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Poor Nora!

Yesterday Nora seemed afraid or unable to walk over the side of her cat bed to get her breakfast. I didn't realize anything was terribly wrong until I got home from work last night. I found Nora on the floor, rocking, unable to stand. I tried to coax her with food and she was able to sort-of stand, but her right front leg was off the ground, her paw curved back towards her body. She quickly laid back down.

I looked at the time. It was almost 7pm. In a panic, I thought it was Monday and my Vet was only open to 5pm, but I called anyway. Thankfully, it wasn't Monday, DUH!, and they were open 'til 7pm. I told dear-Jessica, the Vet Tech, what was going on and she said to bring Nora in right away.

No room on the bed
Nora is not a tiny cat. I got her to lose about 3 pounds so far, but she still weighs 21 pounds. The only cat carrier within arms length, was a small one with a towel in it, so I pulled the towel and managed to get her inside the carrier, trying not to hurt her further.

We met the new Vet, Dr. Larry's partner, Dr. Mullen. She is adorable, I must say. In addition to adorable-ness, she was very careful, going over Nora's limbs, to make sure she hadn't blown a clot. Things looked good in that respect, but Nora has a fever. There were no other signs of trouble. They pulled blood and we'll know more later this morning. We have a theory about what happened, but I'll right about it later. It involves her brother, Nicky, him dry-humping her (the dirty beast!) and a possible abscess yet to form from him biting or scratching her.

Poor Nora. I really don't want to leave her and go to work. Anyone care to kitty-sit for me today?

More News later. Until then, think good thoughts for Nora today.


Please post soon with an update. I've been keeping Nora and your family in my prayers.

I am very glad to hear it was not a clot, and also glad you found a great vet. She is a darling.

I am concerned about the fever. Fever means infection. This might not be her brother's fault, but he really does need to stop that incestuous behavior. :) Just as a guess, if there is an abscess and it's infringing upon the spinal column, that could explain Her Heftyness' issue right now, and hopefully that will resolve. Sending much love and many good thoughts your way. I have had a paralyzed cat, and have much I could offer in the way of tips.

My boss frowns on my kitty-sitting during working hours, but I was thinking I might like that adorable Orinch boy for my own... Jennifer said I can't have him though, since he's hers. :(

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