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Peace Between My Beasts

Some of my cats just don't get along. For whatever reason, Bob (on the far right ) and Petunia (center) don't like each other. Bob always goes after Petunia and is quick to give her a swat if she gets too close. Is it because SHE wants to be the alpha cat and Bob wants to keep his position of authority? Perhaps.

I bought an electric blanket (on sale at Tar-gay), thinking it would be a cozy treat for my cats, since I keep the heat low in the winter. It took all of five minutes before the cats were lining up to lay on it. Not only lay on it, but stretch out, relaxed, without a care in the world. This is pretty big stuff around here. Gracie usually is really tense and high strung and Petunia is very jumpy, too. Yet, once on the warm blanket, they started to unwind, the tension falling away, as they turned into furry puddles of bliss.

kitties on electric blanket copy.jpg

I think I'm on to something! Here are mortal enemies, hanging out together, peacefully. It makes me wonder if the same thing could happen in the Middle East if everyone would just have a Spa Day together? Think about it. Put down your weapons and get a hot stone massage and a dead sea salt scrub. I mean, really, if the warmth of an electric blanket can get my cats to get along, just think what aromatherapy might do for World Peace?


I think you are on to something here! That, or spiking water supplies for people who want to kill each other with LSD or something....

Yes, indeed, that's an idea, too! Maybe not LSD, but something like xanax so they all relax!

hahahaha!m My dyslexic mind saw: "Peace between my BREASTS" ;)

Um, and where's Spence? DId he not get a turn on the blanket of happiness?

Shelli! Hee hee! I was wondering about how that title would read...maybe I should change it to Peace between my Cats, not my boobs!


Spencer was on there last night, passed out cold. I will get a photo of him for you. He sends his regards and wishes for a Happy new Year! Come up and visit him some time!

Shelli, you're not alone... that's what I saw first, too. Looking at the pic made me glance back and realize the mistake! LOL!

Robin, I gotta get me one of those! Détente is awesome!! breasts get along fine with each other. They both just hang there looking at the floor. I think they might be depressed. They need a lift. You know what I mean?

ROFL!! Yes, I do! Mine, too!!

I think you should submit your Plan for World Peace to the United Nations. You could be onto something there.

The blanket is a good idea too. I may look out for a cheap one for our dear old man. He's got kidney trouble and arthritis and is looking sad just now.

So glad to see some humour and fun here... I was worried for you, with all the stress. Hope you're doing okay and things are improving for all in your household. I wish you a Happy and Successful 2010 !

Your wonderful discovery might even tempt Pennycat out to share peaceful warmth with Sockington and your Tweetie/Sockelganger ;)

turn on the electric blankie on our bed, it spontaneously generates at least 6 cats, usually more. I've had upwards of 10 cats all snuggled up on the warm bed. Of course, then there is barely room for me, but they somehow don't seem to care about that. O.O

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