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Is KMR Tainted & Poisoning our Kittens? Or is it a Hoax?

I was just informed today that PetAg, the makers of KMR had been supplying tainted product through 2009 and that it had caused the deaths of many infant animals. I was shocked to hear this, since I use KMR for most of my foster kittens. I wondered if my cats were sickened by this, too? To say the least, I was FURIOUS!

Thing is...could it be a that PetAg was the victim of an over zealous activist group? How EASY is it to start a rumor via social networking sites and let it spread like wildfire?

I checked Snopes right away and didn't find anything-yet. I also looked around the FDA's web site and found NOTHING. I have to ask-is KMR safe or not? Should I throw my container out or keep it in the fridge?

This is what PetAg had to say about it:

“PetAg announced today that in a February 4 discussion with Food and Drug Administration officials, the company was notified that a complaint received about one of its dry formula products was "spurious." The FDA official notified the company that it was not conducting an investigation.

The company previously notified its customers that it was the victim of an activist group distributing misinformation about the company and its products through the internet.

PetAg President and C.O.O. Darlene Frudakis said, "We are gratified to learn that the authorities see this malicious campaign for what it is. We will continue to work with all federal authorities and our supply chain to set the record straight about the safety of our products."

I find it HIGHLY suspicious that I can't find ACTUAL information regarding this "tainted" product on FDA's site or via Snopes. I expect we'll see info on one of these web sites soon-hopefully to help clear matters up.

Until then, I STRONGLY suggest everyone to keep an open mind. PetAg may be a victim here OR countless newborn animals are the victims. Until I know for certain, I'm not going to have knee-jerk reaction this. We all need to dig deeper to discover the truth.

If you've had ANY problems or suspicions about KMR or if you have accurate information from a trusted source about KMR or PetAg please let us know ASAP!

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I suggest asking Snopes about this. Last week I had a question about something I saw spreading on Facebook & within hours they contacted me with an answer. That was way more than I expected from them.

Is this for powder or liquid KMR, or both?


It's definitely NOT a scam. This happened last summer and for some reason has popped back up on the net. PetAg has a statement on their web site about how to store KMR, but any info they DID have about the product being tainted is no longer posted.

This has to do with KMR powder, not liquid.

I had heard that there was a problem with the KMR powder that was caused by the shipping company leaving the powder in the heat, which caused the product to turn rancid. Subsequent shipments were not affected because they were not exposed to the hot conditions. Now, do I know this to be fact - no. This is what I read on a blog, but I don't remember which one - when I used google to search I found a blog that talked about it but I didn't recognize it. I had also read that you could tell by the smell if it was a bad batch or not. It was my understanding that it was not a manufacturing issue, it was a shipping/storage issue. The google search also brought up completely different info on tainted KMR too - which had nothing to do with the shipping, and instead said it was not nutritionally sufficient and things like that.

Now, I used KMR (and KMR2) with both my kittens, one of whom would have been using it last summer - and he is fine. He actually grew like a weed - his brother who is about 10 months older (so using it in 2008) is smaller. I had no problems with the KMR and my kitten is healthy as a horse (ok, he has eye issues still but that wouldn't be related to the KMR). Now, I did mix the KMR with kitten food, so maybe that is part of why it didn't have any effect on them. Now that I looked at goole (mid-typing this by the way - sorry if it gets a bit disjointed) I am more concerned about how it might affect them in the future.

255 Keyes Ave. • Hampshire, IL 60140 • Phone (847)683-2288 Fax (847)683-2343 PetAg I N C.

Science ? Nutrition ? Research ? Service

February 9, 2010

Dear PetAg Customer:

Your work is vital to the humane and compassionate development of our pet animals and wildlife. At PetAg, we consider ourselves to be your partner and the reason we are in business is to improve the health of animals. This orientation guides all of our action.

Anything that distracts us from this important work is unfortunate. Therefore, we are saddened to inform you that our small company has been targeted by what we believe to be is a fringe animal activist group. This group is posting false information about the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and about our company and our products. They are maliciously broadcasting that PetAg product is tainted.

There is no problem with PetAg's products and the FDA has issued no reports. Simply put, the FDA has informed us that it views the one complaint registered with the FDA from this activist group as without merit, “spurious”. We have sent our distributors and retailers a statement to this effect which we reviewed with the FDA before we sent out the information. Please view our website at for our comments.

All of our animal formula products are safe to use as long as they are stored and used as directed by our label. We test and retest product prior to shipment to make sure it is safe. Our powder formula milk replacers, Esbilac® and KMR®, are made from all natural real milk so it is possible for them to sour when exposed to severe prolonged heat stress. This souring is naturally-occurring -- though rare -- and the same as when fresh milk is left out of the refrigerator too long. Instructions for properly storing powdered formula to avoid this phenomenon are on the label. Our product is not defective and concerns about its freshness are immediately answered through a simple smell test (the product should appear creamy white and have a faint sweet, milk-like odor).

If you have any questions, please contact PetAg’s technical service department at 800-323-0877 between 8 AM and 5 PM EST.

We are grateful that our friends and loyal customers are helping us communicate the truth about our products. We are proud of our 50 year history in helping you to save animal lives and, we're excited about the improvements we've developed that now make our formulas better than ever.

Thank you ever so much again.


Betweem May and June 2010 I lost 8 kittens from what Petag said was a rancid can of powdered KMR. I have initiated a complaint with the FDA and they have the remainder of the powdered KMR as of July 2010 I have not gotton back information from the FDA regarding the testing of this product, but feel postive that it was rancid. I am extremely upset that Petag has not done a recall of this product. The product that was rancid was purchased April 18, 2010, so it is still out there killing animals.

...then that is SICK, WRONG and DISGUSTING AND SHAMEFUL. I'm so sorry for your loss. How terrible!!!!!!!!

I have being using KMR and Esbilac for 20 years and I have never had a problem, I love their product. What people do not understand is the unfortunately some kitten make it and some don't, that is nature. I have being saving orphan kitties and puppies for 20years.


Thank you Pet Ag for given all my little creatures another opportunity 

This stuff in indeed poison. I gave this to an 8 week old puppy today and it died 2 hours later. It started moaning and I put him in his box and 2 hours later he's dead. It must be some pretty strong poison. He was happy and running around prior to the fisrt bottle. He had just came home today with us from his momma.

The can says it was made in 2013 and is good until 2016


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