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Not on My Watch: Big Red

There's nothing particularly special about a big, red tabby cat who sits in the lobby of Henry County Care & Control. His days of being a cute kitten are years behind him. He was surrendered by his family. They didn't want him any more. We don't know why. We just know they left him in this cage that's barely big enough to hold him.

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©2010 Henry County Care & Control. He doesn't know what he did to deserve being in cage, but Big Red hopes to get out.

He's flanked by two other big tabby cats, from other families that gave up on them, too. They all just sit there, waiting to die. The odds of them being rescued are about nil.

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©2010 Henry County Care & Control.

I want a magic wand. I would wave it over everyone and, first, of course, get them to SPAY & NEUTER their dogs and cats. Next, whatever cat was stuck in a cage at a kill shelter, I would transport them into a new home-one that would love them and care for them and never give up on them. Lastly, I would make Animal Shelter and Rescues not necessary. With no overpopulation problems and no surrendering of animals, we would be able to spend our lives simply loving our pets, with never a tear shed over an animal being euthanized due to space issues or curable illness.

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©2010 Henry County Care & Control.

But I don't have that power, nor do I have the ability to rescue adult cats. Fostering from my home, not a shelter that has visiting hours, makes it impossible to place adults. I know I need help with this. I need a shelter that won't kill this boy, who can take him for me. I need a friend...but who can I ask?

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©2010 Henry County Care & Control.

Call it being annoying or call it calling in a favor, but I sucked it up and nagged Carole at A.I.D. to take this cat. He's declawed and neutered. He's very affectionate, too. He could get a home here in Connecticut AND A.I.D just had quite a few adoptions so I know they have space!

I didn't get an answer right away. I had to wait a few days. I spoke with Carole, who told me she didn't want any more males at the shelter right now and listed all sorts of reasons not to take him, but I had just done her a bunch of big favors, including raising almost $900 for Princess's vet bill, so heck, she caved in and said YES. I hope Carole's not mad at me, but honestly, it's about the cat. He's just a big, red goofhead. He needs OUT of that place.

Before Carole could change her mind, I contacted Betsy and gave her the approval to get this boy out. Needless to say, she was thrilled and surprised. The other two cats are still hoping for a miracle.

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©2010 Henry County Care & Control. Every cat deserves a name. Meet: ROCCO!

As of this writing, this big cat who tips the scales at 20 lbs...and he is BIG, not really FAT, is safe. His snap test was negative/negative and he got his shots. He meowed and yeoweled in the car and at the Vet. He hates being in the cat carrier and he didn't like getting all those shots.

If he only knew he was being rescued, he might have simply relaxed and enjoyed the ride. I'm guessing he is going to be a handful on transport day, but we have two weeks to wait on that and by then he may not care where he goes, as long as he NEVER goes back to Henry County Care & Control again.

I can't say what it is that made me go to bat for this cat. Perhaps it was that he was nothing special that made him so very special, after all.


if I can help. Thank you for going to bat for him.

I just sent a little money to AID for either Fifi or Big Red....hope it will help.

Robin I see what you saw in him, the minute I looked at the face I wanted to grab and hug him tight. My Abby is a big boy and shy as can be but a big teddy bear if you can get him to hold still and let you hug him. He loves being loved but is afraid when you first wrap your arms around him. I am so glad Big Red was rescued and oh yes, a magic wand would be perfect so we could place all the furbabies already needing homes and then only have to worry about those who were chosen then UNloved by ignorant and horrible people.

Hugs Robin, another great job by you and your crew


I'm glad he is safe. Tansy is out running up and down the hall right now with our big red boy who is chirping away. Tonight I thought about the dream Carol had a few years back about starting a sanctuary for senior cats who are usually not rescued or adopted. Now it's just a pipe dream as Carol has ovarian cancer and my health and finances are in limbo. This was before I came south and saw how few cats get out of any shelter. I wish I could wave a wand and make that happen.
Gad, if I ever won the lottery... Of course, I would have to play first. I am heading up to MI probably this weekend or early next week to supervise the emptying out of my house up there for demo. If a kitty needs a ride up I 77 to the Ohio Turnpike to I 75 from down here, let me know. I am getting my brother's old car, a 1994 Chevy Corsica, so I could take a few kitties but I'll probably be loaded up on the trip back and I don't intend to be gone long.
Pray for me... I think the saying about a gift horse might be appropriate here. Sigh.

I wish I had some nice working magic wands to pass out :)

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