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My Funny Valentine

stanley copy.jpg
Stanely Pertwee Kokopelli. 1990-2002.

Most people get cards on Valentine's Day.

In 1998, I got a cat, instead.

This is Stanley. I adopted him 12 years ago today and from the first moment he arrived, I was not only smitten with this silly 7 year old cat, but I found my best furry friend forever.

Sadly, Stanley and I only shared 5 short years together before he died suddenly from misdiagnosed/undiagnosed HCM. I was truly heartbroken.

If any of you have lost a cat to HCM, you know how terrible the disease is. Steve Dale, a nationally syndicated pet columnist, has worked with The Winn Feline Foundation to create The Ricky Fund, in memory of the cat he lost to HCM in 2002.

To learn more about HCM, visit here.

...and to all of you, give your cats a BIG HUG from me and remember to cherish each of them, faults and all. I wish you ALL a very Happy and Love-Filled Valentine's Day.


Lovely cat, Robin and lovely sentiments too. Our old man now has kidney problems, but he's improved a lot on his medications. He is still a kitten at heart and rules the household with a rod of ... cat fluff, I think!

Have a great day. Hope you get to relax a bit. Best wishes to Sam and to your feline family (and fosters too). xx

My Harry was diagnosed with HCM last year, after the vet heard a murmur. (All I heard with the scope was Harry's purrs) Luckily, he has no symptoms and needs no meds. He gets his twice yearly echocardiograms, and I get to have every day as valentines day with the kitty lurrrve of Harry and Sirius :)
All the best to your feline and human families


Stanley had a vet check two weeks before he died. No one caught it. When he got sick the ER Dr. misdiagnosed him which basically gave him no shot to recover. By the time I found the right ER hospital, it was too late. Even though I told them to do whatever it takes to help him, he was too far gone and I had to have him euthanized. Even though I've had to do this before, when other cats were very ill, this was the worst experience of my life. I had literally a minute to see him before they put him down. He was crying, he was in so much pain. All I could do was pet him and tell him I loved him as he died. "If I only knew then what I know now...." I'm sure Stanley would have lived many more years.

Lovely boy, I'm so sorry you lost him. Thank you for sharing this photo and the info on HCM

What a sweet face! You were very lucky to have each other for those years.

Saw your tweet about spending V-day watching chick flicks with purring kitties -- sounds like the best day ever! :)

what a BEAUTIFUL boy. and what a terrible tragedy. treasure your memories.

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