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A Journey of 1000 Miles Ends for The Right Cat.

It's been a few months since I first wrote about Bobbi, a Manx/Maine Coon mix whose owners felt it was ok to declaw her on ALL FOUR PAWS and whose Vet felt it was OK to do this and NOT EVEN SPAY HER!!!! If you want to read my blue-worded-rant, you can go HERE and if you want to read about how I came to rescue her, you can go HERE and HERE.

7.23.10 074_sm_res.jpg
©2010 Henry County Care & Control. Thanks to Robin, the Kennel Master and Betsy Merchant, I learned about Bobbi being in dire need of rescue. Luckily, the timing was perfect and I could help her out with the efforts of my team: Maria, Bobby (who Bobbi is named after), Connie & Carole.

After Bobbi's long trip from a Kill Shelter in Georgia to a little break at Connie's house in Connecticut, to living at Animals in Distress, Bobbi got adopted by a family with another cat. Sadly, Bobbi didn't seem to like other cats, but she wasn't SPAYED (which we didn't realize at the time), so that might have been the reason why.

Bobbi got returned after a week. She got spayed a few days later. She got along fine with all the cats at Animals in Distress, which is an open shelter with no cages. We all felt bad for her. She'd come so far, yet we wondered if we could find a home for her without other cats. Maybe that was best?

Ahhh...sweet life.jpg
©2010 Robin A.F. Olson. Who is lovin' life right now?

On Saturday, during the adoption event, a family came in to visit Bobbi. I had just taken photos of her for her Petfinder listing. Apparently, the Mom of the family had been there a few days before and had taken photos of Bobbi to share with her husband and adult daughter. They'd recently lost their 16 year old kitty and wanted to rescue a cat in need.

They had returned, together, to see if Bobbi was the right cat for them. They took turns petting her, then holding her. She sat comfortably in their arms. I swore she was smiling. After a day spent being surrounded by other families, kids and cats, Bobbi was non-plused. She was just happy to be safe, with a fully belly and a nice place to sleep. She glowed from all the attention.

Bobbi with new mama.jpg
©2010 Robin A.F. Olson. Oh yeah, she's got them wrapped around her little declawed toe!

It wasn't a tough decision for the family to make. They filled out an application, got a great Vet reference and were greenlighted to adopt Bobbi. I chatted with them a bit and found out they live near my house, I know of their Vet and that he is a proponent of feeding raw to cats. They wanted to know about feeding a better diet to Bobbi so I gave them some handouts, as well as anything else I could come up with to help her transition off dry food. These people are genuinely warm, kind and loving. I could tell they wanted the best...for THEIR cat...this little, loving wonder who somehow survived Death Row and a VERY long journey to find that her perfect home was waiting for her all along.

with ms murdoch.jpg
©2010 The Murdoch Family. Used with Permission. Bobbi at home with her new Sister.

This is what I live for. This moment. This feeling that lifts my heart above the clouds. Knowing that this one cat, who didn't stand a chance, got plucked out of Hell and placed into the loving arms of a family that will NEVER put her outside to slowly starve to death...that will NEVER dismiss her or give up on her. She will finally know what she should have known all along-that her family will always look out for her and love her for the rest of her life.

Bobbi Bliss.jpg
©2010 Robin A.F. Olson. Bobbi showin' off her "stuff."

And to think, they wrote to me to thank ME for what I do, but it's really them. Bobbi could have languished at the shelter for months or years without them being willing to give her a home. I feel a sense of peace and joy, knowing this journey has come to happy end.

...but that wasn't the only adoption I have to tell you about...there is still ONE MORE to go.


So happy for you girl!! I am glad you found that family and rescued them, they are very lucky!

Sooooo awesome! Thanks for the update!!

Lucky Family!
Thank you and your great network of super rescuers!! :)

What a beautiful cat. It's great news that she has found a happy home at last. Well done to you and the Team, Robin!

Oh Robin you are right, tears of happiness. If that is not one happy little cat I don't know who is :-) Finally......this little one will have a forever home with the perfect Mom, Dad and family. It is stories like this that put the heart at peace.

HUGS Robin for doing what you do. You are so brave to try to save them all and I know how it hurts when you cannot. I have nights where the little faces of those lost that were part of my kitty family when they were feral just go through my mind like a movie. It hurts to know I could not see what was coming or that they were not saved. It hurts to know that the babies with me now went through so much hell before they landed with me and how I wish I could have saved them from the pain. All we can do is go forward and try to fix what was done to them.

My Little Peanut who was untouchable just a few months ago though she has lived with me for over three years has begun to come into the kitchen at mealtime. She will jump on the vanity when I am in the bathroom rather than panic and fly (not run) out of the room. I still cannot scoop her up and give her the love I want to give her but these small things are a miracle. These are the things that make rescue worthwhile.

God Bless you and all the folks who help you Robin....when you are with furbabies please kiss them for me. They deserve all of the love they can get after going so long without it.


I think Maine Coon kittehs must have a thing about laying out like that, showing their stuff! *looks at her boy, currently doing so* Am glad she managed to spot the right people for her :)

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