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My Broccoli-Obsession

©2012 Robin A.F. Olson. Excerpt from My Broccoli-Obsession

That's it. the DOOD is insane! I caught him grabbing at one of the plants, trying to eat it. I remember what Jackson Galaxy said before I started to scold the cat; “with every NO, provide a YES.” So after I got DOOD away from the plant, I warmed up some broccoli for him as his “yes” and the rest is history (repeating itself).

I've never seen a cat go so crazy over anything as DOOD is for broccoli. He makes this growly-purry noise while he's chewing. I can't help but laugh every time he does it. Of course I did give the other cats a chance to enjoy broccoli, too, but none of them wanted any-not that the DOOD would let them near it!

©2012 Robin A.F. Olson. My Broccoli-Obsession

Broccoli? Really?


I HATE brocoli with a passion.  Cauli flower and asparagus too!

I will send Dood a life times worth of brocoli that I have never consumed, and I am almost 45 so that's ALOT of

brocoli.  You have to play him  the BROCOLI song by Dana Carvey while he is enjoying it.

I have always said that cooked brocoli smells like old feet, so maybe that is why the DOOD loves it so much.



What a good Dood!

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