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Not on My Watch: All the Kings Horses...

It's tough to write through tears, but I will do my best. The big Maine Coon kitty, who was dumped at Henry County has been euthanized.

What started off as a morning filled with promise, ended with despair. Big Boy was rescued. I thought I was going to be the one to do it, but Barb, from WCR beat me to it. I was glad she could do the job. I don't have the resources she does and I didn't know where he would go IF he was ever stable enough to be transported. Barb had plans for him, but sadly, they never came to pass.

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©2010 Henry Co. Care & Control. We lost a great cat today. Rest in Peace, Big Boy.

Our Bobby picked up Big Boy from the shelter. They had him all ready to go. The staff was so happy to see him leave. Bobby told me he was as friendly as they come. A big, sweet kitty, very thin, but he didn't seem to be ailing, just thin. It gave me hope that perhaps he just needed some good food and love and the rest would improve over time.

I thought of Chester, at 21, surviving without food or water or shelter for days and having the strength to come back. I hoped the same would be true for this beautiful cat.

Bobby told me the Vet Tech thought the cat was very old. When I heard the news, my heart sank. I feared the worst and indeed my fears were not unfounded. The kitty had a snap test done, which indicated he was FIV+. That alone would not warrant a death sentence, but the cat was also, over 17 years old, had very bad teeth, an eye problem, liver failure, kidney disease and was emaciated. He was facing his last days before he was brought to the Shelter and now they realized, it would be more humane to peacefully end his life.

I have been very lucky and I know that won't always be the case. I've never had to make the choice to euthanize a foster cat. I hope I never do, but that's not realistic. Barb had to make a very tough choice, but she did what was best for the cat.

This afternoon, the big Maine Coon was held in the arms of a very loving and compassionate Vet Tech as he was administered the shots that would end his life. If nothing else, this cat knew love in his last moments. It has to be worth something-even if his life could not truly be saved.

Bobby wrote me with the news of the sweet boy's passing. He said we should honor him by rescuing MORE cats and I have to say, that sounds good to me. As soon as I can, I'm going to rescue a maine coon (or more than one) in his honor.

For now, we cry our tears and feel heartbroken that we only got to know this cat on his final day. There are so many more cats in need, who are at death's door, who we must find a way to help.

Let's all take a pledge today, to do at least ONE THING to save a cat's life TODAY. Donate $1 (or more if you can) to a cat rescue group, like Barb's, donate used linens or buy food for your local shelter, adopt or foster a cat. Do this one thing in honor of this wonderful cat, who can watch us from the Rainbow Bridge and purr with joy that his death was not without meaning.


I'm so least his suffering is over. If only the monsters who clearly didn't love him had turned him in sooner....

At least he felt love on his last day. :'(

I filled out a foster application the moment I saw him online. I have said prayers for him everyday since. Now I wonder who he will greet at the rainbow bridge? Maybe Robin, maybe the vet tech. At least now he'll have someone to greet!

so sorry to here about this boys passing. At least he was in the care of people who truly loved him...even for a little while. Even though he looked rough in the photos, he still seemed really happy...

Oh, Robin...I'm so, so sorry you lost Big Boy. But you're right -- it was the humane thing to do, and he did know love in his last moments. Oh that we could all go so peacefully. But I know that doesn't make it any easier to bear the sorrow. I guess all you can do now is, as you said, keep on keeping on in the only way you know how: Help as many as you can, as much as you can, as often as you can. Which is a helluva lot more than most folks ever do. Bless your heart, my friend.

And thank you to the shelter workers at Henry County who worked to give this beautiful boy a chance. Shelter workers really have a tough job and always seem to get beaten up no matter what they do.

Thank you so much Robin for trying to help save this boy. I know you were working to get him into the safety of rescue to find him a loving home. He couldn't have spent his last moments with a better person.

I filled out a foster application the moment I saw him online and said prayers for him everyday since. I pictured him in a loving foster home. Now I wonder who will he greet at the rainbow bridge? Maybe Robin, maybe the vet tech...

I'm so sorry, Catnap. We all have been crying about this kitty. He lived a long life. It was probably not an easy one. We take some comfort knowing that he was out of the shelter and in the arms of someone who gave him all her love and compassion at the most important moment of his life. It's not the outcome any of us wanted and many of us were ready to give him a loving home.

I hope that after you find a way to dry your tears, that you will honor Big Boy by going to your local shelter and offering to adopt another ADULT cat. there are so many like Big Boy out there and they all need our love and help. Maybe some are not so skinny or have such a sad life, but they all need a loving and safe home they can call their own, for the rest of their life.

Take care.

Oh, how sad. To be so close to saving him and to have to make such a painful decision. At least he died in peace, held by someone who cared, and not in terror at the shelter.

We were so moved by this story that we contacted the shelter to make a contribution to help save him, but we were too late. But we followed your advice and gave a donation to Barb's group in Big Boy's honor, and that helped them to save a little family of 5 at the shelter who also was in desparate condition. Thanks for caring and for your good work!

Thank you so much! I'm sure Barb is thrilled to have the help. Even though none of us could give Big Boy a miracle, you just gave him something to purr about at the Rainbow Bridge. Your gift made the difference for FIVE cats! How amazing is that? I hope you feel truly happy! You just did a WONDERFUL THING!!!

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