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At another forum there was a woman with a cat named Mine.

I think I'd like that. I could call my vet and say "I'm checking up on mine" and they'd get confused.

I later learned that was another name for G-d.

But, I've told my sister my next cat names will either be Clue or Life. So if someone told me to get a clue or get a life I could without a doubt say that I have one.

My sister always said if she ever got a boy "goggie" his name would be "Nasty" 'cause that's what boy dogs are...

I always seem to choose German names for my kitties (if I get to name them). I don't know why, but the names seem to "fit". I have had a:


I think the next one will be Otto. I can't go with Klaus... it's too obvious: )

I want my next cat to be named after a character on Batman (from 1967). Cmdr Schmidlap! I guess that's sorta German, too?? :-D

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