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Not on My Watch: Believe in Miracles

On April 21, 2011 another pregnant feline was brought to Henry County Care & Control, dumped by her owner, no longer their problem or responsibility. This cat's fate, along with that of her unborn kittens, was unknown. Many mamas never make it out of the shelters alive. The shelters are simply too overcrowded and the kittens too fragile to make it. If they pick up a URI, they are all euthanized. If they don't get sick, but they don't find a rescue in time, they will get euthanized. The odds are just not very good for a happy outcome.

This mama gave birth inside a steel cage, on newspaper, next to a litter pan. Not a very dignified way to bring life in to the world, but certainly better than she would have been if left abandoned on her own. The mama had four kittens. She cleaned them and began the task of providing nourishment-nothing unusual or special about this, just as so many other mamas have done before and since. Her babies were all chubby and healthy. One had a charming spot on this chin that looked like a goatee. They all squirmed and writhed, still blind and uncoordinated-reaching for their mama's warmth. The mama did what she could to keep them safe, placing her front leg protectively over them.

AC 5.18.11 035.jpg
©2011 Henry County Care & Control. This very young mama hopes for a miracle.

Last month, I posted a plea about this “cow mama” and her “cow babies.” They were among the MANY mamas and kittens that came to Henry County that needed help. Many of the families got a rescue, but many MORE families arrived over the past few weeks needing help. The cow mama and family did not get rescued. The clock was running out, as they ran out of space at Henry County.

This morning, this family was slated to die. They were at the shelter the longest, so they would be first to go. The folks at the shelter did NOT want to put them down, but their hands were tied. There are SEVVEN other families that also need rescue, too and there wasn't any more room left to keep all the cats. It was time.

Second Blk-white mama.jpg
©2011 Henry County Care & Control.

Keep in mind that over the past month I, along with Dorian Wagner of Your Daily Cute, have been trying to find a way to rescue this family. Dorian and I both have a fondness for cow kitties, but neither of us were finding a solution. Last night, just before I went to bed, I got an email from Jennifer at the Humane Society of Forsyth County. I'd contacted her a month ago and at the time she couldn't help. She had not forgotten about this family. She said they had an opening and did we still need help?

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!! YES!!!! I could NOT believe the timing. Here I was about to give up. Jennifer saved the day! I got to work right away-banging out emails since it was too late to call anyone. I contacted Betsy, at Henry County. I pleaded with her NOT to put that family down. I wrote to Gerri, the Director and asked the same thing. I contacted our dear, Bobby and asked if he could transport the cats. My heart was beating so hard I could barely breathe. I contacted Jennifer and said I get the transport set up and get things sorted out and gave her information on who to call at Henry Co. to confirm they were going to take the cats.

AC 5.18.11 038.jpg
©2011 Henry County Care & Control. Look at the spot on the chin on that baby!

This morning I got up early. I felt like I was going to jump out of my skin. I heard back from Henry Co. They would NOT put the family down. I called Jennifer and she was very sweet. She was completely calm. I'm sure she does this every day. She had just left a voice mail for Gerri and things were getting settled. In another hour of phone calls and emails it was worked out.

As of 12:30 PM EST, Bobby has picked up the Cow Mama and her babies and will be driving them to the Humane Society of Forsyth County. They're a NO-KILL shelter, so this family won't have to worry again about being put down. Now all they have to do is thrive, play and wait to be adopted when they're big enough.

AC 5.18.11 037_rez.jpg
©2011 Henry County Care & Control. It IS a miracle these babies got out ALIVE!

This could not have happened if it wasn't for Warren Royal, who offered me Jennifer's contact information when I was first trying to find a rescue to take this family. Forsyth is the same shelter that took in Warren's foster cat, Buddy who had FIV+ and who found him a great home.

This could not have happened if Bobby wasn't willing to drive 2 1/2 hours to deliver this family to their new home.

This could not have happened if I didn't stick my nose into this situation. While I didn't rescue this family, I did network my butt off by making phone calls and writing e-mails and blog posts.

Guess what? YOU can do this, too. You can get involved with animals at kill shelters and make a difference in their life. You don't have to foster them or even run a rescue group-you just have to be willing to stick your neck out and find those puzzle pieces until you get the right fit. I'm not saying it's easy and it certainly is stressful, but those times when it works out, it's completely worth it.

There is a lot more work to do. Those other mamas aren't going to rescue themselves. Let's get to it!



