for the inconvenient company who takes up cat space for a few hours.

So yes, a dedicated Cat Lounger would be amazing -- and it DOES look large enough to share...IF our three fine felines ever choose to do so.  ~Terry 

Max-my four year old loves to tunnel under all the blankets and sleep as close to me as he can.  My  nine month old Bleu ventures off into the bathroom when he wants some deep sleep.  He opens the cupboard door under the bathroom sink and crawls into the top drawer.  You cannot even tell he is in there as the door closes behind him when he enters.  I do have a scratch lounge he used to use often.  I think he has gotten a bit too large for it as he is still a rapidly growing boy.


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