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Not On My Watch: From Near Tragedy to Triumph!

We all held our breath a few months ago, worried that time had run out for "Last Chance Mama" and her two offspring, Pumpkin and Spyder. They were scheduled to be euthanized at Henry County Care & Control in Georgia because there were no rescue groups able to take them.

I wouldn't have been able to do anything if our dear CiCH member, Jennifer hadn't stepped up to offer to foster this family. It was her first time fostering for us and, I believe, her first time fostering kittens. Jennifer usually specializes in special needs and geriatric cats. Fostering such energetic kitties would be a big change for her. Thank goodness she stepped up. These cats literally had 12 hours left to live.

adopted copy.jpg

As you may know, a team of folks stepped up to pull the kitties from Henry and get them to a 2 week quarantine before they were transported to Connecticut. It wasn't long before Spyder was adopted and Pumpkin followed, going to an awesome home, a few weeks later. Angel showed well, and was a real gem. We just couldn't find her a family. Jennifer offered to allow Angel to mingle with her own cats, which would free up her foster room, so she could take "The Berries" once they were ready to arrive.

Playing Angel.jpg

Angel being goofy while in foster care at my house.

Angel found her way. She figured out how to wake up Jennifer and her hubby, Ron, how to get a treat for sitting next to Tucker, while Tucker had to put up with getting a shot to get a treat! This little minx hid on Halloween and wouldn't come out, until Jennifer started to worry. As if by some unseen force, Angel knew she needed to come right out and show herself, so she did.

angel and tucker copy.jpg
Photo by Jennifer, used with permission. Angel and Tucker.

This Saturday, we're having an adoption event. Jennifer and I have been discussing how to arrange how we're going to get Angel to the Event and back. Jennifer hated to take Angel to another adoption event and said that "maybe we should just keep Angel?"

making herself at home_sm.jpg
Jennifer comes home for lunch to find Angel is doing well fitting in with the family. Photo used by permission.

After a few email volleys, it was decided. The last of the "Last Chance" litter has been adopted! The paperwork is signed. The deed, done. Angel found her home was right under her nose the whole time! Congratulations! You've come a long way, Angel and I'm thrilled you found such a fantastic home!

Miss Angel.jpg

Of course, just for the record, Tucker is still Jennifer's favorite, but there's plenty of love in her home for Angel. No worries, there!



Congratulations to Jennifer, Angel and Tucker!

Congratulations to Angel, Jennifer and Tucker!! :):) Such a happy ending for a deserving cat. I can not believe she was only hours from the injection room and now to see her so vivacious and gorgeous--it makes me wll up with happy tears. THANK-YOU!!! to everyone who helped get Last Chance Momma (Angel) and her babies out of Henry Co, into quarantine and to her wonderful rescue and foster home. :):)

I'm all verklempt!

Congratulations to Angel and clan! (what gorgeous eyes she has)

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