If you're as thrilled as I am about the Humane Society of Forsyth County stepping up to help this family, then please be sure to visit their web site and “Like” their Facebook page, then check out all the animals they have for adoption. If you're not looking for a new companion, then please consider making a small donation in honor of the Cow Mama's Family to help offset the costs related to their care. Saying Thank You to them is great, but during these tough times, saying it with a donation makes a big difference.


all of you for rescuing this family!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo THANK YOU!

I am so glad this "herd" (as my friend calls her gathering of 6 cats and a dog) has found a new home.

As soon as my retired US Air Force fiance' finds a job in his field, I can quit my job as a special ed teacher and begin working rescue full time - right now we have 6 dysfunctional cats that we rescued who were and somewhat still are unadoptable (behavior issues). I've had several people suggest that I get at least 2 of them put down because of biting and aggressive behavior toward humans. My response is that humans caused them to be the way they are, and does that make their lives worth less? Jeff and I were talking about it last night, and it's 99% building trust.

I can't wait til the day I can do this full-time - to build upon Mississippi's new Animal Cruelty laws, to mandate a Trap/Neuter/Release program, to make "chipping" available and affordable, etc.

And eventually to buy land and build a barn/kennel so that unadoptable cats can have a place to call home.

Thanks for the work that you are doing; it is worth it.


Thank you, Robin!!
This is so amazing, what you did from hundreds of miles away.
Thank you to every one involved in this rescue!
Happy, happy *tears* here.

thank goodness cow mama and her babies are saved! I have wondered about them often. I volunter at a no-kill, cage free cat shelter in GA and I get many emails asking for help. If we could help all of them, we would. But we are only allowed to have so many cats in the shelter at a given time..and our foster homes are always full. It breaks my heart when a cat or kitten cannot come to our shelter, but I crosspost for the ones we cant take and pray they find a safe home.
I will make a donation now to Forsyth County Humane Society in honor of cow mama.
Thanks for helping her.

Great story... made my day.

I DO hope the other 6 familes of mamas with babies got THEIR miracle too!!
Spay and Neuter and provide Humane Education -- the world needs to know what their responsilibities are towards their pets!!!

Good job by all! So glad they're safe -- makes my own cow baby, Mollie, all the more precious.

Gosh Robin you do work miracles. That is just the best story ever. I don't have any extra money right now but would love to help that shelter for sure. I will go look and advertise some of their cats that they have up for adoption. You are just amazing how you have all the right contacts. Take care.

I volunteer at Forsyth Humane Society and I can't wait to see these guys there :) so glad they got rescued!

What a wonderful happy ending to this story. I've been following it and praying for this sweet girl and her precious family. Great job!

I am so glad they made it out safely! Hope they get a new home quickly


You are the greatest! I love Jennifer too! She is a life saver! I am so sad and frightened for these animals. I am currently a foster mom for the Forsyth Humane Society and would love to get involved with helping animals at the kill shelters (awful!). How do I start?

You are my hero!

Because you're a foster mama, you make it possible for people like me to get cats out of kill shelters and into a safe place until they can be adopted. Drop me an email and we can chat more!

You're a doll for what you do!

I just want to say...thank you! We are now the family who get to love on this sweet mama cat everyday!

My son turned 5 last month, and had been asking for a cat. On his birthday we visited the Humane Society of Forsyth. We entered the cat room where mama was staying, and she walked right up to us. I sat down on a chair, and she jumped up, curled up, and started purring. We looked at all of the other cats and went home to think on it. Yet all I could think of was this cat who literally was choosing us. This cat that was so gentle and friendly....I just knew she would be a good fit for our family.

We have had her for a couple weeks now. My son named her Lola, but she is often called Mama. She snuggles in his bed with him each night and listens as he talks endlessly to her. I get a sense that she is very thankful, both to have a warm bed and bodies to snuggle with.... and thankful to those who saved her and her babies.

Just wanted you to know all your efforts are appreciated, and that this sweet girl has landed in a loving place :)

Bless you and your family for doing a great thing for Mama!!!! I'm so happy you gave her a perfect home and that you love her so much. We literally were fighting tooth and nail to find someone to help this family out and they almost lost their lives. Thank goodness it worked out. What a wonderful thing to be part of. I'm going to share this news with Dorian, who also went to bat for this family! Congratulations! I hope you'll stop by our facebook page and upload/share photos of your family with Lola!

I love reading stories with happy endings...

Very happy Mamma and her babies were all saved  <3

What a beautiful story...

You had us on the edge of our seats.... Yay for cow mama and her babes!  

Thank you for everything you do and the inspiration you give us.

xo  Katie & Glogirly

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